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How to make a sticky toc?

How to make a sticky toc?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi good people. Good to be back working on my website. I was indisposed all last week. I wondered if the gurus here could recommend a way to make my Table of Contents move with

Here's a Wordpress plugin you may want to use. We haven/t used it yet.

Sticky TOC is a powerful WordPress plugin. It scans headings through the post content automatically and creates the table of contents, Sticky in the page display. Users can faster find the content they want. It is not just another plugin to create a table of content, it is “sticky”.

You can may like it because it automatically creates the TOC. but But the TOC is sticky

thank you so much for that. i will look for it now. its exactly what I need for my best of posts.

That's great!




It also shows on scroll through a floating widget.

Thank you for the resources, Abie. the joli one looks interesting.

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How can i fix site error warnings when site support isn't?

How can i fix site error warnings when site support isn't?

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Everything Wordpress

I am wondering what use is site support. I asked them about an issue on my site related to CSS and java files not minimised, among other errors and their best response was, "do

This is not the role of SiteSupport to fix console error, they will help you with technical errors that are related to our hosting. This is related to your website, and something that you added to your website, in this case, it could have been a plugin, or slow theme...the culprit of issues like this.

This is a very common issue, and there are lots of available solutions online if you look, many of which have been listed below.

One thing you need to consider is what your overall PageSpeed insight is? If this is not being impacted much and you are still getting a score north of 80/100 you shouldn't be as concerned.


You can check your pagespeed there.

Keep us updated her Humphrey.

Minimizing CSS is not a site support issue. It is how your theme developer has provided the theme to you. Some themes come with unminified and minitifed css files. For example Astra comes with both so it is already minified. What this means is that the spaces are taken away in the file and everyth9ing is all compressed together.and the unnecessary things removed but keep the needed code in tact.

Here's a site commonly used for you to minify your css files.

Abie to the rescue yet again. Thank you very much.

You're very welcome! Kindly let us know how you get on.

Hi Humphrey, see my PM response to this, but I would also leave this question up to see what others are saying.

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Where can i find a lesson that covers meta description?

Where can i find a lesson that covers meta description?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi good people. I am having a bit of trouble with my posts. Each and every time, the aioseo tells me my meta description is too long. Is there a lesson that you know that clear

Go to your post and look at AIOSEO Settings. Under the General Tab, remove the default in Meta Description and enter your own. This way, you control both the length and the content.

I use Yoast SEO so if graphically shows me how long my meta description should be. The main thing is not the length but making sure that your keywords are in the description. Anything extra just isn't used so you want to make sure your keywords are in there early on.

I had to disable Yoast SEO, it was clashing with the AIOSEO

That is true. The SEO platforms don't play well together. I have chosen to work with yoast and disabled aioseo.

Hi - one thing to know, is that even if you write the best meta description in the world, Google doesn't have to use it. It will just decide to put what it deems most appropriate for the phrase somebody is searching for.

Really? I didn't know that. Thank you for the information.

A SEO plugin does take the meta description from your first 160 characters or so which can be in the middle of a sentence. That is ok. It will just put ... Truncation is ok. It will not have a negative impact.

But what is ideal is if you can include your keyword phrase in the first few words of your first paragraph so the meta description will include it.

I think I will need to check my SEO plugin because it always goes beyond 160 characters. Perhaps I need to change my writing style in the opening paragraph as well.

It is natural for it to go over 160 characters because that probably stops in the middle of a sentence. It is not something to worry about. If you are using the ALLINOneSEO or SEO Framework plugin do not change. They are just fine.

Yes, you may find a new way to write your first paragraph.

But going over does not negatively affect your SEO. it is just that the meta description gets truncated.

Thank you, yet again, Abie

No worries and you're very welcome!

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How do i secure my pictures?

How do i secure my pictures?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi great people, I hope you are doing well this weekend. I could use some help for you tech-savvy guys. I did a site audit using semrush and it highlighted a lot of errors in m

If you have images pointing to an URL outside of your WordPress site then the note is saying that the URL from where it is coming is using http not https. And that you cannot change unless that website uses https.

You can avoid this by finding "royalty free" images and putting them into your Wordpress site media library.

In your block editor the tree dots html look for the http. That is where the message is coming from. If you have the images loaded into your media library already then the http should be changed to https

You need check text interface html of your block editor and change the URLs to https vs http (that's if they are) and save changes | update.

Does your site show partial secure and if so, it is because of this, that can affect images or videos where the URL is http vs. https.

If you still having issues and don't know what you are doing, you may also reach out to site support going forward.


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How do I fix my menu?

How do I fix my menu?

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Everything Wordpress

I am trying to organise my website in a way that I am satisfied with. How can I make pages in my menu and have dropdowns to different categories for more straightforward

Posts are included in the blog roll while pages are static when need be added to your menu when you create one in appearance > menus, otherwise initially it is greyed out.

To make an item silent you input a # in the URL, you can also have sub menus.


You can also create categories by hovering over the Posts tab and clicking categories.

You may add the categories you have created to your menus.

Then you can go to your posts and assign them to their respective categories, when folks click on a specific category they can see all posts included within that specific category.


I appreciate all the resource suggestions. I will go through everything tonight and try to have the site looking nice by tomorrow.

You might find this useful:

Thank you so much. I will read through it the first chance I get.

When in your wordpress backoffice -> apeparance -> menus
There is a item element on the left hand side called categories. That can be added to a menu when you choose your category and change the menu display name to what you want it to be..

Thank you for the response. I will spend more time in the back office when I get home.

Here is how you can manage your menus... You don't have to use a plugin to do so. Just follow the instructions from this video and you're good to go!

PS. Here's another user-generated tutorial on menus (and submenus) for enhancing your website's experience...

Thank you so much for the response. I will go through the videos soon after work.

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