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I came across this amazing free popup maker, I think it's awesome and some big online companies think so too.It's got really good reviews and a high success rate, I'm guess because it's quite advanced and versatile.You can create any type of modal or even content overlay. You can customize every facet of your popups, from theme and position, to targeting and cookies. Plus, you can easily create EU cookie notices, optin popups, slide-ins, modal forms & more.Here is a theme I've been working
Hi everyone & hope you're having a great day,I just wanted to share something silly but yet profound.One morning as I woke up, I laid in bed thinking as I usually do, but as thoughts raced through my mind about the day ahead I suddenly began creating this amazing video tutorial for Wealthy Affilate.It was so good that even I was impressed lolAfter planning it all in my mind, I got up, had a shower, had breakfast and cleaned up the house. I then sat at my PC quite excited to prepare my train
Hi guys,I was sent this tool to view and I thought it would be good to share it here at Wealthy Affiliate.The free version offers loads - it cost absolutely nothing!Obviously if you like it, you can go straight to their website and sign up.Just a quick note to let you know that I am not affiliated with this company. this tool you can make online diagram applications, makes easy sketches and professional flowcharts very easily.Hope it helps and let
Hi everyone, I'm about to create another website, but I'm slightly confused about the domain. Please bear with me as I try to explain:I want to review an up and coming health product that's quite new on the market. My site will be solely based around this company's products only. My plan is to buy and obviously produce a review about all their products. Currently and strangely there's no review site about their products on the internet, so my new site could be very good - a possible gap in the
Good Morning to all my WA brothers and sisters,So I came across this interesting pic and thought I'd share it here. I don't feel I have to say much because I feel this pic says it all.Where exactly do we draw the line to social media?Let me know your thoughts.....Happy new yearSharon
Hi all hope you had a fab Christmas and holiday, I received an email yesterday and below is part of it. I pasted part of it because the other bit I know how to answer, but this part I'm not entirely sure.I'd appreciate your thoughts on how to tackle this question and answer it correctly.Thank you so much 😊Sharon """"""""What are the chances that one can make serious money with one's own niche website, following the WA program faithfully? Any light you can shed is much appreciated. Looki
I've had my comment settings set at Older first for a very long time. Today, I thought that might be a bad idea because to get to the newest I have to scroll down to get there and it can take ages when you've tons of comments.My question is: Is it better to have Older or Newer at the top?Let me know what you think....
Okay so this FREE Keyword Search by ToolFeast was passed onto me by a friend, it isn't advertised and is passed on via word of mouth. I checked it out and it I was very impressed.I just can't believe it's free - how awesome is that?It searches by volume, trend, Cost Per Click, Adwords Competition, Keyword Competition, Live Google SERPS and Live Google Trends.With this FREE Keyword Search you can even Export your searches.The developers philosophy is:The Internet is free and open to all, why isn
Hi everyone,It's been a longtime since I wrote a blog or did any training here because this year has been rather hectic. Now that things are running fairly smooth, this is all about to change.Since being here, 3 years, I've now got over 2.3k followers, plus I've acquired many premium referrals that now more than pays for my WA membership and other things.Even though, I was unable to blog here or even get onto WA for a good 10 months, partly because my eldest daughter was very ill, sales on my s
About a year ago I created a blog at Wealthy Affiliate Do you need a spam blocker? I highly recommended a specific spam plugin as appose to Wealthy Affiliate's recommended Askimet.At the time, Wealthy Affiliate used Askimet and it was totally rubbish. Anyone that used it had major issues.Fast forward, a few months ago I saw that Wealthy Affiliate recommended alternative spam blocker called WP-SpamShield.Now, I don't know how long this has been recommended by Wealthy Affiliate because I've been