Vegas 2019 - You are Only 100 Sales Away!

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Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that continues to become more and more synonymous with the phrase "affiliate marketing", and one that evolves with efficiency, and with purpose. 2018 has been no different and as our platform and service continues to improve, so does the opportunity and ease at which you can promote it.

Wealthy Affiliate as a service is better than ever. We are converting better than ever. Affiliates are earning more revenue than ever. And the community has never been this strong.

Because of this, we are anticipating one of our LARGEST groups of affiliates down in Las Vegas this year for our annual, all-expenses paid Super Affiliate Conference. This is a 4-day, all-inclusive conference that we have run every year for the past 11 years now, and there is nothing more exciting than getting to spend time hanging out with fellow, successful affiliate marketers.

The conversations are priceless. The food, entertainment, and accommodations are world-class. And the relationships that you create with fellow WA'ers (super affiliates), is brilliant.

100 Sales to the MAGIC Invite!

The Super Affilaite Challenge typically requires you to make 300 unique Premium referrals (IE 300 people that upgrade) in a given calendar year in order to make this exclusive event. Each year on January 1st we reset this challenge and the new one starts.

However, we understand that people are getting started at all points in the year and people start building their websites/business promoting WA at various points through the year. As a result, we are going to lower the bar to make the conference to 100 sales!

If you can achieve 100 Premium upgrades between September 1st, 2018 and December 31st, 2018, you are going to be sent an INVITATION to Vegas!

You have FOUR full months to reach Vegas. You probably personally know 100 people that would be interested in WA, creating a business online, or want to do something that they are passionate about. Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect opportunity.

There is actually no excuse for anyone not to be able to achieve this, but of course this challenge is geared towards people that are interested in, or already promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

What Happens in Vegas...

Definitely doesn't stay in Vegas.

What happens is that we have a very exclusive, yet relaxed four day "penthouse" conference with some top affiliates in the world, the Super Affiliates here at WA. It is your opportunity to engage in discussions about the year behind us, accomplishments, failures, and learning experiences (and some good laughs). It's an opportunity for you to step inside the inner workings of the Wealthy Affiliate engine and see what we have going on behind the scenes for the future.

What most people don't' know is that everything we do takes a lot of planning. A lot of the big releases that take place NOW, have been in development sometimes for over a year. Some ideas hit the discussions in Vegas, and come out months later. Just depends, but of course Super Affiliates are in "the know" and you will have a unique opportunity to engage in two full days of discussions.

Then we have fun. Lots of it. Your trip includes:

  • Flights to and from Vegas (no matter where you live)
  • Luxury Hotel for 4 nights
  • Exclusive Wealthy Affiliate Swag (mugs, pens, pad folios, etc)
  • Entertainment, Activities, and Engagements
  • Food & Drink
  • A Suprise Event (we can't tell!)
  • Potentially A Million Dollar Conversation
  • And more...

There is nothing more awesome than being able to hang out with like-minded folks in Vegas, on OUR dollar, in the lap of luxury for 4 nights. We look forward to it every year and this year is going to be the BEST one yet. Planning has already started!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

100 sales. I know you have it in you. Anyone and everyone can achieve this and the playing field has been leveled for everyone. We would love to see you in Vegas this year, and we surely would love to see more new faces down there!

Chime in the comments below and let us know what it would mean to you to make Vegas, and what you are going to do to work towards achieving it this year!

Looking forward to meeting MANY of you next year!



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Recent Comments


I've accomplished a few things in life - learning to ride a bike as a kid, and partaking in various charity events to passing a driving test after 3 failed attempts (many years ago) lol.

But qualifying for Vegas and hanging out with you dudes and dudettes would be my biggest accomplishment of all time. There would be no greater feeling, especially mixing with a positive crowd of "go-getters" and knowing the trip would also equate to financial independence.

My blog is approaching the 11-month mark with over 250 posts and Vegas feels within my grasp, but it's not quite there yet in Google.

It's exciting but makes you anxious at the same time. I guess invested time and effort will reveal all in the next 4 months...

I so agree with you, Neil! I just started publishing new content in August (pretty much), so not sure how well it works out for me in terms of Vegas but I am not giving up. :)

Good on ya, Zarina! :)

As they say, if you don't try, you'll never know.

Determination will get us there.

Exactly :)

It's going to happen Neil, remain persistent and I know you are really going to start seeing some key breakthroughs as you move forward. :)

Keep up the great work bro, 250 posts is something that you can surely be proud of!

Cheers Kyle!

Will be cool to finally meet you guys :)

Like! ... way to go TEAM WA! ... all the way to Vegaa-as! ... hey wonder women -- Littlemama needs company! ... go team go! ...

cheers! ... :)

She sure does! The more wonder women there, the merrier!

Looking forward to meet you guys one day, with a bit of luck in 2019

Definitely Loes, it's going to happen!

I joined WA a few days ago with a desire to make it to Vegas and now this today! I like it!

Awesome Vladimir, work hard and remain persistent. You can accomplish a great deal!

Thank you for the information.


Wow, you've made it easier for more people to get to Vegas. I am hoping we'll see a lot of new faces because of this change. Ladies step up your game. The last couple of WA conferences I've been to are like the post office; all male. So let's change that. There is no reason that our female WA members can't reach this new milestone of 100 sales. If the guys can go it, the wonder women of WA can do it as well. I hope to see you guys there.

I'm. Looking forward to seeing you guys Kyle and Carson. Let me know if this year surprise event requires sneakers and my knee brace. Lol

Pumping my 1989 Reeboks as we speak… lol

YAS!! Can’t wait boys!

Grace, aka littlemama, will definitely be there ;) she made it!

Wow you brought that way back. Slow clap here: Slow


If you wear those, I am going to have to dig mine up!

I wanted those so badly when I was younger. But my parents couldn't afford them or didn't want to pay that much for them. But now I have a successful online business so I should cop them now to relive my "lost" youth. lol

Well THAT explains it! Yesterday, my little airplane said I needed 300 referrals and today is says 100 and that confused me because I knew i had not gotten any referrals yet.

200 sales in a day! That's another way to look at it!

You will get referrals, and this count will start to decrement all the way to 0. I can see it now!

I have not even learned how to do it yet. I am determined to go to Vegas though, I am thinking in 2020.

This is awesome... Hope to make it there in Vegas!!

We would love to have you there this year!

Thank You again Kyle and Carson for giving us something to strive for! This is awesome. I'm gonna get my referrals!

Absolutely Melanie, I really do look forward to working with you as we move forward through the rest of the year. ;)

Hi Kyle- This would be incredible to attend. I'm from little ol' New Zealand and Vegas would be amazing - Meeting you guys and everyone else who feels like a family would be so cool
Thank you

Likewise, it would be incredible to meet you there. We need more folks from NZ down there, we have had Aussies there but nobody from NZ yet (that was able to make it anyways).

I think 100 sales in 4 months is impossible and on my part fairly land wishful thinking!. Still a good dream to have I guess!.

It sure would be awesome- Next year the Goal is set:)

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