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Trouble with posting links from my web page to facebook?

Trouble with posting links from my web page to facebook?

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Whenever I post a link from my web site to Facebook..it shows the title of my web site twice "Creating A Laptop Lifestyle. It looks very confusing and can't figure out. Here is

I have gone to your link and looked at your Facebook Page, but do not see what you are referring to. Everything looks fine.

I see what you are talking about. That is a breadcrumb trail. When you have tags associated with the individual post, they will show up there as well. It is a way for related material to be shown for further exploration of your site.

Your statement above is confusing. This doesn't have anything to do with Facebook, but your websites individual post pages.

I went to your Facebook I only seen single post unless you deleted the DBL's. i had the same problem with a Pinterest posting tool I was using. So if you have the same app that could be the problem.

Isaac "RedCloud" Johnson

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