ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of Wealthy Affiliate is Here!

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We are excited. We are motivated. We are committed! That is how I would describe our current mood behind the scenes at Wealthy Affiliate.

Grab a cup of coffee, water, wine, or your favourite craft beer because this blog post may take a few minutes to read as I am going to be outlining our release, our vision, and some exciting new additions to WA.

Today we would like to officially introduce to you the newest platform and experience at Wealthy Affiliate. This is our 4th significant design change in the past 15 years, and this is by far the biggest evolution (and the most innovative) release that we have made up to date.

If you have felt it has been a little quieter than usual here at WA in terms of changes and new technology releases, it is because we have been 100% committed to this new framework. The technology that runs it, and the new platforms we have integrated. Built from the ground up, this required some significant shifts in terms of the actual technology we use. It is going to be well worth it, and I want to spend the next few minutes explaining what we have changed, why we have changed it, and what we all have to look forward to at Wealthy Affiliate moving forward.

I also want to introduce you to the Premium Plus+ membership which we are really excited about.

The New Design.

First, let's have a look at the design. We have moved to a "top" main menu, with integrated sub menus. As Wealthy Affiliate platforms have expanded, and our offering has evolved and with innovations that we have planned for the future, there has been a need for internal navigation within platforms.

A lot of thought has gone into the new design, and I want to take a moment to discuss some of these changes.

(1) Improved Navigation

You will now see navigation for the main "functions" and platforms along the top side of WA. These are most commonly used platforms within Wealthy Affiliate and removing the static side menu, gives us more real estate to have more sophisticated and useful navigation specific to individual platforms.

Here is an example of what I am referring to: the Classes platform (which is brand new, and iI will be getting to), has a menu within it that offers useful navigation within the platform. This level of flow and relevant navigation would not have been possible within our old platform.

Do note that some of the platforms have not been completely refreshed yet, some of these include the website platform, the blog platform, your user profile, and SiteContent. You are going to see these go through an exciting evolution in the very near future.

Here is one such example a hybrid component of WA, blog posts:

There are going to be a few sections that have retained their design, whereas other sections have been completely reimagined. One such example is the activity dashboard.

And of course, there are entirely new rollouts, one of the main ones being the Classes.

You are going to see this is what a complete design looks like in our new interface. This is the future of WA, and the smooth transition between pages, and the ability to push "real time" information to you. Making your navigation and interaction with the platform blazing fast and extremely smooth is going to be the focus as we do move forward with a flurry of platform updates, improvements, and entirely new rollouts.

You can anticipate that these are platforms that will be rebuilt in the new UX, with new features, new design, and fresh new features that will make them more interactive. These are just some of the exciting rollouts that you are going to see take place over the next year.

(2) Centralized Account Management

We have created a more centralized approach to your account management. You can now manage everything related to your account from within the Account Drop Down menu.

So, if you ever need to manage any aspect of your account, you are going to be able to do it from there.

We wanted to create a cleaner interface for account management, and streamline everything in one location that is related to your account.

(3) Designed for Mobile

The New UX is built for mobile, and runs amazing in mobile. Every platform and update that takes place moving forward is going to be built with a 'mobile first' mentality, as we know many users here are interacting here, and building their businesses here through their mobile devices.

One thing that we can assure you of is that we are going to be leveraging the latest mobile technology and designs to provide you with a beautiful interface and experience, regardless of the top of device or computer you are using.

(4) The "App" Approach

As we build out the offering, we have significant platforms that deserve their own "property" within the platform. We also wanted a mechanism to quickly switch between Applications. If you click the App Switching icon, you will see the ability to jump to and from the Jaaxy platform.

We actually discounted the true capabilities of Jaaxy and the true power of Jaaxy within the past UX. We had created a shortcut menu that gave bare bones level access to Jaaxy, versus showing users the entire Jaaxy application. Now when you visit Jaaxy through the "Research tab" or the App switcher, you are going to be getting the full, comprehensive version of Jaaxy.

In the future, you are going to see more "app" additions to the menu, one within the next 6 months that we are really excited about introducing to everyone.

You are getting access to very sophisticated technology platforms here within Wealthy Affiliate, and it is important to us that we give you an interface to efficiently switch between these applications (and that they can interact seamlessly with one another).

Expert Classes.

Friday Night Classes with Jay (magistudios) are a huge hit within Wealthy Affiliate, they always have been. There is something to be said about being able to sit down, uninterrupted for an hour of pure expert education....with a full question and answer period. There is nothing like it!

We took this idea and ran with it in the new "Classes" platform. You are going to see Classes within the top menu, and will also be able to access classes live as they are streaming through the new Dashboard.

We are taking the Class platform to the next level, with new Experts being introduced within the Premium Plus offering. For those of you interested in having more access to more expert training, and personal interaction with various experts, we are going to be offering an additional 200+ Classes per year.

Each Class offers:

  • 1 Hour, Expert Video Training (pure value)
  • New Topics Related to Your Business Each and Every Week
  • Live Interaction With the Expert Classs
  • Full Question & Answer Period with the Expert Host

You are going to be able to promote all of these classes as an affiliate as well. There is a "Share" element built right in, and you are going to be able to drive qualified traffic to these classes and earn sizable commissions.

If you are Premium, you will be getting a minimum of 52 Classes per year from Jay. If you are Premium Plus+, you are going to get access to an additional 200+ Classes per year from additional experts!

There will be additional Premium classes throughout the year too, along with a few Starter Classes. The level of quality, and the amount of training you have access to here at Wealthy Affiliate is unmatched in the industry with the Classes portion of the education alone. Not to mention the certification, and the 1,000's of training modules that are available to you as a member of the community!

I bet you are wondering about Premium Plus+ offering...let's get right into that.

The Premium Plus+ Bundle.

We are really REALLY excited to introduce a new bundled membership, Premium Plus+. We appreciate the crazy times we are in with the world pandemic, both mentally and economically. It is something that we couldn't have anticipated when we started developing our new platform, and started putting together the idea for the Premium Plus+ membership.

We have decided to bundle some of the services at WA at a discount, into what we have called a ‘Premium Plus+” membership. Additionally, we are rolling out exclusive new features into the Premium Plus+ membership.

Here is what is included:

  • Jaaxy Enterprise. This is our flagship membership of Jaaxy, it includes many features including instant results, instant QSR, SiteRank tracking, multi-tab search, and more comprehensive and elaborate search results across all platforms. If bought separately, the current price of Jaaxy Enterprise is $99/month or $999/year. It is now fully included in the Premium Plus+ membership!

  • A New Tier of Hosting. With Premium Plus+, you have hosting for up to 50 websites (on your own domains, or SiteRubix, you choose!). Comparable hosting plans in the Managed Wordpress Industry are $2,000 to $5,000 per year.

  • 200+ expert classes per year. This is a BRAND NEW platform, available exclusively to Premium Plus+ members. Every week you are going to have access to a number of classes that you can attend, in real-time and communicate directly with class experts via live Q & A. This is far more education that you would receive going with a $25,000 per year university degree...and you are getting taught by people that are actually in the trenches, showing you what works and what doesn’t. Included is full access to all past classes with unlimited replays.

  • Upcoming Premium Plus+ only features. We are going to be rolling out many additional Premium Plus+ only features in the future. This will include more advanced access to advanced website platforms, comprehensive research tools through Jaaxy enterprise, expert levels of support, and of course a great deal of Classes on topics relevant to the online business world NOW!

  • Dark Mode/Crown Icon. You also have the option of going "Dark Mode'' within the Premium Plus membership. This is another way of distinguishing yourself, and it is a pretty cool look. It ties in well with the Premium Plus+ membership and CROWN icon that you have associated with your account.

So now to the price. Initially, because of the crazy value (which we will get to), we were considering $199 per month for the Premium Plus+ membership. We know that there are many companies out there charging WAY more, for a mere fraction of what you are getting even within the Premium membership.

But, that is not the way we roll. We would rather more people have access than less. We also want to remain the most comprehensive and cost efficient platform in our space in the world. That is why we are keeping the price affordable as possible for everyone.

The Premium Plus+ membership is only $99 per month, or if you want to pay in a single yearly installment, it is $995 per year, a $193 discount.

But wait...there is more (in my best infomercial voice)! We are going to be doing something special...

If you want to try out Premium Plus+ monthly, we are going to give you $50 off the first month. So if you are currently on $49 Premium Monthly, it will not cost you any more to try out an entire month of Premium Plus+. Your first month of Premium Plu is just $49, the same as Premium!

This includes full level access, all the upcoming expert classes, instant access to Jaaxy Enterprise and a much more advanced level of hosting. If you want to stick around after that, it is only $99 per month.

==> Try the Premium Plus+ Monthly Membership Here

But like Premium, we have a Premium Plus+ Yearly offer that includes a really awesome discount and some additional perks. We are also going to give you an additional discount of $200 off on the yearly offer if you take us up on this introductory offer within the next 7 days (Nov 9th), making the yearly total only $795.

Included in the Premium Plus+ Yearly Membership:

  • $795 for an Entire Year ($200 off regularly yearly price until November 9th, 2020)
  • 200+ Premium Plus Classes (Priceless)
  • Premium Plus+ 50 Website Hosting ($3,000 value)
  • Jaaxy Enterprise for a Year ($999 value)
  • 2 Free .com Domains Included ($28 per year value)
  • 200 Free Community Credits Included ($100 value)

So for just over $2 per day, you are going to get access to the entire bundle of Premium Plus+ products and extras that will help you run your business, or multiple businesses. There is no value like this online, and won't ever be a value that comes close to the Premium Plus+ bundle. If you can budget for this, you won't regret it. If you can't, that is fine too. We want you to do what makes the most sense to you.

If you want to take advantage of these crazy savings, and incredible offer, you can do so below .

==> Get the Premium Plus+ Yearly EXTRA Discount Here (7 Days Only)

If you want to learn more about the Premium Plus membership, I have created a quick video walking you through.

Also, if you head over the to upgrade page, you are going to see the core differences between the memberships and you can price out an upgrade to either the Premium, or Premium Plus+ memberships.

Amp'ed up Affiliate Opportunity

Alright, now to the affiliate side of things. Things are really being kicked up a notch with the introduction of the new Premium Plus+ membership, alongside brand new promotional tools that you are going to be able to leverage as an affiliate.,

Because of the "bundling" of several services to establish a new price point, there is also going to be a big increase in affiliate commissions (and overall opportunity).

Here is a breakdown of the NEW Premium Plus+ Commission structure:

First Month Discount ($49): $23.50 Commission
Monthly ($99):
$46.50/month Recurring Commission

Yearly Discount ($795): $365/year Recurring Commission
Yearly ($995):
$465/year Recurring Commission

The revenue potential as an affiliate of WA is truly next level. We have made it easier than ever to create a full time business through the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate and the newly bundled, Premium Plus+ membership.

To give you some perspective on revenue opportunity, here is a breakdown as to what you will earn if you make a certain # of Premium Plus+Yearly sales per day.

1 Yearly Sale Per Day = $169,725/year recurring commissions

2 Yearly Sales Per Day = $339,450/year recurring commissions

5 Yearly Sales Per Day = $848,625/year recurring commissions

10 Yearly Sales Per Day = $1,697,250/ year recurring commissions (yes $1.6 MILLION!)

Yes, a million+ per year in commissions is possible. There are going to be affiliates that achieve this, and I know that anyone that is willing to work their tails off to create this level of success is going to be given every opportunity to achieve this through the platform, the tools, and the commission structures offered.

You get to promote the best service in the industry (and the most cost efficient), one that you trust and you are part of, with some truly incredible commission potential.

If you are not promoting Wealthy Affiliate, and you think it would be something that interests you, I recommend that you go check out the Affiliate Bootcamp training. It is going to get you rolling, building a business in this niche. :)

Bugs, Help Us Help You.

With any launch this size, there are going to be bugs. We have had several, and we have already worked through most of them. We appreciate all the feedback we have received thus far, it is how we improve and how we improve with efficiency. We have an extensive testing process and key players within our company that work within our testing division, but we are also not naive to the fact that we won't be bug free.

We literally have had version releases with 100's of fixes leading up to the launch of our new platform here at WA, and we know we didn't get everything. We are considering this a Beta of the platform and the best way to improve something and to catch all issues, is to have REAL users giving feedback.

We have dedicated and positioned our entire team for the next month on "minor improvements" and "fixing bugs". This is the way we polish the current state of WA, before we jump into releasing some really exciting innovations and advancements of the platform.

So, we would appreciate it if you could report any bugs that you are experiencing (and if possible, any screenshots associated with your bugs if they are visual), that would be awesome. We are going to be going through all of these on a daily basis and fixing everything.

=> Wealthy Affiliate, The Official Bug Thread

If you experience any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please make sure you take post it within this thread and we will be addressing these with planned daily rollouts and system updates/fixes.

Future Innovation is Going to Be Fast, And Vast.

We hope you love the new design. Sometimes it can be strange to first adapt to change though. I know first hand being someone who is adverse to change (I freak out), that this shift to the new UX didn't phase me. I have been using this new platform and testing it for the last few months, and we know it is going to be a huge win for everyone.

From the clean design and interface, to the overall speed of the Wealthy Affiliate application, to the new dashboard and platforms included, to our ability to expand and innovate at a faster pace than ever within the new environment. Plus we now have the ability to deliver real time updates directly to the UX as you are navigating and interacting within it.

Our goal is not just to have the best and most current training in the world for Internet entrepreneurs, but we are a technology company. We have a team of all-star engineers behind the scenes that have worked for the last 12 months redesign and rethinking WA from the ground up. Countless late nights, time way from their families, and dedication that is profound.

Our entire platform, from the Starter membership, Premium membership, and Premium Plus+ membership is going to improve, evolve, and continue to lead the way for aspiring and successful Internet Entrepreneurs.

Our new technology is going to allow for rapid development moving forward (3x faster), allowing us to evolve at the fastest pace ever. This means hosting, our website platforms, writing platforms, Jaaxy, affiliate programs, and brand new, never seen before platforms.

We have never been more excited about the future of Wealthy Affiliate!

Kyle (& Carson)

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Wow, I didnt know Premium was so good! The affiliate commissions are off the charts!

I will definitely be re-thinking my affiliate marketing strategy as a result of reading this....This could lead to a new site, just promoting Wealthy Affiliate alone!

Thanks for sharing this, Kyle.

Much blessing!


Yes, the affiliate potential is limitless considering your target audience is in essence everyone. Everyone wants to do something they love, and everyone wants to create a successful business in the process.

Sounds great Stella.

Loving the updates to the platform here so far Kyle! Still working my way around here though, but so far so good! I really like that everything menu-wise is up at the top, instead of on the side as well...that always felt a bit distracting to me.

Anyways, the option to upgrade to Premium + is a great one for those that want more advanced training and are ready to keep growing further. It might not be for everyone at this point in time, but maybe it will be another option once they are ready.

At this time, I don't think I'm going for the extra upgrade as I just have way too much going on here still...but, who knows...probably someday in the future.

One thing I do have a question about as I'm not sure if it's a glitch or not is the bandwidth/monthly visits for Premium has gone down from 500,000 to 250,000?

Does this decrease go for all Premium members already signed up, or just new Premium members just now joining?

I'm hoping it's a glitch, but thought I'd bring it to your attention as I noticed a few comments about it here below.

Anyways, looking forward to checking more out around the new platform! Thank you for giving us the info on all these new updates happening Kyle! And, Thank you Kyle, Carson, and the Awesome Support Team here for all the hard work you put in to make WA such an awesome place to be!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry

second massage complaint about traffic premium old between new premium offer after waiting for 3 days. not many people look this right.
maybe it errors type, sherry.

but sherry in video kyle does not say premium not change anything.

Yes, it could be they're just busy getting things fixed, answering other questions yet. I'm guessing it's probably a typo, as they've never downgraded the service before for Premium members already signed up. But, it would be nice to have confirmation...I'll keep checking if it changes in the meantime.

Best wishes :) ~Sherry

You are grandfathered into any hosting plan that you had, so not to worry at all about anything in that respect. And if you ever reach the 250K uniques, you will likely move to a dedicated at that point as you will be at $100,000 in earnings per year.

Dear Kyle, you said changes is only for new comers, right? For old premium members still there is 500K visits limit, right? And, Earnings depend upon different niche. Not everyone can earn $100K per year after reaching 250K Traffic. More than that, it's about forcing old members to upgrade or not. So, if this drop in visit numbers is only applied for newcomers and if we old premium members still have previous visit numbers which is 500K monthly, then that is all good. However, if changes are applied to old members as well, then Premium Plus sounds like an upsell. So, I just want to confirm it. I just want you say that old premium members still have 500K visits monthly. So, do we have it?

Awesome! Thank you for the clarification Kyle!

Why montlhy traffic visits for premium members is decreased to 250,000 monthly visits? Is this apply only for new premium members or to old as well?

I thought Premium Plus is supposed to give extra benefits, but the old Premium subscription was supposed to stay the same. So, I hope they will apply this change only to new members, not to old ones.

No that's for everyone. How many was it before?

It was 500,000 visits before, you can check here:-

So, what do you think? Don't you think they should not decrease the amount for current premium members and should apply this only to new members?

And, where did you get the information that it is for everyone but not only for new members?

That's not do good. I understood plus was just the next level up, I didn't realise premium had been downgraded. The cost hasn't reduced any!

Yes, I also feel not good. But, previously, when WA made such changes, those only applied for new members. So, I hope this time also that remains the same.

I'm getting fed up with all the bugs. They will have to give us something to keep us sweet. When I reply to posts my comments keep disappearing and as for notifications, I'm totally fed up with them.

yup true, I know 3 days and waiting who complain about traffic for premium old n new premium offer. when I copy n paste a short message ASAP complain like FLASH. hehe
bro, I just think maybe the klye&Carson; worker write wrong. in the video kyle says not change for Premium membership.

Bro doesn't fed up, patient. :). after upgrade always have problem or bug to normal back it takes time, peace :)

Yes, I also don't think they will decrease the limit in existing membership plan. But, at least they should reply about it. I email Kyle, leave comment on his profile, also message him on his Facebook, made separate post about it which you can find here:- And then comment here but I didn't get reply officially anywhere. So,now I really don't know how to confirm it.

Yes i see you question page.. u don’t get any good answer right. Just funny detail n links 😅😅, have u massage Carson.
i like u confuse with offer too n not another reason.
All about promised n trusted the Offer before.

I am an old premium and I see my monthly visits are 250,000. I was not aware of 500,000 before. In fact, I did not understand what monthly visits so I had overseen it. Definitely, our premium subscription has to be the same.

Yes, but no one is replying me. So, I request everyone contact Kyle or Carson and confirm it. If you get the reply, then please let me know. Thank you.

ok, if I get the answer I tell you .. enjoy your day, all the best.

That didn't impact anyone. That is for newcomers, so not to panic at all here Suman. ;)

Thanks a lot for replying at last. Very happy to know that the changes are only for new comers. Thank you so much. So, as an old premium members, how much monthly website visits should we expect? And can we earn commission from premium plus sales even if we are only a premium member? If yes, then the commission amount will be same for both premium and premium plus member or will be different?

WOW! cool, amazing and brilliant stuff as an add on!, so overwhelming and quite mind blowing!, Thing is I have just got my head around just being a simple little Premium member, only designing 1 site :-( I haven't even looked at 'Bootcamp training' yet!
I can't believe there are those who would do 50 websites!!! Who are these people? Apologies if I offend.

Congrats. for all the hard work though to you guys and your team in putting this together.
A little request can you please, please, please do a walk through video on how to manage the new look website, I am a bit of a visual person, sorry. It did throw me when I last logged on! LOL

PS> are we looking at MLM here, am I wrong or am I right?

New platform walkthrough No Mlm, the PP+ is a bundle upgrade.

No, definitely not MLM...the furthest thing from it. You don't need to be Premium Plus to promote Premium Plus and this is a bundle that includes more expert training, Jaaxy Enterprise, and hosting.

Thanks for posting the link, it was very helpful and refresher on everything :-)

Thank you Kyle, Carson & the WA team of star engineers for all your hard work & sleepless nights working on the future of WA, trying to meet the technology business needs of everyone using WA!
Premium+ plus with the expert classes is the best idea forwards!
A huge win for everyone! 😄

No problem Adedayo, and ton of work went into getting this platform out to members, and we have some of our most exciting stuff coming in the year ahead. Going to be lots of fun!

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