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Hi I'm Peter, living here in Brisbane on the east coast of Australia

I love travelling to far off places and in the past we have traveled as a family of five. But now it’s “our time” and my wife and I travel together as a backpacking couple. We both attempt to immerse ourselves in the local cultures and thoroughly enjoy the experience. At times there can be dramas and hardships, but it’s all part of the journey which can often be more memorable than the easier good times.

Skiing, trekking and surfing are my favorite activities, though finding the time is always difficult as gardening, painting and general home care taking often takes precedence.

I also enjoy strumming through a few old songs and sipping the odd glass of red wine with friends.

I have worked on the design of many major overseas mining and petrochemical projects which has provided a good living and enabled me to work in other countries.

But now it’s time for something totally different and still enjoy our travel adventures.
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kokiboki Premium
Hello and good luck!
superkik Premium
Hi and great to read about someone with the same values and `modus operandi` as my wife and I have. Thanks for the follow and hope to see you and the road, meantime call if and when you need.
t d Premium
Howdy ! Thanks for the follow. I see you have been here almost a year now, but I get the feeling you have been away, traveling maybe. Traveling and being a tourist is one of my favorite thing to do, along with hiking, and camping. I understand the time spent gardening. That was my favorite past time at home, when I owned a nursery. People don't understand how much work is involved. Someday, maybe, I'll get to Australia. That would be nice. Do you remember Steve Irwin? The crocodile hunter. When he died I felt like I lost my best friend. Time marches on. Tom
hippy Premium
Hi Tom,
I've been a member for 12 months, but I've not spent enough time at WA. We both seem to share the same likes, but to be honest I just dig the holes and my wife gets on with the gardening. Steve was a great loss' his zoo was only 5 miles from my previous house.
pribs Premium
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Ian Pribyl
Kyle Premium
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