I created a training but I forgot it lol

Last Update: January 27, 2017

Hi everyone & hope you're having a great day,

I just wanted to share something silly but yet profound.

One morning as I woke up, I laid in bed thinking as I usually do, but as thoughts raced through my mind about the day ahead I suddenly began creating this amazing video tutorial for Wealthy Affilate.

It was so good that even I was impressed lol

After planning it all in my mind, I got up, had a shower, had breakfast and cleaned up the house. I then sat at my PC quite excited to prepare my training. The trouble is I'd completely forgotten it.

A few days have past and lol I still can't remember it.

Well I hope you're having fun reading this lol

I see the funny side now, but it's definitely a lesson learned.

When brainstorming everything, it needs to be written down.

Ah well I press on...

Bless you all and happy days

Sharon :)

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NicoleJBN Premium
LoL...Welcome to the club, Sharon! :)
MichaelGB Premium
Love it......Perhaps / Hope you will have the same dream again!!!
Lady May Premium
Now that would be good :)
MPollock Premium
You made me smile too. we have all done this before.
Loes Premium
You've made me smile:))
GeoffGS Premium
Funny. Something will trigger the memory and it'll come flooding back.....maybe. :)
Lady May Premium
lol hopefully :)