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I am a Life Coach and a Nutraceutical Heart Specialist. Although these are two very different vocations, they both are expressions of my passion and





How do I add media images to my site?

How do I add media images to my site?

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How do I add media images to my site?

Good question and a good answer, my friend!

Hi Allan,
This tutorial should explain it for you.

This tutorial has no volume.

Here's a video with the proper volume:

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How do I login to my site?

How do I login to my site?

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Everything Wordpress

When I login with admin, it gives me a "redirect" message. Several people have tried to help, but nothing seems to work

Contact Support - they will definitely help.

Hey Allan,

For all technical issues with your website, please contact SiteSupport: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/support

Hope you find this helpful.

How do I edit my site in wordpress?

How do I edit my site in wordpress?

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Everything Wordpress

How do I edit my site in wordpress?

Hi there,

Do you mean you want to log in to WordPress directly, rather than from the WA platform..?

If so, you need to go to the WordPress login page which you'll find by adding /wp-login.php to your domain name when you're viewing your site in a browser. Here's an example:


You will need the username and password that you created in Site Manager when you set up the site.



No time no, but I can't wait for the answers, Allen.
I've been hesitant to edit, my tile page from 2 years ago.
Nap time, but I'm sure many great tips will be coming in!

Hello Allan,

That's great you create your wordpress website congrats. I'm not an expert, but I've just pass through this step. I believe you have to access your back office which is at the top on the left side, so as you can edit your website.

Lots of sucess

These trainings may help you: Also the trainings in this classroom may prove useful too: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/everything-wordpress

Where is the membership renewal page?

Where is the membership renewal page?

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WA Affiliate Program

where is the membership renewal page?

Hi, Allen! My renewal came as a pop-up.
Having joined in October 2017, then upgrading to Premium, ...my renewal will be due Dec8th, and I'm grandfathered for the Black Friday cost!!
I just needed to make sure payment came from card on file, which was personal debit. I did switch to my business card.
This is the best educational investment we can make!
Best Barb

hey hi Allan -- really a long time since I've heard of how you're doing? .... see that you've been with WA just about five years! ... wow! .... anyway, hope you and your family are ok from the fires last year? ...

just so you know, pretty much everything is on this platform on-line for you to access, including your accounts.

simply go to your WA profile > Account Settings > Subscription Settings > billing - membership - payment source ... follow the prompts and complete or amend as needed ...

All the very best to you for everything good -- should you change your mind -- you'd be welcomed back! ....

Hi Allan,

Go here;


- scroll down to; membership, select.
- select; stop billing & cancel membership.

At this point we get 30m days to find alternative hosting for our sites.

Hello AllanSiegel, You might want to save some money by upgrading during black friday. Also, I personally would keep my site here at WA for several reasons.

If you're able to keep the site at WA, site safety is covered and that one thing alone will take a load off your mind.

It's something to consider.

PS. I do not benefit when and if you should, I just feel it's a good value and a bit more stress free.


Thanks, Marion. My renewal date is tomorrow, but I want to keep my site(s) for another web host. If I cancel today, will I lose my site. Another WA affiliate commented that there is a 30 day "grace" period before the site disappears from WA. Can you please confirm one way or another.

you have access to sitedomains to be able to move or transfer your site after leaving.
after 30 days it gats a bit more difficult -so its best to do transfer or move your sites within this time period.
if your domains are coming up for renewal and you have fonud a better price then it might be worth transferring them - it will cost you a years ownership anyway and this time is added to your site.
if you are mid term then just changing the nameservers will host it at another hosting site.
good luck

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