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I'm 62 years old, live in Colorado Springs for 40 + years but ready to move to the panhandle of Florida. After 35 years owning a business, Tropical Greenhouse- Nursery- Florist, the economy did us in among other things and went bankrupt, lost everything including our house of 30 years. That was 4 years ago. Got a job working for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. I have been the executive grower for a rather large (20,000 sq. Ft. ) operation for two years. My boss died from a cancer and the dispensary where I worked closed. I now work as a receiving manager at a large garden center in town but maintain a home grow for medical patients that can't grow their own.
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JudeP Premium
Welcome to this wonderful warm, friendly and helpful community. Good luck in everything that you do :)
Jeg12 Premium
Welcome to WA premium. You have made the right choice.
stanleytee Premium
Welcome to WA premium club.
Wish you success and stay focus, not distracted.
goldarcher Premium
Hi, congratulations and welcome to WA Premium, and may you enjoy your stay here
Mac01 Premium
Welcome to WA! Well done on going Premium.
WebBasedUser Premium
Hello and CONGRATS! You are our newest Premium Member! You made a wise decision to invest in your online businesses! If you need anything, we are always here for you! Again, CONGRATS!
burnzy Premium
Hi and thanks for the follow back. I saw your comments on a post from a certain someone who feels he can say whatever he wants but others can't say their opinion. I don't understand why he is even here if all he does is complains all the time. Good for you speaking your mind to him.

Anyway after I seen that it lead me to your site and I am getting my medical marijuana license soon and know nothing on growing it. So I am going to bookmark your site and go through it in detail.

I was sorry to hear about your house. I lost mine a little while back after an injury forced me out of work. We have a lot in common!
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!

I look forward to watching your progress and if I can ever help in anyway just ask.
Have a great day!!
t d Premium
Hey burnzy, Thank you, I'm glad somebody understands. The guy sent me a couple of very rude private messages and then blocked me so I couldn't reply. At the same time he somehow deleted my comments on his blog. It takes him a while to get them deleted, my only way to communicate to him. lol I even posted his private messages to me, back to him on his blog. He deleted them of course. lol

Glad you liked my site, I'm always here to help, so please feel free to ask me any questions.

I liked your sites also, so much that I'm ready for an e-cigarette experience. i would like to know what equipment is best, or are they much the same? Lot of questions but I'll follow your site.

Whoa!! I just noticed you don't have a sign up for your blogs area. I don't know where that is in the lessons. If you have Jet-pack installed you will find the (sign up subscription) form in "appearances" under "widgets".
burnzy Premium
My next blog is going to be on where to buy e cigs but being new to this I wasn't sure how much info I could give. If I can use names of companies or talk about their products. Now I know I can pretty much say anything just can't use pics that you don't have permission to use. This is all a first for me. Lol

I would be more than happy answering any questions you have. Their are lots of different equipment and lots of variety. Apollo e cigs and Mt. Baker Vapor are two of the better companies out there.

Check out those sites and I'll answer any questions you have. I'm actually falling asleep writing this so contact me tomorrow if you want and I can give you a list of the best equipment out there.

Have a great night!
Marilelia Premium
Welcome t d.

Sorry to hear that you lost your house. How are you doing now?
I am very interested about the healing property of Medical Marijuana. Also, everything that has to do with Hemp. I live in Florida myself, near to Sarasota. I am here to find a new venture that would allow me to keep my home wile doing something I love. This is all new to me. How to build a website that generate an income... i am still learning.

Keep in touch,

edensbox Premium
Thank you for the follow :)
whizatwerk Premium
Hi Tom
Thanks for your feedback on my post. I know this probably sounds silly, but how do I get rid of a page separator, having never had this problem before :)
Blas-Antonio Premium
Thanks for the follow! Got you back.
rodkrug Premium
Hi td thanks for following me.. I am following you back. See you around the community.
forsthomas Premium
Hello Thomas, thanks for following me here at WA.
Nice name by the way and nearly same problem we´ve had must be an Thomas epidemi ;) But NOW the change is coming ;)
Best regards
gusti Premium
hey t d, thanks to spare your time to read and comment on my blog the other day, thank yo much for the following also. See you around ok :-) gusti
reddogtours Premium
Hey TJ, Thanks for adding me along the way you old bud grower. Onwards and Upwards, Peter.
JackieWesley Premium
Thank you for the follow back. I wish you much success in this new chapter in your life. Sometimes a fresh start is exactly what we need to get the creative juices flowing again.
Be blessed!
rob3 Premium
Thanks for the follow back! Wishing you loads of luck and success for the future!
bill2409 Premium
Hello my affiliate friend, thanks for following us back. I hope you are seeing some payback for your efforts by now.
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Thank you for following back!
Tanti1969 Premium
Hi Td, you have an amazing spirit. Nice to be in your network
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Thank you for the follow backThomas.
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Thanks for the follow. Welcome.
terenzia Premium
Hi Thomas,

Welcome WA. Thanks for following me. I am now following you baack

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Thanks for the follow.
hw1000 Premium
look forward to following you :)
Wayne Wallace Premium
Hi Tom, Thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading your posts and learning from you. To your continued success!
Inspiration1 Premium
Thanks for following. My best wishes for your success. May God bless you to regain what you have lost.
Michelle12 Premium
Hi Tom, thanks for following me :) Wow, what an interesting job lol. I will be sure to mention your website in my fb feed as I have friends who are really interested in this.
BasseBlues Premium
Thanks for the follow and good luck to your $ucsess.
Free2BMe Premium
Hi and thanks for the follow back! I see you are a business man that make things happen; you'll do great here. Best wishes to you.
Trialynn Premium
Thanks for the follow! Sorry to hear about your trouble with the economy, sure hope you find much success at Weathy Affiliate.
Reaghost Premium
Thank you for checking out my website Tom! I'm glad to hear that you learned something; that really makes me feel good about my work. I just had a look at your website and left you a comment as well. Looks really great! If I may, I should comment that I had a hard time reading the green text of the title of your website when I first got there. It kind of blends with the green plants in the background. I'm not sure, but I think white might work better as a text colour. Just my two cents! There's so much information on there, and I'll definitely have to come back and read more.
t d Premium
Thanks for the comment. I have been trying different colors for the title. Just put that color up yesterday. I guess I'll go play with it some more. I appreciate the suggestion !
armah elibe Premium
hi Tomdfisher, thanks for the follow.
Internetgranny Premium
Hi again. Thanks for following me back.

No, marijuana is not legal in the UK but I believe there is going to be a proposal quite soon to make it legal. Problem is they are then comparing different drugs wondering whether they should also legalize other drugs. And I don't think any of the politicians really have much of a clue how to go about it. They've either never taken any drugs and therefore have no idea about the effects or they have taken them but can't admit it since they've done so illegally...

I believe I read a report a while ago where the police discovered an elderly couple with marijuana plants. The couple had no idea what they were, they were just proud of their exotic plants :-)

P.S. I never answered your question as to whether you should add metric measurements. I personally would not use both, because it gets quite distracting. You could put a conversion chart on your pages. But I think anyone who is really interested can just look them up.
Internetgranny Premium
Hi Tom. I just read a post of yours and have come to look you up. Good to hear that you seem to be doing well again. And your progress here at WA is great too.

What a good-looking website you've got, and what an interesting topic in which you are obviously an expert. I look forward to reading it.
kvimont Premium
Thanks Tom for the follow, best wishes on your new project.
Damien Lane Premium
Hey Tom, cheers for the follow! Great site by the way. Regards, Damien.
hart48 Premium
Hi Thomas and welcome to WA. You are in the right place to learn something where you can make use of your past experience. Thank you for the follow and best wishes.
IslandMike Premium
Followed you over from another thread. Hope all is progressing well with your objectives here. Looks like you've done a lot in the brick and mortar world -- surely some of that interest could be applied to a niche or two! Best!
Hi Tom, Thanks for the follow..
nathaniell Premium
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