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Kyle or Carson

Kyle or Carson

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Getting Started

Is something wrong with the discussion pages?? Ive received two links from two different people and they go to the discussion page but there are no new messages there from them

Could be a couple of things they have done wrong link or sometimes someone picks up an old post and leaves a comment get it myself

I do know that sometimes what happens is that someone has responded to an older comment or there have just been a lot of new comments since then and when you click to go to that comment it will never take you because you its not loaded in that set of comments. If you scroll down a lot you can normally find the missing ones.

If they are actual discussion questions or blogs that give you the message that they are no longer there then it is because someone deleted it and/or moved it to another location. People do occasionally delete their comments but it doesn't seem to happen all that often.

I think sometimes people will delete their post or discussion and the link will default to the training pages or maybe to the page they initially chose for the content. Make sense? It did in my head.

I think that would be a sensible thing to think!

Hi Brad,

Yeah, kinda makes sense, but why would you delete your post? We can learn a lot from others' questions and the answers they receive. Hope I'm not beating a dead horse here, but deleting really serves no purpose, does it? Am I being totally obtuse here? Probably.....lol

Thanks for your input....I always value the words of a sailor!!


Refocusing on my training here at WA. Took some time to build a few blogs... now I need to learn to optimize and drive traffic. Hope you are well. Thanks for asking. Yolette

Have not seen that yet

Hey Bill....well, that's 'cause you're one of the lucky ones! Hope everything is going great in your world.

Hey Suz! I agree with trialynn. I've made the same observation...

Thanks, Joe....good to know I'm not crazy....or if I am, I'm in good company! Thanks for responding. How's everything in your world?

Good Suz, thanks...

I finally figured this one out, I think, After having the same experience several times. Instead of taking you to the specific question asked it just drops you in the classroom. If you answer immediately you will see the question at the top of the discussion. The older the question, the further down the discussion line. I only discovered this because the last few days I have spent on the computer pretty consistently and I finally made this discovery!

Thanks, T....I need to spend more time here....planning to do that later in the week. Glad to know I'm not totally nutz....hahaha

I kinda thought I was the first few times I tried to find the link. I though I was being redirected!

I now also realize why some people never find them, if I am looking immediately after the post, it has not been removed yet! People who come a little later never see the post at all.


Sometimes questions are posted - but posters have the ability to remove their posts (it's happened tonight with me replying to two separate queries - now the discussions have disappeared).

So sometimes people will get the answer they need, and maybe think they have to delete the post now (you don't, if you think you do).

All the best, Mark

Thanks Mark, same thing just happened to me a few minutes ago and has quite a few times before and I've been wondering about that!

np - things don't just go missing - if there was a functional issue with WA, then thousands of posts would be going missing. I know how databases work (it's my 9 to 5) - wrong queries are quickly noticed and reported by users. The odd few here and there, ring of user intervention - and for some reason, removing posted comments would have exactly the effect we've noticed.

Just a comment for anyone thinking they have to remove something (either cause they think it was a daft question, or that they have their answer) - please don't. There are so many people who will benefit from seeing your question and the responses to it, that it is a real community benefit to keep ALL comments and questions visible.

All the best, Mark

Absolutely, totally agree with ya'! Thanks again Mark!

Hey Mark....yes, if the questions are being deleted, it sort of defeats the purpose of a discussion room, doesn't it? I mean, we can all learn something from the questions and answers...if they APPEAR.
Ok, if you people are doing this deleting noise, please stop....it's making us NUTZ....and thanks for the clarification!!!

Whew, I feel better now....lol

Me too, Suz (-;

Happened to me also... just thought the content may have been inappropriate and therefore removed. Glad to see it was not imagined. Thanks.

Yeah, I work on another system connected to this same computer, so any goofy thing could happen....just wondered if it was me....lol Thanks for your input, Yolette....how's it going with you?

No, have no problem.

Well, I wonder what gremlins are at work here....thanks for the input, Giludi....I'll shut it down and reboot.


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Google+  - Only one account for all sites?

Google+ - Only one account for all sites?

asked in
Getting Started

Do you recommend setting up a separate plus account for each of your blogs I think Im making this more complicated than necessary....but, alas, that's what I do.

Any help

I don't think G+ will let you create extra accounts. If you start creating a lot of accounts I believe they will boot you off G+

Really? Did not know that....but thanks for sharing. I'll investigate a little further into that one.


G'day, Suz - this won't be of any help, but I have enough time spent with just one G+ account, a LinkedIn account, a couple of email addresses and a couple of sites - here and my photo site, taking and editing pictures - which keeps me on the computer for far too many hours as it is. Besides, I'm a bit slow with all these things...

Then, if I get myself a smart phone and a tablet and account with FB, started to twitter and run around pinning things to boards, I would be even further enslaved to the net and things electronic. Ensnared in the net, more like it. Less time to go out and create pictures, less walkies with Jessie, less time to smell the roses. I guess it depends on your priorities and what you want to achieve in your life. Happiness??

Just an old codger's point of view - many will disagree.

:) george

No disagreement here, George....taking time to smell the roses and walk with Jessie are non-negotiable important matters. I don't believe I'm inclined to tweet...but I may change my mind later.

And, how smart do you have to be to have a smart phone? Is there a test for that? Got new photos up on your site? I must go take a look if so.

Are you recovered from your long trip recently? Hope so. Tell Jessie the ol' gatorgal sez hi.


Even my old steam driven mobile phone thought it was smarter than I am, trying to predict what I wanted to write in an SMS. I got a smart 4 year old kid to disable that for me.

My Sony W630 is smarter than I am. Set on Auto Intelligent and away it goes, taking perfect pictures. I've ordered its processing chip and will get it surgically implanted when it arrives. I do have a modicum of control with my old D80 and you can see some of the latest results on my photo site. Jessie has pressed the "Like" on your last reply.

:) george

That Jessie is one smart canine....far smarter than an old computer or camera, yes? Your remarks are simply priceless....my best to Jessie.


I don't know, Suz....I feel like you do. I would only want one. Of course...I like to make things very simple...if at all possible.

But, Wayne has an excellent point and that is every web site is going to have different audiences. Just for example...I own a real estate agency, but my website has nothing to do with real estate. Do I want those audiences to cross? Probably not.

Good question, Suz....and have a great weekend! *Melanie*

Thanks, Mel....hey, have you been on one of Wayne's teleconferences? I'm going to check one out in about 7 minutes....let ya know what transpires...if I remember to do it...lol

I'll be working this weekend, so it will be close to a snore....but, you have a good one, ok?

I have many google accounts, it depends on the audience and product I have one for every domain

Don't we get ourselves in a tangle, it's just our generation, they put stuff in the milk in the sixties.

Bwaaahaahahhaaha....you are so funny! Yup, I know for a fact I was an experiment gone bad....lol

Well Suz, if Wayne has one for each domain, then they must have had the same milk in the seventies.

Yes, Derek, it seems to be a systemic problem all right....lol

You crack me in half Suz.

As was my primary intention, Derek.....laughing is good medicine....I highly recommend it to all....thanks, if that was a compliment???

You = crack on face, Suz! Kwakakakak.. ;-))

Just one Suz!

Hey Joe....that's waaaay too easy....hmmm, I'll bet I can still make it difficult if I work at it....lol

Thanks for your help - you're the best.


lol I have just one and within that one you can have different circle of people to target

Thanks, Katie....back to the drawing board....appreciate your help.

Some people like things the hard way LOL.

Ain't it the truth???

You only need one plus account. It can host multiple blogs.

Thanks, EvaCBD...think I'd better set up a plus acct with a more generic email address...what do you think?

No, it is not something I recommend, G+ is about you and your beliefs, what you want to share etc. Logging in to several different accounts each day would prove to be a real time consumer!

Thanks....I'll need to set up a different email address then since this account is specific to this one blog, right?

Appreciate your help.

Not necessarily, but a good generic email address will be good if you do not want to use a very specific one.

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Hatum feed  Google

Hatum feed Google

asked in
Getting Started

Ok, what's this hatum feed thing in Google+? I keep getting this message: Error:At least one field must be set for HatomFeed.

Any clues on how to fix this? It's aggrava

The learning curve never ends in this internet world

You got it, Bill....I'm at the stage now where I don't know what I don't know...haha

Good luck with all your stuff ~~ Suz

Hi Sue, Please keep that fire burning! We need people like you here!!
I am a newbie newbie, so can't offer much help yet, be patient young lady!


You have to do some coding to solve that error. But anyways you can just ignore it. It is of no use and you shouldn't bother about it :)

Interesting question Suz.....Let us know the outcome...

ok, I will!

Think I'll go back to the tutorial and see what I messed up....I can't even explain what I've done to you!

Nat: here's the info: Extracted structured data
Error: At least one field must be set for HatomFeed.

But WHERE are you seeing this info. I do not know what it means, but depending on where you see it, i might be able to direct you on how to fix it.

Where are you seeing this error?

Hi Nat - when I go back to rich snippet, it's listed at the bottom

Hi Suz, I Googled hAtom feed and found this article on it.
http://www.brandon.me/wordpress/plugins/2012/12/google-author-publisher-connections-hatom-feeds/ . I hope this helps

oh never had that sorry I am not able to help if no one else can just msg Kyle

k, thanks, Katie

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