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December 30, 2015
This Blog was Supposed to be a "Training!"A training on organization here within WA with special attention to bookmarks.I haven't failed miserably however, I have had a wake up call!I'm One of Those Kinds of People That Can Make the Best Out of Any Situation..Seriously my friends, I could have fun in an insurance seminar. I've lived a long time though, being a Big Picture kind of woman but, have been neglect in the details. I have had great mentors...many of which are my close friends.Unfortu
I knew I was going to have a long weekend ......trying to truly fix some site situations and also to wrap my head around some stuff that I have had a hard time getting sorted. Then, I make some leaps and bounds and I'm feeling fairly good and entirely brain fried and exhausted so I close my eyes at midnight ( I usually stretch and then just close my eyes and meditate before actual sleep.)Then it begins...the thoughts start rushing in like Road Runner taunting Wylie..... on crack!Usually, I can
DO YOU USE THE WHOLE CHICKEN.... ...OR, JUST THE PARTS YOU THINK YOU NEED? I don't know about everyone else here but, I made a promise when I first joined this amazing community. I made a promise to ask a question whenever I had one, big or small, ....I made a promise! Here is the short list of how I ignored that promise, not really intentionally but, I was seemingly intentionally, doing everything BUT getting real help! (Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?...stick
May 08, 2015
!WITH REAL TALK LEVITY UPDATES!(I added these edits not too long ago but, some fine member ,I can't recall right now, reminded us all that if you change the title of your blog post members will get an "OOps" message when they click this link. I moved "WITH REAL TALK LEVITY UPDATES" into the Blog and out of the title....Let me know if I fixed it properly ; ) Thank you WA tribe!Organization Determination! Now that I can dedicate myself to WA full-time it's time to clean my cluttered house (aka
April 02, 2015
Now, I don't particularly recommend this. I just have WA on my mind. Day and night. I realized, several times, that I don't even have my websites posted here. So, after two, 14 hour daze, I finally posted them. They all need a lot of work. I am however, truly proud of them. is my baby. My WA sites: and are my work work unicorns really. ; ) The things I have learned here thus far and, the community.... i
I was so excited to put in the good work today! Unfortunately, after my great (and productive) question and answer time with a long-time and knowledgeable affiliate here this morning...I received another NFS notification from my main bank account. Someone has been making fraudulent extractions from my savings account! The tune of 175.00 bucks...that may be small for some. To me however, this is a huge hit. After cleaning up my credit, so much so, that even AM EX is offering me credit...
My first blog post, I just read it again. I recalled while I read it, that I was going to state, that I would write here once a week. I rejected the ambitious notion. With an increase in the J-O-B front hours my attention to details is exhausted. Not to mention the "fine" feelings in my hands. I also spent at least 7 daze time beating myself up about not being here every second humanly possible. Yep, I did that. Fear not though.....I did mostly great stuff for myself ment
February 11, 2015
I can't believe I just built 2 websites (2 and a half if you count the temporary change of mind to focus on one WA promo site and one, very dear to my soul, niche site. I am almost a week in and I am loving every success and every challenge on a regular basis. This is part of what my whirlwind has been like.I am always working on my WA goals! If I am not here working I am jotting notes, I am goal setting and conjuring all the content swimming in every corner of my mind, I am intentionally go
February 05, 2015
I know's just a dollar. The important thing is that it is my first dollar the first day I put some of my lessons to work! The ONLY money I have ever made while trying to build a no BS no scams online business! Wooot! Go team fyre!