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Hello Internet and especially to the Family of WA, My name is John and I am 58 years young living in Melbourne Australia, this is my first venture into the internet market, so I know it will take a long time and I need to digest and learn from those who are here already so let the good times begin.

About myself I am semi retired Ex soldier, truck driver, on a disability pension from war service with the Australian Army. In my career I spent almost 25 years in service in all parts of the world and in many conflicts both aggressive and peace-keeping duties, I am Married to Debbie we have 5 children and 4 grand children, love the simple things in life, good food good friends and good times. I have serveral degrees in logistics and time management and a wealth of experience in management of staff and resources.

Debbie and I enjoy caravan, RV and camping, live theatre shows, movies, classic cars, and sports. our dream is to travel to distant lands and enjoy the culture that we see only on TV and travel brochures, we have saved the last 12 months and are going to Bali Malasyia for our wedding anniversary in August 2015, the start of many trips we hope to follow in the future.
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1. $1000 a month or more
2. $10000 a month would be incredible
3. whatever it takes, and reward is only awarded thru effort and hard work
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Dec 19, 2016
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jaydeb08 Premium
1. $1000 a month or more
2. $10000 a month would be incredible
3. whatever it takes, and reward is only awarded thru effort and hard work
Carson Premium Plus
Hey there John

These are great goals and they are more than achievable! The more time you can spend on learning here within the Community at Wealthy Affiliate the better, but we've built WA so that you can work at your own pace!

I know that you are going to do great!

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tomtitty006 Premium
Welcome John to WA from one side of the world to the other.Australia to Northern Ireland.Just start your training at the green button up on the top left and work your way through this,there is no rush as everybody works away at their own time,implement what you are taught and you are on your way.Wishing you well for your future success here.Mark.........
kmor32 Premium
Hello John it's good to meet you here in WA the perfect community to learn about internet marketing, thanks for following I have followed back wishing you all the best in your ventures
jphe Premium
welcome,and good luck in all you do
carcol Premium
Welcome aboard John, thanks for following us, we have reciprocated. Good luck with your success journey here on WA.
Walent Premium
Hi John, welcome aboard. I am sure you will find your time at WA enjoyable and educational as I am. I think WA is a great platform and community as there are great tools to build your business and no short supply of help from the community. Hopefully I can contribute in some small way to your success.

To your success.