Temporary leave of absence

Last Update: January 27, 2017

I was just released from the hospital yesterday, had emergency gall bladder removal surgery. My daughter was admitted to the hospital with a DVT (Deep Vein Thromboses) blood clot a couple of days ago so I'll be in and out of WA for the next week or two. I apologize to those folks I have not and will probably not be able to respond to over the last week. I usually bring my computer to the hospital but was in the twilight zone, due to pain killers, most of the time during my visit. Talk to you later. Thanks.

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tedtsmith Premium
Hope you both have a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself.
maguirem2008 Premium
Hope you are both feeling better soon
litcandle7 Premium
You and your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Take good care of yourselves.
Marlene2 Premium
I will pray for you. Hope everything will be okay. Thanks for the update.
Lbath5 Premium
Take care of yourself. Get well wishes to both of you.