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Does anyone know what clicks content metric is under stat?

Does anyone know what clicks content metric is under stat?

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WA Affiliate Program

When clicking on the plane icon on the upper right and then clicking on stat one of the many metrics is clicks (content). What does this represent?

There's been an interesting discussion on this stat. You can actually get referrals if you use keywords in your blog posts.

That is correct and I have received many referrals from my WA blogs and training tutorials.

It means how many clicks your WA content (blogs, discussions, training) are getting.

To know what all of the stats mean see my training on it at the below link.

Thanks Rob.

You are welcome Jeff.

Great question, thank you for asking it, now I am learning too


Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement. It is commonly used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website as well as the effectiveness of email campaigns.[1]

Umm no idea yet

Hey Jeff,

Good question, however, it looks to me to mean clicks to the links within your content.

This would be a good answer if I had any links! Thanks.

You have absolutely NO links within your content ... really?
Wow! Okay.

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Anyone have an example of making money with referral prog?

Anyone have an example of making money with referral prog?

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WA Affiliate Program

I need an example of how much money I can make with the WA referral program. Do I only make money if the person becomes a premium member? Is it a one time commission per person

It's recurring commission.

Click the airplane icon and choose program details to see how referrals work.

Looks like you got some pretty good answers!


Thank you Barbara

You can see an example of your own stats, (along with everything you need to know if you click the little airplane in the upper right of your dashboard. Click on Program Details, it will give you a thorough run-down of the referral process and how much you can earn in all stages, even a sample where you can enter (numbers), to do calculations or estimates on the very bottom! Good luck and the very best of wishes for you here at WA!


Thank you Linda

No problem Jeff :)

Great question and helpful answers Jeff!

You will earn $1 if a referral completes their profile. They need not upgrade to premium, and you'd still earn the $1.

The commission for the first month from a premium referral is $8. If someone upgrades to an annual subscription, you'll earn $175, but the payment will be held for 30 days.

If your premium referral stays till the second month, you'll earn $23.50 every month till they pay WA membership fees.

Thank you!

Thank you Gautam. The last sentence you wrote, once they pay WA membership fee's (upgrade to premium), then the $23.50 will cease and the $175 will kick in if they go annual? I have to tell you this is slightly confusing and is not what I got from the WA Affiliate Program tutorial. BTW, where did you get this information? Thanks for responding.

Yes, if they don't upgrade to annual membership you get $23.50 from the second month.

I think, it's covered somewhere here, else I would not have known in the first place. Since, it's finances, I remember everything :)

Thank you, Jeff.

So it looks like there are too many variables to predict your future earnings, right? Its all based upon what the customer does and when they do it. Thanks for the info Gautam.

Yes, only premium sign ups trigger the referral fees. For an example, you can go into the WA affiliate program link to the left of this page and input figures based on your expectations.

So lets say I land 5 referrals per day for 150 per month (5x30) and 12% convert to premium - 18 per month and they are all monthly re-occurring so the referral fee would be $23.50 per premium signup so that would be $423 - where did I go wrong, I believe the monthly income would be over $1,400 a month. Thanks a lot for responding Vivek.

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