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Hey WA, A big key in helping your website climb the Google ranking ladder is to have comments/interactions on your website. Kyle has created a great place on here for us all to share our content, get our fellow members to comment/interact on our site, and for us to comment on others sites. Let's all help each other get some interaction on our websites! Justin
July 27, 2013
I just wanted to update everyone with my success as of late. I've been a member of WA for just over a month (premium, month and a half including free) and have today finally seen my first $100 day. $108.01 to be exact! I'm very thankful for this opportunity I've been given by Kyle and the community here at WA. I seriously owe it all to you and your help. Thank you for fulfilling my dream! The work at home "job field" is by far the best I've been a part of thanks to you all, and I will continue
I've noticed on all the keyword I'm first page on, I'm only behind YouTube videos. Is there a reason these YouTube videos are ranking above my website and I can't seem to pass them? I've passed all other websites just want to get that #1 spot!
As I've learned from training and many members within the WA Community, keyword stuffing is a BIG no-no when it comes to getting your site ranked in Google. I've also had first hand experience that keyword stuffing while in use of the All in One SEO plug-in will kill your rankings.. But I noticed this last night and today. I have a few keywords I'm front page on Google with, sitting ranked #5 behind 4 YouTube videos, and the website right below me is unbelievably PACKED with the same keyword.
July 17, 2013
I want to grow my goole + following, does anyone want to join my circle and help grow our network together? You can find me at: My Google Plus
July 14, 2013
Can you be ranked on the first page of Google with a siterubix site? I haven't been seeing much of any traffic at all or google rankings, even after following all the steps here, using fiverr to increase backlinks and traffic, and working my ass off!
July 12, 2013
Ok, so I finally took everyone's advice on e-mail marketing and bought me an aweber account to set up with my third website (which is going to be amazing!). Well, I was going through the set-up again and was thinking "Damn, I want to offer my subscribers the best program I can think of, have been apart of, and really works 100% when they sign up". Guess what I came up with? Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks first and foremost Kyle and Carson for exceptional training and providing us all with a ch
July 10, 2013
Anybody working this unorthodox style now-a-days? This is actually what I first started doing after joining WA. I remembered seeing a bunch of ads on my job search about 4 months ago. So, when I learned what Affiliate Marketing was through WA and how it worked...some things started to click. My first week at WA I had made over $100 off 5 sales and then stopped doing it because I got deep in my website and the training here. I started again yesterday, got over 100 hits just to the link I was pr
July 06, 2013
Happy Weekend to all first and foremost! I need a little help AGAIN. I created another website, focusing on one guys products off CB (there's only 3 maybe 4 products). What I wanted to do was create a squeeze page so I can start building my email list. I have MailChimp already, but are there any plugins (that are free preferably) I can use to add a squeeze page to my website's home page..that will add the subscribers to my MailChimp list??Thanks a bunch and much success to all! J. Stretc
Anyone here using clickbank that has a hard time finding a product that really converts for them on a daily basis? I've tried everything, I'm talking searching by popularity, gravity, avg rebill total, avg % Rebill, and even overwhelming my visitors with a barrage of all the links...but yet I'm still seeing no sales. Now anyone who has followed me a little knows I had a great first week, but since then I'm on a 4 day no sell streak and it's errking me. Any tips for finding pr