Hooray - 5 People Unsubscribed from My Email List Today!

Last Update: February 18, 2018

Why Unsubscribes are Good for Business!

How can that be a good thing, Jimbo?

Currently I get anywhere from 10 Email Subscribers per day and 50 per day. There was one particular day where I did exceptionally well and got 74 in one day, (actually a 6 hour period).

This is great stuff, most would think anyways.

This is good if they are targeted leads, i.e. they're the right kind of subscribers for your list.

It's better to have 1000 targeted leads than it is to have 100,000 freebie seekers, right?

How so?

Well let's say you've built your email list for a few years and you've got to 100k people on your email list. Depending on how you qualified those leads for your leads, that could be very, very profitable. You could, for example, be making $100k per month if you're in the right niche and you're doing your email marketing and lead collection in the right way.

Here's Why It's GOOD When People Unsubscribe from Your List.

When people unsubscribe from your email list, don't get disheartened. Be thankful, in fact, that they've unsubscribed.

Most of these were NEVER going to buy anything you promoted anyways. In addition to that, they're taking up precious room on your email list that you have to pay for.

If you've got 2,499 subscribers with Aweber and you then cross that threshold of 2,500 then the price you pay for Aweber for a month jumps by about $20 from $29 to $49.

If you've got 2,499 freebie seeking subscribers on that list and you're barely even making $29 a month from that list, then what's the point? You need to break even and then some, to make a profit.

So why would you want to go beyond 2,499 freebie seekers just to pay an extra $20 on top of what you're already paying.

When you get 5 unsubscribes from your list in one day, rejoice. You don't want a list full of freebie seekers (freeloaders) who just cost you money and time and effort.

I would rather have a tiny list of 100 ultra-targeted leads than have a list of hit and miss 10,000 leads.

100 super targeted leads (i.e. buyers) could easily make you a few hundred dollars a month or more, depending on what you're promoting and your niche. (Incidentally your billing for aweber would only be $19 a month at this point because it stays at that price until you surpass 500 leads. It will then jump to $29 a month).

However, having a list of 10,000 or 100,000 freeloaders on that list could actually see you out of pocket by a lotta money when you end up paying for your autoresponder bill every month. You might make the odd sale here and there but it would be pure chance.

Be careful how you build a list, don't just give freebies away all the time, they come to expect it all the time and laugh at you when you actually do try to sell something to them.

Value, Value, Sell, Value, Value, Sell. Build a relationship first, give value, but not too much, they'd never see the point in buying from you.

Anyhoo, that's just my penny's worth on the matter. Basically, don't be gutted when people unsubscribe. See it as beneficial, as a self flushing email list. Sweep away the dead wood on autopilot.

Hope this helps with mindset.

Up, Up and Away!

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AlexEvans Premium
The sums stack up, you make very good sense.
MarionBlack Premium
Way to go Jimbo! Get rid of those freeloaders.
Joshua2765 Premium
Never thought of it in quite that way. Great perspective on what many would see as a negative...turns out it's a positive. Who knew? Well, apparently Jim-Bo knew! Nuff said!

Continued success,

Jim-Bo Premium
Cheers Josh, you know as well now...
AllanSiegel Premium
You seem like you've got a handle on this. Can you educate me on your strategies to build an email list?
Jim-Bo Premium
I'm using thrive themes with thrive leads plugin, created my own pdf ebook. I drive traffic through Instagram to my list, sometimes from facebook groups. That's it.

I am pondering buying some solo-ads when I am confident enough they'll convert at a decent percentage, but I suppose there's an element of fear there. (How to track, etc).
AllanSiegel Premium
If I use a different theme, can I still use the thrive leads plugin? Also, what advice can you give me about writing an ebook?

Make it a productive day!
Jim-Bo Premium
Alan, yes, you could purchase just thrive leads on its own. I went for the thrive membership which gives access to the whole shebangle (about 10 themes and 10 plugins) and access to theiruniversity. It costs me 228 a year (fixed price). I have just paid my 2nd year on the 16th of Feb so I'm good for a year.

For my ebook, I just opened google docs and created list type things. An instagram checklist, which took me a couple of hours to put together (has links for affiliate stuff in there, including WA)

You could go to top ten type posts and compile your own list by collating all the top tens together in your own top tens (or top 100, etc)

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Thrive leads is great, but there are many other options, too.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Jim.
Jim-Bo Premium
No worries!!!