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Hi, is it possible to put a .com.au site

Hi, is it possible to put a .com.au site

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Hi, is it possible to put a .com.au site on WA hosting? Thanks!

Hi Keven, usually I just press the button that says "add media" and that will let you upload your picture. If you're still having trouble, post a separate thread which will get more attention.

Having trouble posting pictures. I keep getting errors.

Is there anyway I could change the name of my website? I already purchased the domain.

Your domain name cannot be changed without buying a new one and starting again. You can change the name of your website - whenever you like.

Well that stinks!!! Thanks for the info. I appreciate it

Yeah, most definitely. But one thing you should make sure of is that it is a local business if you are using a .com.au, otherwise if your audience is a global one you should be considering a .com.

Yes it's local, thanks Kyle. Hosting is not the best over here at the moment.

Thanks guys!

Yes - you can

Not quite sure what you mean Wendy ?

.com.au is the Australian tld

Yes, you can host any domain name on WA hosting.

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