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Last Update: Jul 15, 2013


Can you be ranked on the first page of Google with a siterubix site?

I haven't been seeing much of any traffic at all or google rankings, even after following all the steps here, using fiverr to increase backlinks and traffic, and working my ass off!

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Think it might be time to go back to basic training and review. Success happens with siterubix and your own domain. Hope to help when you ask.

Even if it isn't an own domain ( without the siterubix bit, would it still be possible to rank first page?


Sure you can! It's your page position and the amount of traffic for your keywords that's most important. Traffic drops to nothing if you're on the second page. Frankly, it seems if your not number one, you'll get very little traffic. Just an observation.

Maybe a good idea to review the WA SEO classes. I'm guessing Google is not putting together the theme of your site with your keywords, or the keywords are too competitive. Also, be careful that your anchor text for back links doesn't confuse Google. You need to "spoon feed" Google your theme, not challenge them to figure you out. Just some ideas to ponder.

I also have one site that just won't rank like it should. I'm thinking about stopping work on it for awhile and making another with different keywords.

Thank you for your help!

I found out my plugin wasn't fully set up right and I also had to go back and re-do all keywords for every post and page! From now on I'm following those SEO classes strictly!

Hey! That is really a great idea...using Fiverr...I use fiverr just to make NOW money while I build...can you give me some suggestions on how to use fiverr to support my site..once it's got more content of course :-) ... I had thought of doing an ebook to sell on fiverr or something along that line. Best of luck, you seem to have the determination it takes...that's why I follow you ;-)

Thank you Tammy. Well, I did use fiverr once to get some backlinks, and then got people to post my website to their twitters/facebook..just to get some traffic. If you read the other comments below, the fiverr idea of all the backlinks was actually not a smart thing to do. If you're going to use fiverr, I'd try to get people to post your website on twitter or facebook, just to try and gain a little more of a following and quick traffic. All the offers on their are crazy good, so just go to categories, online marketing, traffic...and browse around!

Justin, mate, none of these *ideas* are taught here, for a good reason. They tend to do a lot more damage than good. I've seen people tank their sites using Twiends for example. It's of course, your site, your rules, but I strongly advise against any of this. Rich.

Rich, I completely agree. I stopped doing them as soon as you told me and reverted me back to the training I decided to not listen to! I found out that though I had the all in one seo plugin installed and activated, I hadn't filled out the information in its setting page for my second and third site..only for the first one I had created while following the training.

It's easy done. I repeat the basic training over and over, not only because I'm guaranteed to miss something but because it regularly gets updated. :) R.

@rich that is a good point you make. Leave the fields blank unless there's not enough content on the page for the SE's to know what the page is about. The old teaching always used to stress the importance of the <title> tag. Looks like this is no longer good advice.

Exactly! If you're not using the All-In-One SEO plugin then you would fill these fields in. However the whole purpose of the plugin is to automate the process. The fields are shown simply because on occasion you might want to override the automation. :) Rich. x

I cannot find where Carson made these comments. I always filled out the All-in-one fields when writing a Post because I thought that's what the fields were for. If I don't need to do that, then I'm happy because it would save time.

Here's a copy of Kyle's comments on this and Carson's The fields are only there in case you need to override the automation provided by the All-In-One SEO plugin, this is really the whole point, it's the plugins job to do this for you. Kyle makes this clear at 6m 50s in this basic training video R. x

Thanks for the info. I did watch Kyle's training, but I obviously did not catch that part. I have been using the plugin for years and really only watched the training to make sure that I had the main plugin settings correct. Beyond that I did not pay attention to the individual post/page instructions. I'm glad that I read the comments on this post or I would have continued doing it wrong.

@NatureLynn I'm with you there! @Rich did a great job of saving our butts!

Hey Justin. It's important Members follow the training without addition or subtraction. For example, you should never, ever "pay" for backlinks at places like Fiverr or use any form of automated service. It may simply tank your site in the rankings, several Members have done this to earning sites recently. Search engines such as Google only want to see quality, relevant backlinks, such as those you create yourself via article directories. You don't need to "submit" your site to search engines, WordPress does this automatically. I recommend that you ensure you have everything Google in place, such as Analytics, Authorship and Plus. You use a different but relevant keyword for every Post and Page, you put it in the title and first para of your content and that's it. Do NOT attempt to "stuff" the All-in-One SEO plugin fields with keywords, again you will do a lot more harm than good. Just leave all the fields blank on a Page and Post basis. If you follow the training exactly, siterubix subdomain sites can certainly rank and get traffic, have a look at Rich.

Rich, thank you a bunch again. I think I got a little impatient and wanted to see the results I did kind of stuff some keywords.

Rich, when you say put it in the title and first para..Do you mean the title at the top above where I'm writing my content...or the title below the content box?

I'm afraid you've done yourself more harm than good. You should leave the All-In-One SEO fields blank on a Page and Post basis. They're only there if you occasionally need to force something, ie. if you had a Page that only had a photo or video on it, then you'd add a description, because the plugin can't automate the process on a Page without content. Here's a recent quote from Carson "Let All-In-One SEO do it's job and auto generate your description and title for you. In regards to keywords, don't bother wasting your time. I'm suggesting that you DO NOT touch the All-in-One SEO Plugin title, description, or keywords on a per page or post basis. Let it create these meta tags for you rather than doing it manually and potentially hurting your chances of ranking." Rich.

You put the keyword, say "prune orchids" in the title of your piece, ie. "How to prune orchids successfully" and then in the first para. "The best way to prune orchids is to..." that's it. Rich.

'preciate it, Rich

Most welcome! :)

Thanks Rich, I was doing something similar. I had the keyword in the title and first paragraph, but was stuffing the SEO keyword box as well. Hopefully after deleting these out of SEO I can start to see more traffic.

Apologies, Nenita, I was typing my response while you were posting yours, sorry for my *echo* link. :) Rich. x

Rich, no harm done we're good:)

Glad you got it sorted Justin. But now I'm confused. What do you mean by "submit to them'? Do you mean posting to a blog site, or that you forget to put in some key words in your WP SEO? If you have time, I'd appreciate learning this from you. Cheers.


I'm talking something I never knew about until about an hour or so ago! Go to google, and in the search bar type in "submit to google". After that, you should see what I'm talking about. Click the first link and submit your website to google so they will check it out faster and get you ranked faster!!


Hey Justin, Have you checked the quality of your backlinks? Welshy has a really good training... "Checking Backlinks With Verified Domain - MajesticSEO Webmaster Tools" It seems that it is a consistency and persistency and quality issue so much of the time. None of it has happened overnight for me. It has taken 4 - 8 weeks of planned building with my backlink campaigns. Let us know what your results are. Sherry M

Sherry M.

Thank you, I will definitely check that out. I have been driving my websites and their post and pages through the places the training told us we should! It's just been 4 weeks on the dot for me, so hopefully the results I'm yearning for start turning up soon!


Hi Justin. You know a lot more than me, though I believe Kyle said that it is quite a good platform for rankings. Kyle also mentioned that too many backlink's can "hurt" your SEO. I don't understand much about backlink's, but if you go to the earlier training vids he mention's them. Of course, maybe someone can help if you key in backlink's in the search bar. You'll probably find a helpful video on someone else's page. Hope you get the answer. I'll be checking back to see what help the other members can give you.

Thanks Annie. I went back through and made sure all my keyword were correct. I found out I never had submitted my sites to the top search engines. In order to get recognized by these search engines faster, you must submit to them!

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