New Years Resolutions

Last Update: January 04, 2017

Before I begin with my goals for 2017, I would like to review what resolution means:

Resolution - a firm decision to do or not to do something

Like so many of my friends here at WA I am making a firm decision to accomplish the following tasks this year:

  1. Loose more than 25 pounds
  2. Exercise more often
  3. Spend more time with my grandson
  4. Maintain a WA ranking in the top 100
  5. Add 7 to 10,000 more WA followers
  6. Blog at least once per week at WA
  7. Blog one to three times a week on my site, as per Michael's (Ultimateless) challenge
  8. Complete WA Certification and possibly Affiliate Bootcamp training
  9. Beef up my website using training, social media and / or tips from the WA community
  10. Maybe make some money from my site

As you can see these goals are generic enough to allow me not to fail. I'll be sure to write a blog at year-end as to how I did with each of these tasks. In the meantime Happy New Year everyone.

Questions, comments? Thank you and enjoy.

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jtaienao Premium
WowJeff, very good goals that I'm sure you'll achieve.
JeffDolson Premium
Thanks Jerome
KeithMaki Premium
Good ideas Jeff! Happy New Year! Keith
JeffDolson Premium
Thank you Keith
kasage00 Premium
I share your same goals!
JeffDolson Premium
Thank you Karen.
Paul1916 Premium
Best of luck Jeff, great plan all mapped out! Sorry to say but i don't have any resolutions myself as im up the walls with work and family commitments (plus trying to develop this new skill)

I may have to take some of your ideas!!!

Best of luck for 2017 and your resolution list...
ScottM2 Premium
You're not alone I feel the same way
JeffDolson Premium
Thank you Scott