Jaaxy, Price Increase Sept 4th, 2017

Last Update: August 28, 2017

This is just a reminder. I know many of you are Pro and Enterprise members at Jaaxy.com already, so this will not impact you at all. You will be grandfathered in at the old Jaaxy prices and never be subject to any price increases moving forward.

For those of you that are on the free version of Jaaxy or are not using Jaaxy yet, this is a reminder for you. On September 4ht, 2017, The price of Jaaxy is going to be going up for all levels of membership.

Jaaxy CURRENT Prices

Pro: $19/mth
Enterprise: $49/mth

Jaaxy Prices, AFTER Sept 4th.

Jaaxy Pro: $49/mth
Jaaxy Enterprise: $99/mth

Jaaxy has undergone some significant platform improvements and changes in the last 8 months and it is going to be by far the most progressive keyword tool and website research & analysis platform in the industry moving forward. You can read about our recent updates here:

READ BLOG POST: Jaaxy 3.0: Big Updates, New Look & a Bright Future

Find keywords, rank in search engines, track your website results, spy on your competition and have a TRUE competitive advantage over others in the industry with Jaaxy.

So if you are interested in getting Jaaxy at the lowest price ever, I recommend that you take action before next Monday, September 4th at NOON PST. The price is going up!

If you have never tried Jaaxy yet, you can set up a FREE account and try it out here. You will get 30 free searches and be able to test pilot the platform.

If you currently have a FREE account and have been considering going to pro or enterprise, I recommend that you consider upgrading soon as time is running out on the current pricing. Simply log into your account and click the login button and you will be able to upgrade without issue.

===> Upgrade Your Jaaxy Membership Today and Save!

If you have any questions about anything related to Jaaxy or the price increase, please leave your questions/comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

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doug631 Premium
I think it is a Hugh price increase and it will be a harder sell. Should have kept the $19. with maybe 50/100 searches/mo.
$19.00 is an easier sell even if it had a limit for searches and services.

Will there still be a free sign up and trial?

Glad I am in at $19.
Kyle Premium Plus
You it is a big price increase, we do have some very interesting plans with Jaaxy in the next month or so and I can assure you this is going to work out for everyone. :)
Chasser5 Premium
I have had about this company but have not signed on but disappointed they have increased their price to such an alarming rate, for affiliate who has made money, it is ok but for the newbies, it is difficult. I am sure when it gets to the stage where I have to use them, I will find something better and cheaper. I pride myself for being a good investigator.
Laurel0887 Premium
Let me know if you find something better and cheaper.......that's a huge price rise! They must think they're the electric company!
Kyle Premium Plus
Jaaxy was essentially a lose leader at it's old prices, thus as we investing a great deal of money in programming and technology that runs Jaaxy, the price went up. It is still one of the most cost efficient platforms in the industry at the new prices.
Laurel0887 Premium
Even Whole Foods is dropping there pricing 40%! Certainly because of Amazon - but I'm sure it will lead to more consumers. I know I'll be checking it out as soon as the local one opens this month.
More money's not always worth the money.
Teri28 Premium
Kyle, I feel that you don't need to defend yourself on the pricing of Jaaxy. You and Carson have given members of WA plenty and then some for what we spend. I haven't started a site yet but I'm ready to begin building one. I don't yet know how to use Jaaxy but will get the Pro version by 9/4 because of the good comments I've read on WA about it and the trust I have in you, Carson & others to provide the best training tools at a (more than) reasonable cost. Thank you!
DSonic Premium
Thats quite a significant Price increase.
So if one jumps in before September 4th at the current price. What happens if we cancel 6 months in , do we then have to pay the new full price of $49 should we want to renew again in future or would we get a loyaly discount ?
Kyle Premium Plus
You can cancel and resubscribe and never be subject to a price increase.
VanessaN Premium
That's pretty cool.
AHohaia Premium
Hi Kyle, thanks for the update. I still find the new prices quite high.
It's a huge jump from$19 to 49/month. It would be great to see a medium price tag between the free account and Pro account. Maybe with limited keyword searches and limited search credits (for SiteRank).
Also for promoting Jaxxy, it would be cool if we as affiliates could offer a promotional code to our readers, e.g. 20% off for the first month or something similar.
~ Anke
Kyle Premium Plus
We may have some options down the road, but this is going to be the initial change come September 4th.
Maghdalena Premium
I canceled my subscription to Jaaxy, then heard about the price going up. I looked over my budget, and decided to try for it again. This is the keyword search tool I use more than any other (keyword) service, so it's not like I don't use it. So I'm giving it another try too. I'll be here for a while. :)