I Sold a Very Big Ticket Item With My Website.hundreds of thousands of buckeroonies!

Last Update: February 24, 2018

Hey Guys and Gals.

You don't see me in chat much anymore and that's because I am so busy with a new business.

I need to tell you of my latest and greatest success story and it is important for you to know that I am deeply indebted to the Wealthy Affiliate training for my successes.

Of course I learned to make a website at WA and I learned how to promote it in social media and online.

Recently, like last week, I sold a very big ticket item and made a lot of thousands of dollars. True.

I took all of the skills I learned here at Wealthy Affiliate and piled them onto just one website.

Because the website is about a subject I know extremely well, I found it really easy to find ideas for posts and write fluidly. I kept layering and layering the pages and posts and I would have kept adding more and more but the item sold sooner than I anticipated.

Some of my readers commented on what an amazing sales presentation I had made of it.

The skill set learned here at WA included Youtube videos, keyword research, SEO checklists, easy read layouts and lots of captioned and tagged images.

I also listed my item with a lot of free listing sites. I was quite prepared to pay a good commission to brokers to help me sell my item as well... but I found that they mostly copied my articles and linked to my website anyway.

One great little trick I used was to publish a Questions and Answers page...I simply copied and pasted all email enquiries along with my answers. I left off the names of each author but I did email them to tell them about my new posts and that they may recognise some of the info. This became a well used page for the readers.

I always folow the WA SEO steps religiously with all of my websites. Some of them, like www.thecashedupnomad.com just keep ticking along by themselves almost and earn a small but steady streams of income and every now and then I hit a jackpot!

My new local business will be getting the same website treatment as all the others and I fully expect it to be a roaring success, because now I have the proven skills.

If you want to check out the successful website I'm referring to go to www.acatamaranforsale.com

Don't leave it too long though, because I am taking it down soon now that this big ticket item has been sold.

Thanks to Kyle and Carson and Jay and all the old members of Wealthy Affiliate who have helped me along the way. Your information and support has been priceless.

Go strong and go well from Janelle

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Timoy Premium
Congrats! Janelle
jwlewis777 Premium
A very big congrats to you and its very exciting to see someone benefit as big as this! Very great news!

Thank you for the update and information!!

laurenjean Premium Plus
Janelle, that is AH-MAZING news!! I am so excited for you!! What a brilliant idea! Thanks sooooo much for sharing. Definitely going to check out your site!!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Fantastic for you!

whitsunday Premium
Thanks Jeff. There are so many great skills to be learned from WA and the amazing community support is awesome.
nudge1969 Premium Plus
Nice work!