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Always stronger because of Allah. Hi Fox, i am Nazif or can call Amy or kaza. 2005 :- I start be build website and online business and Register





How to know wa have cdn?

How to know wa have cdn?

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Website Development & Programming

How to know WA have CDN or Not?

What mean CDN?

Why if run optimization/compression ask CDN, sometime ask PHP and sometime errors .htacess?

Enjoy ur day 

Hi Nazif, also not certain I understand you question but you may be wondering if you can use a CDN with your website while hosting at WA. WA hosting uses a CDN on it's end from what I understand so you don't have to.

Question for share only because i see have member don’t know and panic when errors CDN, PHP upgrade n .htacess.. WA hosting already CDN (include) AWS data center ... if use optimization plugin or speed plugin website will crash n slow.. it’s same if have rediretion plugin

There's no need to panic. Site support is working on a PHP upgrade, just not sure when it will be released. It won't hurt your site as it is though as far as usability, ranking, etc.

Also no need to worry about AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS runs a major part of the entire web. Netflix runs on AWS as Disney Plus, Sony Playstation and Zoom just to name a few. AWS is also the most common email delivery service that outreach and autoresponder companies use.

One component of AWS is called CloudFront which is their own CDN, and I'm only speculating but I think that's why third party CDN's are not compatible.

With that said, if you are having specific technical issues site support will help you out.


bro, I did not panic because I know. like I said before question just for share, not I don't understand.
n I did not worry about AWS too because I have used them in 2008-2009.


Oh, my apologies. I misunderstood. 🙂

It’s ok no problem bro.. 😉

Amykaza, I'm not sure if I understand your question, so I can't pretend otherwise. But this is a great resource center, so maybe some members will help you out.

Haha it’s ok thanks

Please review Aparna's link Content delivery network.

I would advise forwarding note to site support in regards


AbieAJ sorry make confuse, i questions 1&2 because want sharing.. all i know.. peace ✌️✌️

Thats exactly what I want to know too...

Hi AparnaBansal
WA use amazon data centre and always powerful speed.. if don’t trust check in hosting page or subscription on profile n if u run optimization/compression ask cdn or other thing just want u buy here product. 😉😉

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What plugin important to use?

What plugin important to use?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi all

What important plugin for e-commerce website?

What important plugin for affiliate marketing website?

What important plugin for Blog site?

Amykaza, I will recommend YOAST Plugin for the Blog site.

Great question. Its answered a question for me.

Have a great day.


Woocommerce, Pretty Links and choice of AIO SEO, YOAST or RankMath.

Also I want to add UpdraftPlus plugin a highly recommended premium for backing up sites.

However you may use AIO WP Migration & Updraft plugins.

Thanks for answering AbieAJ ✌️😎

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