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Last Update: September 10, 2015


(I added these edits not too long ago but, some fine member ,I can't recall right now, reminded us all that if you change the title of your blog post members will get an "OOps" message when they click this link. I moved "WITH REAL TALK LEVITY UPDATES" into the Blog and out of the title....Let me know if I fixed it properly ; ) Thank you WA tribe!

Organization Determination!

Now that I can dedicate myself to WA full-time it's time to clean my cluttered house (aka the attics of my mind...my extremely ADD mind!) and, to do this as smoothly as possible, I am taking all the information I have gathered in the past month or so and putting it to work.

  • I cleaned up my computer. I transferred everything I am not using onto my external hard drive. I still was having space issues and I finally figured out 2 days ago that Norton was saving a full back up of my system weekly for almost a year now! Yes, I'm a tech savvy genius!
  • Update ^ ~ That was a great success. The events after my playful/sarcastic declaration of "tech savvy genius" status: I began to write a series of articles for all 3 of my websites in MS Word to save for when I had all the technical learning "in Place" ...so that my articles would be perfect (yep, when you are ADD you do a million things to end up doing nothing...even though you did something....I wish I were joking but, it's okay I'm laughing too! : ) That led up to a few months of articles that I DID NOT back up! Then, business tragedy struck, in the form of my lap top getting run over by my buddies car. You tell me, what was the bigger mistake, not backing up any of those articles, leaning my lap top bag against my buddies rear tire (for fear of scratching his paint job setting it atop or, never posting those articles in the first place? <hint:the last statement was the correct answer>
  • I began replaying lessons and started taking organized notes this time around. I don't learn like other people. I have to have multiple forms of media constantly in front of me and around me. I need repetition for things to sink in properly. If I can't teach it...I haven't learned it!
  • Update^~ This happens as often as humanly possible. I am often in places where I cannot have internet on my computer but I can manage to get xfinity wifi on my Galaxy Note 3...just big enough to watch videos and take notes even if I can't work directly on my websites. I also watch/read/learn as much as I can daily from all of the community here, posting their tutorials/do's and dont's/suggestions and all.
  • I am re-learning excel to be able to log my website stats into something that makes sense to me. I recruited a friend who is on summer break to help me with these type of tasks until I am more comfortable with it. He has incredible patience and that's what I need. I didn't get a high GPA in college because I was a genius...I have it because I did everything x's at least 3....sometimes x's 8!
  • Update ^~ This poor kid wanted nothing to do with anything that resembled school work during his summer break (aka he reneged) ...so I'm on my own with this one. (or, am IIIIIII?)
  • I am re-doing my google calendar to make WA my top priority. I am sure that is going to get tons of tweaks along the way.
  • Update^~ Google Calendar is a sanity saver for this ADD-licious gal...nuff' said <3
  • I'm compiling a WA/Word Press/online/affiliate marketing glossary of terms and those abundant ....and, annoyingly wonderful acronyms. I need a printed out list to have handy at all times. I think it will be essential to me and anyone I am teaching in the future with my same learning style.
  • Update^~ This has been an ongoing project for me. I should have a pretty solid starter list soon for everyone. All of it is handwritten so I have to do a re-write/type.
  • One to 3 WA lessons a day plus one video WAbinar. I really dig the power point presentations as, they are easy for me to follow and take important notes on.
  • HA! Athough I read at least 3 or more educational blogs a day (and still do) I wasn't always in a place where I could take notes. I am still just as ambitious but, best to build out those websites while learning and re-learning, Yes?!
  • Making sure everyone knows this is My Business I am working on...it's not a hobby!
  • Update^~ EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! <3
  • Making sure I ask every question I have written down.....and continue to write down! There will ALWAYS be a list! Even when I reach mentor status...I will be forever a student!
  • Ho boy! Please see my latest blog: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/fyre/blog/why-are-... and you will get the full feel of my epic fail and, with immense gratitude, my inevitable come back!

Thank you for checking in! As always...feel free to let me know what you think! If you have some great WA organizational skillz/tips please share with us all!

I believe in us! Blessings, fyre

Update^~ Ps. Thank you again, I still have no idea why my pictures are self rotating- maybe answers await me on my latest blog but, if they don't, I WILL ASK THE QUESTION!

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jvranjes Premium
You have chosen the name which appears to be very appropriate to you. Best luck. Jovo
SStarrs Premium
Hi Fyre. Thanks for sharing .
Wish you lots of success .
Prestones Premium
Immersive learning - cool! In the interest of success, watch out for a couple of sticky spots:
- Burnout. You've got an impressive goal in trying to get 1-3 lessons and a WAbinar under your belt daily, as well as doing the related blogging. Zounds!
- Over education. I often stumble over this trap. I spend too much time researching [pick a subject] to death, and never get around to actually implementing what I've learned. See the above about 'doing the related blogging'.

Having said all the above, best of luck!

fyre Premium Plus
Truth! I am going back over lessons I've already watched to take notes properly. I have content seeping out my pours...but, if I can't figure out how to even change my font size?...well, you get the big scary picture. I am a point and shoot kinda gal. Lately I am in deep fear of my WP editor and all the things that I don't know. Thank you for your guidance!
JeanL Premium
Good for you! Congrats!
danbarth87 Premium
Jeannettee Premium
Hi Frye, following you and looking forward to reading your blog.