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People building a real online business here at Wealthy Affiliate can give up way too soon. It could be a month, 2 months, or even 6 months and you'll see people quit.Real businesses do take time and effort to learn the ropes, get everything in place and then get into profit.With the training which is at your disposal here at Wealthy Affiliate, you can indeed be successful beyond what you could ever dream.However, as I mentioned, people don't make money in their first few days, weeks, and months
Why Unsubscribes are Good for Business!How can that be a good thing, Jimbo?Currently I get anywhere from 10 Email Subscribers per day and 50 per day. There was one particular day where I did exceptionally well and got 74 in one day, (actually a 6 hour period).This is great stuff, most would think anyways.This is good if they are targeted leads, i.e. they're the right kind of subscribers for your list.It's better to have 1000 targeted leads than it is to have 100,000 freebie seekers, right?How s
Elon Musk announced recently that he's into the idea of developing a neural link which helps you to just "think" things and have them communicated through the internet.Imagine this, a small headset that reads your mind, you've seen it with paraplegics operating machinery, a mouse cursor, or something.Now go a few steps further and develop something we could slip on our head. The device would be able to communicate what you're thinking across the web, and as such you could....a) talk to friendsb
March 24, 2017
Strange man says "Hy, How r u?"12/03/2016 00:06Strange man says again "Hy!"21:58Helo dear.Jimbo says "I'm a man" not a woman!Strange man says "I also know."Jimbo says "are you gay?"Strange man says "You are man you and your profile picture your name both show that you are a man."Jimbo says "so why do you call me "dear" like I am a woman?"meh
March 23, 2017
Hey there, folks, Wealthy Affiliate Rocks...How did they get there?
February 27, 2017
Very recently, Neil Patel bought Ubersuggest keyword tool. If you visit the site there is little hello bar at the top which says the site has been bought and will have a lot of cool updates coming to it in the near future.Let's see what happens, eh?Jimbo
Following up on a post someone made with a link to a website which in turn has 3 links to what is "likely" to be (in my opinion) a SCAM (Quantum Code) I thought I'd better write this to warn people off trying this rubbish.The guy in the video is a fiverr actor and the plane in the background is a rental plane. Look at the claims of the money you can make at top right in the picture. (1.8 million dollars a month, lol) and look at the scarcity counters bottom left and bottom right.It's one of tho
Hey there folks, me again.I've been asked about this followers and following people at Wealthy Affiliate stuff and what the purpose is for it.Well, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to "build" a network of followers just like social media sites. Twitter would be the best example of this.On Wealthy Affiliate you have an option to follow people just like you do on Twitter.Following people on Wealthy Affiliate results in you getting people following you back.If you want more followers at Wealthy Affili
January 31, 2017
Marcus has been taking the miickey out of Jimbo, so it's revenge time. Revenge is a dish best served cold, they say...But I think ICE COLD (as in liquid nitrogen) is best for him. And served with a delicious bowl of raw jellied eels marinated in snail slime and garnished with frogspawn that's gone a bit out of date.Right, let's get him!MarcusoidMarcusoidusMarcusoidus RexMarcusoidus ReximilliusLord Marcus of EnglandshireLord Marcusillius ReximilliusCaptain Marcus FartypantsGeneral Marcus of Polo