How Do I Choose a Good Domain Name?

Last Update: January 09, 2016

Buying your own domain names can be a big hurdle, in particular when starting out. Everyone wants to make sure their domain is “perfect” and often times it can lead to a lot of wasted time trying to research and find this illusive domain of brilliance.

Because of this I want to give you some tips on finding a domain for your specific niche and hopefully help you speed up the process.

How to Choose Your Domain Name.

A good domain is one that is brandable and memorable. You DO NOT need a keyword within your domain name. Many people are fixated on getting a domain name with a keyword in it when in actuality a brandable domain name is much better.

Your domain should be (a) relevant to the niche you are in (b) brandable/memorable.

Here is an example of different types of domain names: (keyword rich domain) - OK (purely brandable domain) - GOOD

You do want to avoid domains with dashes in it. (not as good) - BAD

These are just a few examples (I don’t actually own the domains above). The first domain includes a keyword, but it is very long and it is not all that memorable. Sure it might help you a little to rank under “make money with internet marketing”, but that is nominal compared to having a brandable domain name (like the 2nd one).

Remember, it is the content (pages & posts) on your website that are going to lead to rankings. You can target as many keywords as you like as you start to build out content. A single website can literally get ranked under 10,000’s of keyword phrases in Google (if not far more). **If you can find a domain name that has both the “keyword rich” and the “brandable” domain attributes, that is perfectly fine.

What Domain Extension is the Best?

You ideally want to get a .com domain. If it is not available, you can get a .org (2nd best) or a .net, but I will typically look until I find a domain that I like that is a .com.

It can be attracting to buy one of the new top level domains like .rocks or .money, but these domains are highly unproven in terms of search rankings and you might be fighting an uphill battle to get rankings in Google and other search engines.

.com domains rank the best!

Where to search for and buy a domain name?

You can buy your domains directly here at WA, through the SiteDomains platform. The process is simple, fast, and doesn’t have all of the “upsells” that companies like have. Domain privacy and security are also included with every purchase, along with your email accounts.

We have also taken all of the technical aspects out of purchasing a domain like "DNS setting" updates.

===> Search for your Perfect Domain Using SiteDomains

Don’t Let Choosing a Domain Consume You…

A domain is the start of your website, the seed if you will. Over the course of your career online, you will likely have many different domain names and likely some domain names that you never end up using (if you like to hoard them like me!).

Choose a domain that first of all YOU LIKE. Don’t worry about it being perfect. There are just a few things you need to follow here:

  1. Domain should be brandable (this basically means you like it)
  2. You should choose a .com domain with no “-” in it.
  3. Buy it from a reputable domain registration platform, like SiteDomains
If you want to run a domain name or a few by the community and get some feedback, feel free to post your domains below.
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TVanDeel Premium
Ok, looking for a domain name for a barbecue (BBQ) website. We already have a name for our buisness - Tandem 23 BBQ and I have a website called that gives all the information of our business. I'm glad I have that, but now I want to have a domain that I can market "All things BBQ" and put a link to our business on it as well.

Thinking of: or howtobbq

....any other ideas? Please help!!!
MKearns Premium
simmering and Braising and baking ,com...etc!
nurit Premium
I found this website that helps you spin names or combine names or
bust a
its from"18 tools for picking a domain" article from
wealthnet123 Premium
I am thinking of a domain name for my website. The website will be focused on hair care for women of colour. The names that i have are, "Essentially Black Hair", Black Essentials and "Black Hair Diva"
I would love some feedback about these names. If you have any name suggestions that would be great.
nurit Premium
I like black hair diva, the others are too long. check out my post to @TVanDeel where I share some helpful tools.

And follow me please, I need help with my twins hair
hi im trying to find ot my domain name i want to make a site were if you got something on your mind or your hurting and there ant nobody out there that cares i want to be the one to talk to if you having a bad day mom . kids having babd days in shool they can talk to me about anything
LornaR1 Premium
research childlike ethos you could find some answers
Alan-C Premium
Hi Kyle a re-review of this piece helped my make the final decision on my website name. I had to go for the .org. I spent 2 hours trying to find the right keywords and a domain name that was free. Bu the time flew past as the system makes this so easy to pay around. In less than 5 days I have completed what I took 6 months to do for my 1st website a few years back. Thanks for the system and the training it is really awesome.
Mel42 Premium
Hi Guys

I hope you are all well.

I'm hoping you might be able to give me some assistance by providing me with your thoughts on my proposed domain name.

My website will be providing reviews on different types of make-up, such as foundation, concealors etc, so I don't want my domain name to be the same as the site page because I don't want to have twenty different sites with twenty different reviews. I want my domain name to be relevant to all the different reviews that I will post on my website, which will then be listed under category. With this in mind I'm thinking of naming my domain 'the miracle of makeup .com' (sorry had to break it up because it thought I was trying to add a website link).

I would really appreciate your thoughts regarding this. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

rgalloway Premium
maybe just miracle of makeup
leopard247 Premium
Hey Mel! You rather nice and brandable.