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So I have been doing more social networking, I was a bit busy doing some changes on my site. My realization is that Facebook connections...males in general (and no offense to our male members here), they seem to want to start a relationship with me. They always start with, can I ask you a question...Lol...well it would be nice if it was regarding something else other than me personally.

Then we have the ones that want to offer 1000 FB follows cheap....I get some of that with Twitter as well. With Twitter its even better 9000 follows for $10.00. It gets to be a bit of an annoyance, but I am sure that is their marketing agenda of course.

Then I signed up for Google Adwords and I forgot that this was a PPC campaign...so with a tight budget and needing to invest, how much is too little and who here has an Adwords campaign going. I would like some feedback on this and how it is working out, and more details on it as well.

I watched the training Kyle had and he was popping in $100.00 a day, or if you can't do that much $5.00 a day, which it seems doesn't do a whole lot for you. I guess I would like to know what kind of turn a round time frame there is and really how it works. Probably can't do it just yet, but looking at if for future reference. I could research this more, but I thought that anyone with first hand experience would be better.

I was also not sure about using Google Adsense and how beneficial that is, I was actually worried about there no click policy from your own site. My cat loves to click the keys on my laptop, which drives me crazy when I am trying to type and get a post done. Lol.

Oh yeah, and how do you get the box around images to disappear again...I lost the info on that. I see it doesn't do it on the blog post here. Is there a plug in that converts all images on the website?

Any thoughts on these topics would be greatly appreciated.

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Interestingly enough, I just started a campaign yesterday with Bing ads. Before I go losing my shirt with Google Adwords, I am attempting to "double dip" into some of my organic traffic rankings and giving Bing ads a try. I will let you know how it goes. One thing I like is that I can set a daily budget and also run the campaign for the specific amount of time that I want. Also, I got a free $100 in ads with them from a promo coupon they sent me. I am sure they are still giving these away, as it was a promotion that last time I checked, would be running until the end of the new year. I am starting off slow and set the ad budget at $15/day. I want to monitor activity and then I can adjust up or down accordingly, depending on what the reports show me.

I may give adwords a try again too. The only problem is that Google Adwords can get very expensive, very quickly, but obviously, the traffic is far more plentiful there. This is a positive and a negative because it can eat through your budget quickly too.

I'll let you know how things go over at Bing and please keep me posted with your efforts over on Google adwords. All the best!


Thanks Howie, I appreciate your input and let me know how it goes. :))

Great question!

This was a great topic. Thank you Kimberly!! I learned some great info :)

Very cool, glad to help. :))

it is something I need to look more at I did a very small try out as I was not sure it seemed to work think I will learn a bit more befor I try again

Good idea Katie....

Well Kim, I have a question, lol I always thought that ppc sites earned you money rather than you putting it in, or is that at the start?

That is why I asked the question...do I apply a daily limit and hope that the campaign feedback covers it. When does this amount have to be paid, will I end up with a huge bill, or is it taken out daily...not sure about how all this works.
Thanks for your input, I guess follow this thread and lets see what others have to say. :))

Thanks Kimberly, for asking this question as I am also interested in social media networking. Still only a beginner in this field?
Thanks guys for those replies, I'll be looking in them soon.

No problem, always a pleasure to help out. :))

Hey Kim. Re image borders: I just went to Appearance> Theme Options and added:

.size-full, .entry-content img {
border: none;

to the custom CCS Styles box. This has removed the borders of images within pages/posts for me.

Awesome Peter, nice and simple....all done and looks great. Thank you for your help. :))

Hahaha For the first time ever I've come up with something technical and helpful!!!
That's made my day!

Lol, your funny. Nice job though. :))

Is that the exact entry?

Yes, It seems to work.

Thank you, Maybe I will be brave enough to try it! lol

If you paste it into the CSS box in the themes options it should be fine. If it doesn't do what you want remove it!

I will. I am just trying to be cautious because I have already had one issue with my theme.

You are right to be cautious. And always back everything up!

I just did last night! Thank you for the reminder though?

Google adwords is not a good format for internet marketers. Better to use Yahoo or Bing for pay per click. What matters more than budget is the actual headline and ad. You can look at this link http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/get-started for Bing information. You can also sign up for Yahoo ads there if you don't already have a Yahoo account.

Thank you for your feedback, those are also on my list as well, thank you for the link. I will certainly check it out. :))

Well Kimberley.A lot of years ago when I tried a bit of marketing I knew very little,however I did remember some one saying the significance of building a email list.To take a short cut I bought some thing crazy like 100,000 email addresses for 10.00 dollars on gig buck which I could not use because they were are fabricated,so yes it is just a marketing con with some of these offers.

Well, I figured they were scams and gimmicks...Thanks for your reply Mark. :))

Good for you Kim.There are a lot genuine people wanting to do jobs for little money on sites like Ffiver and gig bucks,you just have to be discerning when choosing them.

Thanks. :)

I think adwords has a place in testing out keyword phrases at least. If you word the advert correctly you can dissuade people from actually clicking but you will see how many impressions you had for the keyword phrase.

I've done a bit of adwords work before and one of the key things is to make the ad match the keyword phrase and make the landing page the ad takes them too also very congruent with the ad and search term.

Can be very effective but as you say can be costly but if you do it right and the clicks convert the ROI may be worth it

Thank you, that was very helpful...I appreciate your input. :)

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