SEO Knowledge: Meta Description

Last Update: January 01, 2019

What is a Meta Description

A Meta Description is the page/post description that is shown within the Google search results.

Meta Description Character Limit: 155 Characters

The official limit is 160 characters, but I try to keep it at 155 characters.

The Benefit of a Meta Description

By using the Meta Description feature, it gives you the opportunity to customize what is shown within the search engine results. If you don’t use a meta description, Google will use relevant content from your post or page which could potentially not look as appealing.

How to Create a Meta Description

Within the All in One SEO plugin, there is an area where you can fill in the Meta Description. This is located below the edit area of your post or page.

When creating a Meta Description, ensure you are doing the following:

  • Have your keyword in the Meta Description
  • Limit the Meta Description to 155 characters
  • Camel Case your Meta Description. This means to capitalize each word so it stands out
  • Ensure your Meta Description is captivating so the potential audience clicks on your Google search result over others.
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JosephAnth13 Premium
Hello, Jay!

I have been fighting myself on this and with this for so long now! I guess my pride is getting in the way of me ever asking for help! And that's because I haven't one dollar yet... But
I'm still moving forward everyday, but very slow! I use a Mac computer and having to learn how to use it, while learning how to become a successful marketer has been very tuff for me.

I have no clue to what's keeping going on this because I've been through the outer layer of hell and back, my friend! HELP?
NemiraB Premium
Sometimes Google does tricks and messes with the meta description. What do I mean? Few times I wrote a meta description which was showing the essence of the blog. Unfortunately, Google chose to pick other sentences from these blogs. It was a few months ago. Maybe now it works differently.
accad Premium
I see something a bit difficult when it comes to Meta Description of duplicate and triplicate posts. For example, hymns-"Amazing Grace". There is a lot of Amazing Grace on the internet, it is as many as the number of religious groups and is indexed by Google.
Why should I include this hymn in my posts? It is because it is one of the selected hymns we love to sing. And because there is a lot of Amazing Grace indexed, my post would probably not be indexed.

As of now what I am doing is that in every hymn I post I included the name of my website. For example Amazing Grace-UCCP AKO.

When I search in Google by just typing Amazing Grace my post is not there. It is only when I type Amazing Grace-UCCP AKO and that means that it is only available to UCCP members when they visit my site. But when they just type Amazing Grace Google search will not lead them to my site.

Can I change that so I can compete with others even just in 19 of Google search?
Waldmann Premium
Once again dropping knowledge on the masses! Thank you for the clarification. Is the meta the same thing as snipets I had heard about?
WelcomeMM Premium
Wow!! Thanks for this educational description of the meta description. I had no idea what was this SEO thing. I will now employ it on my websites.
Keep sharing...
vhfaloha Premium
Thanks so much... This clarification helps us all build better sites!
Calh60 Premium
Thanks Jay, meta descriptions are very important to all of us who want to succeed!

ECV82 Premium
Good stuff
PaulWatson Premium
Awesome advice - wow - so many little things to keep in mind.. Thanks Jay
Lessismore Premium
Nice clear and concise post on an important subject. Thanks for the reminder!
Norman3J Premium
Thanks Jay!


FKelso Premium
You've answered a question I have had for a long time. I will go back and add meta descriptions to my posts.
Cass51 Premium
Thanks Jay I have book marked this to read in more detail later. Appreciate you sharing this, Cheers Cass