Leaving Money On The Table - 514.80 Pound To Be Precise

Last Update: February 08, 2018

For many years I ignored my UK/Canada traffic on my amazon affiliate sites. I did this because the bulk of my traffic came from the USA and as I was targeting the USA with amazon.com associates program it made sense to me. Plus I thought it was 'Too hard' to manually add UK/Canada links to my hundreds of posts,pages etc. This was before the introduction of the One Link recently brought out by amazon.

But back in March 2017, amazon changed their affiliate commission structure. Previously I was earning 8.25% on almost every product sold. But after the commission change, I average about 5% commission on the products. So overall, I took a hefty pay cut of between 30-40% every month. I'm still currently trying to rebuild the lost income. No point giving up right.

Anyways, I thought about the UK traffic I was getting at the time and thought it could be a way to quickly boost my income up again. So I manually added UK links to a couple of my sites. The problem was, not all products sold on amazon.com are sold on amazon.co.uk. My way around this was to link to 'UK alternative' products and let the reader know this was an alternative. This took me a few hours on that day and since then I have not added anymore UK affiliate links, nor have I installed the amazon 'One Link' code.

Some Of My International Traffic

Below is the percentage of the top 3 countries for traffic to just 3 of my sites. I am only just NOW realizing that 2 of my sites have about 14% traffic to Canada and the UK. Wow, I have missed out on some sales!. But it's not too late for me or anyone. With all my sites combines, I'm sure I have a decent amount of traffic from these two countries. They need to buy things and currently I am only sending them to the USA, so now I must act!. Amazon one link, here I come.

Finally It's Pay Day

Today the 08th Feb 2018, my first cheque from being a participant in the UK amazon affiliate program arrived. This was quite a nice surprise as I had kind of forgotten about the UK amazon links. For a grand total of 514.80 pounds, which equates to just under $915 AUD. Which in Australia is pretty much an average weeks wage. Needless to say I am thrilled.

Those few hours it took me to add the UK links has rewarded me with a week off work technically. But realistically it will go towards our Winter skiing holiday in New Zealand in 6 months :).

Whats Next?

I couldn't be happier with the surprise cheque, But at the same time I am kicking myself for not acting on my international traffic earlier. Who knows how much money I left on the table.

The next step is to join the Canada amazon affiliate program and then finally install the amazon 'One Link' code onto ALL my websites.

So the moral of the story is, don't think it's too hard. Learn from my mistake and keep an eye out on your international traffic (regardless of where you live). Then monetize that traffic!.

How To Add The Amazon One Link: Follow this training to add it to your website today! https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co...

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littlemama Premium Plus
Hi Josh, very interesting and always love seeing your posts. :) This makes total sense even though you didn't think that kind of traffic would be useful. How about an update on that case study from your previous post here?
Josh From Oz Premium
Hi Grace. Yea I really should have used the international links a lot earlier... I had a UK account for several years but hadnt used it since back in 2012 when Squidoo was around. As for the case study its still going around $300 to $500 a month. Its a seasonal niche so hopefully by Summer in the USA it picks up alot more as I have added another 40ish posts to it.
DanETD Premium
Great Post, Josh.
Thanks for sharing.
Josh From Oz Premium
No problem Daniela.
sheikave Premium
You did leave a lot of money on the table.
phoeby123 Premium
Thanks this answered a question I asked the other day. One link, all the way.
MKearns Premium
Worked out well!