SEO Knowledge: Meta Title

Last Update: January 01, 2019

What is a Meta Title

A Meta Title is the page/post title that is shown within the Google search results.

Meta Title Character Limit: 55 Characters

The official limit is 60 characters, but I try to keep it at 55 characters.

The Benefit of a Meta Title

By using the Meta Title feature, it gives you the opportunity to customize what is shown within the search engine results.

How to Create a Meta Title

Within the All in One SEO plugin, there is an area where you can fill in the Meta Title.
This is located below the edit area of your post or page.

When creating a meta title, ensure you are doing the following:

  • Have your targeted keyword in the meta title
  • Limit the Meta Title to 55 characters
  • Camel Case your Meta Title. This means to capitalize each word so it stands out
  • Fill in the Meta Title even if your blog post title is the same
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Jayday500 Premium
These tid bits of information came the biggest difference in the world of internet business. Thanks Jay for this great source of knowledge.
FKelso Premium
Thanks, Jay. I will be doing this one to my posts.
Lazyblogger Premium
Thank you for the info Jay. Will keep it around 55 characters.
Lazyblogger Premium
Okay is 155 got the correction
magistudios Premium Plus
Hi Bishop,

Meta Title: 55 Characters
Meta Description: 155 Characters
Lazyblogger Premium
Thanks, Yoast helps me with this as well.
AlenkaV Premium
Thank you for this post. Excellent reference and a confirmation that my Meta Titles are sometimes too long.
KohlJ Premium
Do you make sure you target the keyword in your meta description as well? Also, does this help rankings or is it just for the visual purposes of search results. Also, if you don't include the keyword in your meta title and description (if you recommend description as well) does it hurt rankings? Thanks, this has been really helpful!
merlynmac Premium
I put keywords in the title, first and last paragraphs and most definitely the seo description.