How Do I Choose a Good Domain Name?

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Buying your own domain names can be a big hurdle, in particular when starting out. Everyone wants to make sure their domain is “perfect” and often times it can lead to a lot of wasted time trying to research and find this illusive domain of brilliance.

Because of this I want to give you some tips on finding a domain for your specific niche and hopefully help you speed up the process.

How to Choose Your Domain Name.

A good domain is one that is brandable and memorable. You DO NOT need a keyword within your domain name. Many people are fixated on getting a domain name with a keyword in it when in actuality a brandable domain name is much better.

Your domain should be (a) relevant to the niche you are in (b) brandable/memorable.

Here is an example of different types of domain names: (keyword rich domain) - OK (purely brandable domain) - GOOD

You do want to avoid domains with dashes in it. (not as good) - BAD

These are just a few examples (I don’t actually own the domains above). The first domain includes a keyword, but it is very long and it is not all that memorable. Sure it might help you a little to rank under “make money with internet marketing”, but that is nominal compared to having a brandable domain name (like the 2nd one).

Remember, it is the content (pages & posts) on your website that are going to lead to rankings. You can target as many keywords as you like as you start to build out content. A single website can literally get ranked under 10,000’s of keyword phrases in Google (if not far more). **If you can find a domain name that has both the “keyword rich” and the “brandable” domain attributes, that is perfectly fine.

What Domain Extension is the Best?

You ideally want to get a .com domain. If it is not available, you can get a .org (2nd best) or a .net, but I will typically look until I find a domain that I like that is a .com.

It can be attracting to buy one of the new top level domains like .rocks or .money, but these domains are highly unproven in terms of search rankings and you might be fighting an uphill battle to get rankings in Google and other search engines.

.com domains rank the best!

Where to search for and buy a domain name?

You can buy your domains directly here at WA, through the SiteDomains platform. The process is simple, fast, and doesn’t have all of the “upsells” that companies like have. Domain privacy and security are also included with every purchase, along with your email accounts.

We have also taken all of the technical aspects out of purchasing a domain like "DNS setting" updates.

===> Search for your Perfect Domain Using SiteDomains

Don’t Let Choosing a Domain Consume You…

A domain is the start of your website, the seed if you will. Over the course of your career online, you will likely have many different domain names and likely some domain names that you never end up using (if you like to hoard them like me!).

Choose a domain that first of all YOU LIKE. Don’t worry about it being perfect. There are just a few things you need to follow here:

  1. Domain should be brandable (this basically means you like it)
  2. You should choose a .com domain with no “-” in it.
  3. Buy it from a reputable domain registration platform, like SiteDomains
If you want to run a domain name or a few by the community and get some feedback, feel free to post your domains below.

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Recent Comments


I have a domain name that is "free". I'd like to switch it to be my own not a free one. Is this possible. Right now it is called and I'd like to make it I started it to be more like a blog, bit I now have a little following and would like to make it more affiliate. I'm just not sure what the steps would be to move this to more than just a blog....any help?

you would have to do a domain name search to see if it is available, if it is then you can transfer your site from site rubix to paid domain within wealthy affiliate site manager

Thanks so much! I already searched and it is available. Thanks for the quick reply.

Here's something that can help you with that process of moving it over :)

Awesome! Thanks!

What is advantage for moving a Domin from SireRubix to a Paid Domain at WA? Thanks---I am new at WA and need help!!

A paid domain (.com, .net, .org) will usually give the impression of more authority in that it shows that the website owner is “all in” having purchased his or her own domain. A free domain like siterubix will end in The site itself can get just as much traffic as one on a paid domain, but the paid domain just tends to show more legitimacy.

Off-the-wall comment :
Is it “Sam Smiles” .. or “Sams Miles”

Just curious


Some of these questions may seem silly to some of you, but I'm really working assiduously to break a new frontier in my life and create something for myself that I can pass on to those I love and
have more time for myself instead of slaving away at a 9-5 that does not appreciate me and is intent on breaking me down to nothing. People work so hard and they cannot see the benefits in the long run, instead they get laid off and sent packing after all the time.and effort they put into building their employer's business. I cannot live life like that. I do not want to :(

Would I have to buy the domain before building my site?

No, you can build a free site first and then move it to your domain name.

How do I do that?

Not at all and its best you use your free SiteRubix sites to practice with.
After you have some experience gained from the training then you can buy your own Domain.
Do not rush and do not be rushed into anything.
Take your time and fully understand one step before moving on to the next.
Enjoy your Sunday and the week to come.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you. How would I move my content from domain to one I would eventually purchase? And can you please tell me what QSR is? Thanks a mil.

QSR is for the number of other websites that are your competition.

Therefore the lower the QSR the less competition you have - Make Sense?

There are trainings for moving your New Domain to Wealthy Affiliate.

Slow down, girlfriend! The lessons will walk you through all of that. Your energy and enthusiasm is refreshing. Don't run off and leave the train. Ride it to success beyond your wildest dreams!

Excellent Advice!

I do my humble best to point people in the right direction.

I have been wondering if anyone one here (new or not so new at WA) lives in the Atlanta area or anywhere in GA and we could meet at Starbucks and help each other with any internet or questions on this training? I think that would be wonderful---I will buy our coffee and sandwich or Danish if you will meet me?
Mary Ellen Anyone up for this??

Sometimes I feel as though I need one on one help---anyone live near Atlanta or in anywhere in GA, that would like to meet for a coffee and sandwich at Starbucks sometime?? Mary Ellen

I just saw this comment, and I just moved from Atlanta last week. I wish I had seen it sooner, I would have definitely been up for that! PM me anytime and I will be glad to share anything/everything I have learned.

I think I've already been consumed or am being consumed :( I saw a reply below that says far too many people spend far too many hours contemplating on a domain name instead of focusing on a niche + quality content, but aren' actually gonna need a domain for your site to put all that content on? I'm a bit lost...feeling frustrated.

Pick something that's available and get to work - you can always buy another one down the road if you really don't like the first one.

Can't really just buy like that yet. Have to spend wisely on one and work with it for now.

Chaelia, I chose two niches - one that comes from personal experience in trying to find an adequate bra for my figure (it is large) and the second one from my love of perfume. Whenever I go to a department store I gravitate to the perfume counter like a homing pigeon. The first domain is going to be either BigGirlBras or BrasForBigGirls. Please comment, ok? Second one is going to be a microniche, because I'm going to concentrate on Oud, a specific perfume ingredient that is spectacularly seductive. I think I want to call it SeductiveScents or something like that. I'd appreciate some feedback from you and from the community. Thank you! Breathe. Don't stress. This is supposed to be fun! Shoshana

oh Wow. I love Oud. Its my favourite scent.

Kyle, hello. Your blog: "How do I choose a GDN?" is a guide and it does not need to be flattered. Question: 1. if I'm on a good example of a domain name: "Kyle Knows" I'll choose myself: "Mark Knows" (the name of my profession, in which I'm a veteran) .com ? It is acceptable ? 2.What means the warning Do not Let Choosing a Domain Consume You...? Who is eating? process of choosing / or tsunami of information, when the website starts working? With best regards.Mark

Hey Mark,

You wouldn't need "Mark Knows [profession goes here]" as that could create a very loooooong domain name. I have been advised to try and keep your domain name 16 characters or less.

So... if your profession was, let's say, plumber... well, you don't want someone in the next State to where you could be living, so you would need to put a geographical description with "plumber" in your domain name.

Then, you could easily run into the fact that the domain name you thought of is taken already. In that case, you would need to be ready with alternatives to use.

Do not Let Choosing a Domain Consume You = means that far too many people spend far too many hours contemplating on a domain name instead of focusing on a niche + quality content.

Not exactly clear about your last question asked. If you could restate that I may be able to offer you an answer for that too.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you. I now consider your comments and then write you my choice of domain name. Mark

Trish,Hi! Please tell me about these two domain topics: Second contains a geodescription ( il-Israel ).If it is possible, I will go to the lesson of creating a site.Best regards.Mark

Trish,Hi! What means Your like to my last message to You : 1st or 2nd name ? Thank,Mark P.S. I'm waiting to by it.

Hey Mark,

The fewer the characters in your domain name the better. Both contain what appears to be your keyword, so, I would select the one with fewer characters.

Hey Trish. With your help I accept: Is't OK? Mark, Thank You

That's the shorter domain name, right? Then yes!

Thank very much for help. Your Mark

Hey,Kyle! With the help of Trish, I took the following domain name: "". This short and motivates me. The expansion .il (Israel) probably will come in automatically (I do not know this). Now I buy the domain and move on, holding on You and community.Along the road there will be many questions. All the best to You. Your Mark

Hey guys so I was planning on starting a travel blog that offers tips and advice on types of products that will help people feel equipped for their next trip. I was thinking of doing (my name is Aston)

But for some reason, seeing my name in the URL seems like it would be weird. Not sure if it would catch on. I'd love to hear your ideas and what you think!

Hey Thomas,

Your suggested domain name sounds pretty catchy to me.

Don't wait too long to register it though. Seems when I test to see if a domain name is available, I have to be prepared to purchase it immediately, simply because when I waited to think about it... someone else scooped it. :-(

Hey Thomas is a great domain name for your website. If it is still available go for it.
At Wealthy Affiliate I created a website with the domain name

Some very big companies have domain names not relevant to the kind of industry they are in. Still having huge success.
This is because they built brand offline and everybody knows them already.

Think about this direction:,
or , something like that,

or just: TripEquipmentfor, or even, etc.

Also, You may search in Jaaxy for some keywords related to trip equipment and get some ideas about it.

Don't stuff domain with keywords.


So I was thinking mine could be just lifestyle. I'd make blog posts on my website promoting different items depending on the topics. I like DIY projects and crochet as a hobby so on those specific posts, I could do tutorials and link the items needed (or cheaper alternatives) through the affiliate links. Also I am a mom of 2 so I could have some posts pertaining to general "mommy moments" with activities, toys, clothes and recipes with affiliated links associating to each. My last name is Oliviere (Oh-liv-ee-ay) so i was thinking of going for a domain name of SoSaysOliviere ? any feedback would be appreciated.

I love what you have planned, to be honest! The name of it is catchy. Nice going!

Well Oliviere, the idea about your own Domain Name is fine. Lifestyle is the very wide topic. You will need to create a lot of superb regular and relevant content to stand out.

Maybe you could narrow the topic to "Lifestyle od the young mothers". or "Lifestyle for ..... think something out". Than that topic narrow to the specific topic.

Just as an idea.

All the best for your journey to success.

Best regards!

Hi WA Members, I have a rare condition and I was thinking about writing a blog about my experiences and how I manage the pain naturally or using alternative methods of treatments. The condition is called Scleroderma for domain name I was thinking of going with ...What do you all think?

Sounds good Eric.

I like it, I think it is very brandable too. If it is available, go for it!

Wow.. I definitely like your domain name. Very brandable!

I currently work full time as an RN and can vouch for the fact that the majority of patients will only remember the first syllable of a long medical term. Going with "ScleroWhat" hits the nail on the head because that is likely what most people think when they hear a long medical term.

Also on a side note, I give you a TON of credit for promoting natural and alternative methods for treating pain. I have seen a handful of patients get addicted to pain medication and it really interferes with their life. Great way to add value to a positive cause.

Thanks so much for this message. You have brightened my day! I am developing content and working on my about me page for this site. I will share it with you when I publish it.

By the way, Thank you Kyle for sharing this training.
I have chosen my domain name, but for got and put a dash in it.
Jay mentioned it on Friday not to use a dash. Can I choose not to use it or what?

The focus here is not crypto. I am promoting currency, but my main topic is Home Boss Ceo.

My theme is to give readers way's and ideas on how to start and build a successful home business and perhaps become your own Home Boss Ceo

Any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Speaking for myself, I get turned off by the word "crypto" because the first thing I think is "scam". Governments throughout the world are in the process of regulating this industry for good reason. Bitcoin has taken a big hit in the last while.

Just my opinion, stay away.

Thank you for your honest heartfelt opinion!

I was thinking about utilizing the two starter websites to create a product-based website about console gaming (similar to the example on football snack helmets), and a blog-and-service-based website about tutoring accounting and bookkeeping (thinking of using this website to test the waters a bit going through the Online Entrepreneur Course). Are either of these too broad for niches?

For the console gaming site, I was thinking of: Pure Console Gaming

For the accounting tutoring site, I was thinking of: Learn Accounting With Steven

Any suggestions? Anything better than what I'm currently thinking of? I believe that good domain names should be short, but still...

They both look to have good possibilities, once you narrow down to sub- niches of who are going to be your target customers.

Ok, looking for a domain name for a barbecue (BBQ) website. We already have a name for our buisness - Tandem 23 BBQ and I have a website called that gives all the information of our business. I'm glad I have that, but now I want to have a domain that I can market "All things BBQ" and put a link to our business on it as well.

Thinking of: or howtobbq

....any other ideas? Please help!!!

simmering and Braising and baking ,com...etc!

I found this website that helps you spin names or combine names or
bust a
its from"18 tools for picking a domain" article from

See more comments

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