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Hi, my name is Michael Baker I am a 73yrs young newbie and a complete dinosaur when it comes to computers. I can see the opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing and know that by teaming up with the Wealthy Affiliate community I am doing the right thing.

I dropped out of school as a 15yr old and have been self employed most of my working life in different business's. The only one's that were really successful were the one's that I was really passionate about, if you are not passionate about what you are doing you are going to struggle.

I love the outdoor life and nature. I enjoy hiking, camping, fishing and taking long drives into the country side. One of my favorite destinations is the Kruger National Park, I live in South Africa.

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chengckalex Premium
Thank you for your acceptance and following back. Let's share and collaborate toward our success.
rog37 Premium
Thank you for following me in ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ Michael
This is one of the very best places I have personally been in years and am sure it is for you too!
I wish you continued good luck,
DoubleTap Premium
Ey there Michael, thank ya' for the follow! Sure do appreciate it.
Daniel01 Premium
Hi Michael thanks also for the follow, looking forward to hear about your experience.
Melaniejay Premium
Hello Michael. Thanks for the follow. You give very good advice. Passion is definitely the key to success. Thank you and nice to connect with you
PowerQ Premium
Hello Michael, Thanks for the follow,
SandyL Premium
Hi Michael, thank you so much for following me. It's going to be great networking with you. Do you have a website yet? Wishing you all the best, Sandy
apache1 Premium
Hi Michael
Thanks for the follow back appreciated.
Wishing you well.
Take care be well.
KatieMac Premium
thank you for the follow wish you every success
bkcook Premium
Thanks for the follow. Welcome.
DNave Premium
Thanks for the follow. Welcome to WA and good luck with everything you do here.
merryman88 Premium
Hi Michael,
Welcome to WA nice to meet you and thank you for the follow, as you've been a member longer than me I wont go on about how good it is here you have probably already found that out for yourself, it took me 5 years +, many expensive mistakes and a lot of disappointment to find WA but because of that I very quickly realized that I had found my true on-line home, and I'm here for the duration, I will follow you now and watch your progress with interest - I can smell success, Good luck to you mate hope to see you in LA next year.

Ray Bowley ( Merryman88 )
Profmiss Premium
Alrightttt Mr. Michael, I see you have work ethic having started at such a young age! It is great to meet you here. I also love fishing but haven't done it for tons of years. I loved it even if I was just feeding crab. :) Great success to you and your business my dear friend! See you around campus. :)
GatorGal747 Premium
Hi Michael...thanks for the follow. Will be anxious to see what great things you do in WA....South Africa, wow! Would love to see some photos of your country. From one old dinosaur to another....welcome aboard.
Gordi Premium
Thank you for the follow. Welcome to WA. Following you back.
Hi Growbak! So nice to meet you. I am a newbie also. I have a feeling I am in for a rough ride but I'm up to the challenge. Kindest regards.
Internetgranny Premium
Thank you for following me, Michael. I am following you back. Wishing you all the best,
Thanks for the follow Michael.
Best to you.
Hemp can save the world!
softwind Premium
HI Michael and thank you for much for your follow! Being part of the family at WA has been incredible! I tried all kind of different things over the last 10 years to no avail. What is the biggest help is that we are surrounded by good people who really care that we succeed! Kyle and Carson are great and so are all of our new found friends in this new family. Here's wishing you great success in reaching your dreams!
Jaweda2k Premium
Thanks for returning the follow Michael. I have never been one to agree with the statement that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, so I am sure that you will be fine here. In the event that you do need help always feel free to give me a shout.
kokiboki Premium
Thank you for the follow and good luck!
CCollins Premium
Hi Growback!! Really enjoyed reading your profile, you don't sound 73 to me. Your active, very active!! Thanks for the follow.
khoom Premium
Hi Michael, thanks for following me. As you said, if you are passionate about making money online, you will be able to make it. Nice to meet you and wish you success!
didihorizon Premium
Hi Michael, thanks for the follow, I will do the same, I also like the nature and I have visited, the Serengeti and Virunga National Parks in Africa. Sooner I will go to the Kruger. Good to meet you.
Vuong1213 Premium
Hello Mr. Michael Baker. Thank you for your follow, back to you too.

You know what, I love your profile message, and I laugh out loud when I read this phrase: "I am a 73 yrs YOUNG NEWBIE & a COMPLETE DINOSAUR" How cool is that?

And this one really reminds me, if not teach me a lesson: "... if you are not passionate about what you are doing you are going to struggle" Thanks for this.

Everything good to you and Merry Christmas. Vuong
superkik Premium
Hi Michael, I am from Cape Town so perhaps we can communicate more often. Thanks for the follow.
HappyDots Premium
Hi Michael, thanks for the follow! Your seeking spirit is awesome! Wishing you much success in your online adventure! :)
Jenna7 Premium
Hi Michael, and thanks for the follow.
Dianosaur, lol. You will get the hang of it.
Just ask when you need any help, and have a great day!
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi. Wanted to check in to see how you're doing. Is there anything I can help with?
cld111 Premium
Thanks for the follow. Let me know if I can help in any way!
CoachEd Premium
Yhanks for the follow and if I can be of help just let me know!!!
Alan Hocking Premium
Hi Mike, thanks for the follow and welcome to WA :)
tomwillhelpy Premium
Hi ....?, my name is Tom, and thanks for the "FOLLOW me", you have come to the right place, and like you wish to learn more and become that person who can help and share valuable knowledge. Everyone of us have a unique talent and want to help as many others enjoy working from home in a profitable "Home Based" business. Riches, won't make you happy, but having enough is all I need, if I get more! the more I can help in the future. Hey! thanks for the "Follow" I look forward to corresponding with you. WA is the right place to be, and you will get all the support from Kyle and Carson. Just joined as a premuim member on 11th October 2013 and you are welcomed to see my page and I also look forward to engage with you also.
andrenetz Premium
hi there thanks for the follow and welcome WA.
christine2 Premium
Welcome here, thanks for the follow and looking forward to your profile! Don't be too shy, just tell us a little about yourself. You will meet some great people here if you participate and this is truly Wealthy Affiliate University, a place where you learn about online marketing skills with 24/7 support!
ViFinlay59 Premium
Hello there. Looking forward to seeing your profile and I thank you for the follow. I joined in August and you have come to the right place if building an online business but that is not all that is offered here. Support and encouragement with many very fine people is second to none.
Sincerely, Virginia
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi again. I wanted to connect with you again because I've noticed that you haven't completed your account set up yet. Here's a quick video to help you if you're not sure what to do next:


Adding your photo and a brief description about yourself will help you feel engaged with this great community and will let others know something about you. If you have any questions please leave me a message on my Profile Page and I will get back to you within 24 hours. All the best to you.
Carson Premium
Hi Mike,

I wanted to take a few minutes to see how you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate so far and to officially welcome you to the community.

I am here to help, as is Kyle, and many other awesome (and knowledgable) members. If you have any questions about getting started please let me know, or post your questions in the LIVE chat on the dashbaord.

My suggestion for getting started is the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course found here:


Talk to you soon.

Rick Jantz Premium
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