VEGAS Baby! Here I Come!

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I've been checking my phone the whole day for the "New WA Commission" noification.

The waiting for the last few is always the toughest as you are too excited and really can't wait for it. So everything feels damn slow!

But anyway, I just finished my lunch and checked my phone once again.

There it is...

"Congratulations! A New WA Commission!"


I can offically say that I'm the youngest to make it to Vegas!

I'm going to Vegas next year with my girlfriend whom I plan to marry next year as well.

More Training

Also, like I've said, I'll be preparing more training and blog posts to share with you guys about my personal tips and tricks.

But, sorry to say that it may not be so soon because I really want to provide the best resources and training for you guys. So, it takes time.

And at the same time, I'm also in the process of hiring people and outsourcing content, which can be another valuable training to share as well, especially for those who:

  • Don't have time to write contents
  • Suck at writing or Don't feel comfortable/No confidence
  • Want to scale up your business

Outsourcing is a valuable and essential skill to master no matter which business you're in.

I'll Stop Writing

For those of you who have been following me, you know I have been writing contents almost everyday since January 2018.

That's also one of the important factors that allows me to make it this far within such a short period of time.

But as of now, I'll officially stop writing contents myself as I've achieved one of the big milestones and it's time to move on to the next phase.

Like I've said, I'll start hiring people on a long term basis and outsource my content.

This doesn't mean I'm gonna stop working. It means I'm moving on to the next phase and the next level.

This is where the true scaling begins.

Here's what I've learnt and believe...

The value of your time should be at least equivalent to the income level you want to achieve.

Let me give you an example to explain this:

For example, you want to make $10,000/month, you have to make $333.33/day (30 days), which is equivalent to $41.67/hr (8 hours per day).

In other words, the things you work on should generate you at least $41.67 per hour.

So I asked myself, can I make $41.67/hr simply writing articles? Quite unlikely at this point.

Either you need to have tons of high quality contents already (which take months and years to have), or you need to be some well-known author.

That's when you need to find ways and work towards making your every hour worth at least $41.67.

This is just an example. I hope you get my point.

And the first step to scale things up is by outsourcing because you can probably double or triple the productivity of your time when someone is working for you. Make sense?

I know many of you are not at this point yet but this mindset is pretty good to have as you work towards your goals and dreams.

Anyway, that's pretty much about it for now.

TIME TO CELEBRATE! And then move on to my next goal :)

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Congrats Jerry Have Fun on your trip!


Thank you Yuji!

Well-Deserved !!!!!

Thank you Kaju!

Fantastic, I'm very happy for you!

You have done it, Jerry!!!!!! Congratulations my friend and I am so happy for you.
I knew you would - I have been waiting to see this post and you deserve all great things as you one great online marketer Jerry-
Enjoy and all the best in continuing on your awesome journey

That's very nice of you. Thank you Vicki!

Congratulations! Great inspiration, thank you!

Thank you Philipp!


Loved the description of your last sales! I know the feeling lol

Congratulations!! Can't wait to meet you! :)

Thank you Grace! Really look forward to the trip :)

Congratulations, Jerry.
You are a true inspiration here at WA.

Onward and upward, young man.
Well done.

Regards from Canada,


Thank you Paul!



Congratulations Jerry. So well deserved!!!! Have a fantastic time in Las Vegas.
All the best from Anke

Thank you Anke!

Great Jerry.


And I see your point regarding the outsourcing.

I have outsourced already bunch of content myself... (For me writing is most difficult part as well)

With the content I have outsourced, I still have lot to do but this part of work I do enjoy.
So it definitely will be more effective. Not mentioning that the person who wrote the content for me is native English speaker.

So Wishing you even more success to your next goal!


Thank you Mike! Which platform do you use to outsource your content?

I did it via "upwork"

I see. You can try it's much better than Upwork!

Thank you Jerry. I will check that out.

Congrats on your achievement

Thank you Gaylene!

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