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So it's been over 1 year now since I pretty much quit my day job and now live the laptop lifestyle. The day I announced my retirement here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/josh-from-oz/blog/the-day-i-announced-my-retirement was the best day ever. Every day since then has been just as good :). However I have kept my painting business open for my Brother and friend to keep working until they become full time internet marketers too. So when it gets busy, I do swing a brush from time to time.

Still writing posts 3-6 times a week to grow my online business. Growing income like this could never be done in a real job. It's like getting a raise every single year without doing any more work. Pretty awesome that it all comes back to this place, Wealthy Affiliate.

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Hi everybody!. My name is Josh and I'm from Australia. After tasting some success with I.M over at Squidoo I decided it's time to learn how to extend my reach, what a better place then here at W.A.

I work full time and more as a house Painter so my time is limited online, but I have studied the ropes of I.M for the last year or so and will NOT give up on achieving my goal, which of course is financial freedom and more time with my Partner and 2 kids :)

I look forward to reading all these very helpful posts and training to better my skills and finally build my own money making site :)

Update 24th February 2016: Thought I should update my profile as it's a few years out of date now haha. So now I have 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl and I no longer work as an employee for a Painting Company.

When I had my first website on WA I was making about 1k a month consistently. Then a real world opportunity came along for me to start my own painting business. As my online money wasn't sufficient for me to quit my day job just yet I went ahead and started a painting company (funded by internet money).

This March celebrates 2 years as owning my own successful company. This Month also celebrates my 4th year being a member at Wealthy Affiliate.

So right after I started my painting company I got so busy at work (doing 60-80 hours a week) and I simply could not do much progress on my sites. After 8-10 months of working solid I finally had time to get back to my websites. Which by the way didn't drop in earnings, they went UP in earnings. The power of ranking in Google with quality content :).

I made a new website once I re-learned some of the things I had forgotten (Which is why WA is so good- Has all the helpful resources anyone could ever want). I also was very keen to get into my new website (Kind of like when I first began at WA with excitement) but this time I had even more knowledge.

Over a year later and now my online income surpasses my wage (Maybe I pay myself too little haha). One day once my house is built and most of the mortgage is paid off, I will become a full time marketer. Until then having an extra full time income really helps with finances.

This is the power of what is taught here at Wealthy Affiliate. All that's left to do is take action and do it consistently. If a simple house painter can succeed online I believe you can too!.
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Hello guys. I have a question about keyword research. I was doing some minisites before and in most cases I was just breakeven... . It was very frustrating and all articles I had to outsource, English is not my first language... .

Also I noticed one thing with Jaxxy. When I choose some keyword with SQR below 50 many times when I check backlinks to those websites, there is much much work to do, not just writing articles.

Are you using some PBN networks or backlinks strategies to get traffic to your websites?

When you build your site how long average you have to wait to get traffic or regular commisions?

My best result to over 120$ per month was 1 month. Just I pickup wrong keyword - it was seasonal keyword and later I lost traffic and income... . Also PBN cost me something as well... . Traffic is my the biggest issue... .
Josh From Oz Premium
Hi Piotr,

PBN's are something that is not taught here. It is a way of manipulating Google and sooner or later Google will find out and destroy the business overnight. So I have NEVER created PBN's for my business.

As for backlinks, they are not required. Here is what Kyle has to say about them: Again I have never done a 'guest post' or spent hours 'commenting' in forums or other niche sites etc. I spend my time writing content for my sites and sharing on social media.

Some niches are going to be tougher than others, so they can take longer to break into. From my experience and using my techniques I usually get my first sale between 10-18 posts. Regardless of the niche, Google doesn't trust a new site and is 'sandboxed' for the first few months. So it hardly gets any traffic in the beginning. Once you have earned the trust of google and proven that you are a serious website (Not just a spammer) things start happening.

From my personal experience, it takes between 3 to 6 months to get the first wave of increased rankings. Then after a bout 10-12 months the traffics gets even better. Then the rest is history and keywords start becoming easier to rank for.

Choosing the right keywords is the best way to get traffic coming in quicker. Finding descriptive longtail keywords with minimal competition is the way to go. For example:

Bad keyword to choose: best gun safe 1167 searches and 226 QSR

Better keyword: best small gun safe for home 112 searches 0 QSR.

The second keyword is more descriptive so will be better for conversions and have less competition. That is just one example I found with looking in Jaaxy for couple minutes.

Hope this helps you with some of your questions.
Good day Josh,I'm very excited about your accomplishments they are really encouraging.Now after reading your article of how you made 257 sales a night,I'd like to ask you if possible,to share with me a little about Amazon affiliate program VS google ad-senses. What is better to start with while you can't afford premium upgrade?Can you possibly let me have a look at that link?
tudogz Premium
Hi Josh. Yep, another Aussie here. Just "retired" form my job in transport. I'm new to all this internet marketing stuff, but learning fast. Read your $2477 blog and found it very inspiring. I'll be reading more of your posts as time goes by. It's great how folks share ideas so freely here. I'm in Tassie, having just moved from West Aus. I'd live to add you to my network if it's OK. Cheers Mate. Thomas.
Dannyi89 Premium
Hello Josh

Nice to meet you! I am new here and was just reading some of your blogs and am so happy for your success and retirement of the painting company you created. I bet many can learn from your experiences. I am on a journey to achieve that same level of success!

I look forward to networking with you!!

All the best,

thriftymom Premium
Congrats to your success! I have the same hope as yours and I wanted to become more successful online to give more time to my son. I gave myself 5 years in order to achieve this targeting to earn $ 2,000 upto $ 20,000 a month. I just need to master some techniques and able to find more time making my websites successful.

- Ces
Josh From Oz Premium
Thanks Ces. Once you master the techniques its a matter of rinse and repeat until your happy with the income level. Best wishes
thriftymom Premium
Thank you for the encouragement :) all the best!
- Ces