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Hi, I'm Sherry. I have always been in business for myself and mostly in the computer hardware, software, database and training areas. With the help of WA in the last 5 years, I have converted my business to on-line.

I moved my business "Stepping Stones to..." on-line courses.
I focus on career-saving training for adults.
"Hands Free at Your PC" - 6 weeks to 100+ wpm.

For 9 years, I have been obsessed with using Dragon Professional for total computer control. I flunked typing and love computers. Voice dictation and voice control of my computer changed my experience of this universe.

Love teaching Dragon; have helped people that have NO use of their hands and people that just can't seem to learn to type.

It is great to be there when people Get-It...
* They really understand that No-Matter-What:
* They can do everything at the computer - Hands Free.
* They can excel and focus on what they have to say - at 100 wpm!
Not: "I'll never hold a job again!"
Not: "Where is that stupid exclamation mark key?"
Not: "How do I spell ???.

I have now been here at WA for 5 years. There are so many great places on the internet to learn from but I am here... at Wealthy Affiliate for their stepping stones to keeping up-to-date with all aspects of my internet business, in steps I can actually follow.
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I would be happy earning a steady $5000 a month. Ecstatic would start to click in at a steady $10,000 a month. Time I put in is 3 to 10 hours a day. Working to add Socializing time into the Day.
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Dec 19, 2016
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I would be happy earning a steady $5000 a month. Ecstatic would start to click in at a steady $10,000 a month. Time I put in is 3 to 10 hours a day. Working to add Socializing time into the Day.
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent goals! It is great to have you here and I look forward to seeing you achieve your goals as you move forward! If you ever need a hand along the way, there is lots of help here within the community, just ask. :)
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LynnM Premium
Best wishes as you go along here at WA. I'm with you on the "big jump" stuff, LOL!
Divine23 Premium
Welcome to WA! Good for you...for learning fast. Good luck!
Hi Divine23, Thanks, Mostly I feel like I am floundering fast not learning fast. I guess you can say I am committed to floundering a bunch every day and it is working. I better go write up atleast part of yesterdays assignment, Day 19 Post Your Accomplishments... interesting challenge. :-)
Hi Devine23, I hope to send out a "for real" invite to stop by my website for an "Stepping Stones to Dragon" tour of my first Training Site. These things seem to take a lot longer that I keep thinking they will. Oh well! Talk to you soon. Sherry
webkab Premium
Welcome to WA. There's lots of info on this site so don't let it blow your mind. Follow the 30 training offered here and also go to WAbinars and go to Affiliate Walk Through parts 1 & 2. There it will put it all together for you. I also suggest going to potpiegirls blog. She good. MUCH SUCCESS
Thanks for the input; I have already bumped into "mind blown" several times. So much exciting knowledge to explore and I am trying to stay focused on DOING not just exploring.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Thanks, in looking around it does seem like family. Great environment!
Labman Premium Plus
Welcome to WA
Thanks, excited to be here. So much to learn. WOW!