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Just a quick blog to let you know to update your WP GDPR Compliance plugin immediately. Apparently it got hacked and you must update immediately "The reported vulnerabilities allow unauthenticated attackers to achieve privilege escalation"More Here:
For many years I ignored my UK/Canada traffic on my amazon affiliate sites. I did this because the bulk of my traffic came from the USA and as I was targeting the USA with associates program it made sense to me. Plus I thought it was 'Too hard' to manually add UK/Canada links to my hundreds of posts,pages etc. This was before the introduction of the One Link recently brought out by amazon. But back in March 2017, amazon changed their affiliate commission structure. Previously I was e
All to often people get caught up on how much money someone is making per month without understanding HOW that person got to that desired income level. I never got to the amount of money I am making by simply putting a few posts online. It took months, of writing and learning in the beginning before I saw my first 69 cent month back in 2012. But after making that 69 cents, I knew that if I could make any money online, the sky is the limit. Fast forward 5 years and I never ever thought I would b
I'm no social media guru by any stretch of the imagination. In fact my efforts with social really need to be worked on. It's not my main source of traffic so I do the bare minimum to get by. Anyways, I saw this awesome tip for increasing the 'Reach' for your Facebook fanpages and I thought I would test it out, and show my results.How I WAS Posting To My Fanpages If you don't have a Facebook FanPage set up for your website you can learn how to here:
December 13, 2016
I just received a email to my info@wa website which is a scam to get you to download infected files blah blah. So be careful and don't click on any of the links. Here is what the email said (Links have been taken out)Dear Domain Owner,Our system has detected that your domain: *********.com is being used for spamming and spreading malware recently. You can download the detailed abuse report of your domain along with date/time of incidents. Click Here*We have also provided detailed instruction on
If you promote physical products on Amazon or other retail stores and have been doing this for a few years now, then you probably know all to well what's about to come. A massive influx in sales!It doesn't matter what niche you are in to an extent, because people will naturally buy MORE stuff online in the next coming months. November, December and even January are huge months to be a physical product marketer. I've heard/read from more experienced Amazon marketers that during the months of Nov
Before entering into the 'make money online' niche I was very skeptical of my chances of success. But I put my faith into the Affiliate BootCamp training like I did 4 years ago with the Online Entrepreneur Certification course. But Why Enter The Make Money Niche?Isn't It Crazy Competitive!After achieving great success with marketing physical products from (, I knew it was time to expand. Plus I learned the HARD WAY about putting
I have been contemplating quitting my offline business and retiring from the workforce for about a year now. For those that are unaware, I have a small painting company with 4 employees. At the age of 35, it's seems like madness to think I'll never work for another boss again. Even with my own company, I was never the boss. The builders and the clients were in fact my boss. Anyways... Today was the day!. I had been planning to close down my somewhat successful painting business in 2017, once ou
Last night I checked my amazon sales like I do every night. To my pleasant surprise I was blown away with what I saw. 257 Ordered items for the 25th May 2016. I had been waiting for the first day I cracked the 100 sales in a day (Besides the Christmas Period) since like forever. So naturally when I logged in and saw 257 ordered items, I assumed something was wrong. A glitch or bug in amazon's reports. So I dug deeper and looked at the 'Earnings' tab for that day. There it was, 211 items shipped
I just want to share 2 quotes or sayings I have had implanted into my brain since I first heard them. The kind of reassurance I found from 2 simple sayings has assisted me over the years to never give up and fight hard for financial freedom. 1. "Are you're willing to do in a year what others won't, So you can spend the rest of your life doing what others CANT" . This quote or something very similar I first heard from Potpiegirl ( back in the very begin