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(Title image created with DALL-E 3)

Hi WA Friends!

So, a guy messaged me on Pinterest and asked permission to use some of my guitar and amp pins on his Pinterest site and offer them to customers in his tattoo parlor.

He has been saving dozens of them on his Pinterest business page, and he has almost 50,000 pins of tattoo images in essentially all categories!

I explained that many of them were made with AI, and he was cool with that. He asked me if I could make some line-art pins without a background, and he was okay with me including a small logo of my brand.

Why It Rocks

Do you see an opportunity in this? It can lead to exposure of your pins on a frequently visited Pinterest site, with the potential to make some money for custom-created pins. Right now, I'm more interested in the pin exposure with a link leading to my guitar site, but a pin-selling opportunity could come later.

There are only ten boards on Pinterest that come up under the search term "tattoo," so a tattoo board on my Pinterest page will be easily found in a search.

Electric guitar and amp tattoos are very popular among Rock & Metal players and music lovers. I almost got one myself, but chickened out several times! Lol 🀣

A New Custom GPT

A Heavy Metal Tattoo Pin - Created in Seconds with DALL-E 3

My next step is to design a custom GPT that creates a guitar, amp, and guitar with amp images, with and without players, that are optimized for tattooing.

How About Your Niche?

Would a tattoo board be a good addition to your Pinterest page? You might be surprised at how many saves these pins can get since there are tattoo images available for almost anything you can imagine!

Tell Me What You Think

So, what do you think of this idea?

How are you creating special-purpose pins for your business?

Until next time ...

Keep on Rockin'! 🀘πŸ”₯⚑️
Frank 🎸

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Recent Comments


Congrats on this opportunity, Frank. I think it is a great idea and way to get your brand out there!

With my site being about diabetes I am not sure what kinds of tattoos would come from that! Pills and needles? Probably not ideal!

But maybe if I get my other sites going again...who knows a tattoo of a huge coffee mug with a skull on it might be just what the doctor ordered!


Thanks, Karin! 😎

Cars and tattoos go together with guitars pretty well.

Yeah, tattoos for diabetes is a tough one, but it could be a fit for another niche.

Frank 🎸

Thanks, Frank. I'm trying to convince my ex to start writing a site about horses, how to train them from an early age specifically. Horse tattoos could be awesome!


Yeah, that’s a great idea, Karin! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

Frank 🎸

That idea absolutely Rocks in my opinion Frank!!

Still learning about Pinning myself, but I will get the hang of it soon (maybe)!!!

Rock the weekend my friend... we have another Frisatsumo here!!

May is definitely the best month in France!!


Thanks, Nick! πŸ™

Yeah, I’m doing really well with the β€œCars and Guitars” pins and I know that lots of people that get Rock and Metal tattoos also play or want to play guitar. πŸ˜ƒ

I’m sure you’re taking as much advantage of May French fun festivities as possible! πŸ₯³πŸΉ

Rock On! 🀘
Frank 🎸

That's great Frank, find what works then rinse and repeat!!

I've been out all day enjoying the local festivities here!

Just checking in quickly before a well needed early night!!!


Sounds like a great day, Nick! πŸ‘πŸ‘

You can do it again tomorrow! Lol 😎 🍹

Frank 🀘🎸

It was Frank! But... I will take things slightly easier tomorrow!!!

Rock On buddy!!


Sounds good, Nick! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

Frank 🎸

Cheers Frank!!!

I even managed to fit in my Sunday nap this afternoon!!


Nice, Nick!

I never say no to a nap. Lol 😎

Rock On! 🀘
Frank 🎸

Neither do I Frank, especially on a Sunday!!

I plan to fit one in tomorrow as well, but we will see!!

Rock the rest of your Sunday my friend!!


You too, Nick! πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸΊπŸΉ

Frank 🀘🎸

I'm Rockin' my way to bed shortly for a film and an early night....

Need to keep my strength up for tomorrow's celebrations after all!!


Absolutely Nick! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

Sounds like you have a national holiday??

Yep, it's Whit Monday here today Frank and the end of the latest Frisatsumo!!

Rock On my friend!


Enjoy it to the fullest, Nick!

Frank 🀘🎸

I have indeed Frank and have also been surprisingly productive on the website work as well!!

Batch created 10 articles and published three of them this afternoon!!

I was going to go for the Fourth but.. I believe that the quality is diminishing now so I wait and see if I have time tomorrow!!

No nap, but a very early night soon!!

Rock On!!


That's great, Nick! πŸ‘πŸ‘

I agree that quality should always come before quantity. 😎

Sleep Well! πŸ’€
Frank 🎸

Absolutely Frank!!

I'm hungry now though but it is lashing it down with rain suddenly...

I think I will just get my brolly and hit Macdonald's instead of my original plan to get to Burger King....

It's a much shorter walk after all but the burgers aren't quite the same ....

Although the double meat Big Tasty here does hit the spot!!


Yeah, I also prefer Burger King, Nick. However, McDonalds Rocks, too!

P.S. We call it an umbrella, so "brolly' is a new word for me. 😎

Rock That Hamburger (and fries!) 🀘 πŸ” 🍟 🀘
Frank 🎸

"Brolly" is just our English abbreviation for "umbrella" on this side of the pond Frank!!

Happy I could teach you a new word though!!

I haven't ventured out yet, but am now feeling VERY hungry, the storm seems to have past somwhat though...but the rain is still lashing down!!!

I'm just going to grab my brolly and go for it....


Good idea, Nick! πŸ‘πŸ‘

I'd do practically anything for food when I'm hungry! Hahaha πŸ˜‚

As do I Frank!!


Charge him for it, I would.

Yup, that's a great idea :)

Haha, I see you are a capitalist, Brenda. Lol πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

I'm primarily interested in further increasing my monthly Pinterest outbound clicks to my website, but I won't say no to any money either. πŸ˜ƒ

Tons of people with Rock & Metal tattoos play guitar.

Rock On! 🀘
Frank 🎸

More Money = More Guitars, Abie! Lol πŸ˜ƒ

Precisely that... The sky's the limit... Swing it your way lol.

Brenda is indeed a capitalist 🀣🀣

Haha, Thanks again, Abie! 😎😎

You are welcome, Frank :) πŸ™πŸ˜

LOL! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

More power to ya Frank so you can blow your house down with those big amps! πŸ˜€

Lol, I had my house structurally reinforced a long time ago, Brenda! πŸ˜ƒ 🎢

Hahaha, if you had my late husband's JBLs' big boxed amps with double subwoofers and four subwoofer speakers, it would surely blow your house down. People in our building complained about the loud music, but we loved it!

That sounds wonderful to me, Brenda! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

God bless him. He was definitely my kind of musician. Lol 🀘πŸ”₯⚑️🎢

Frank 🎸

Yeah, he was a hard rocker...hippie style. Harley Davidson biker, tough military guy. It was just so hard to watch him be my strong tower of strength to a very sick man with Pancreatic cancer. It will be eight years this September.

Now and then, when I listen to some music on Amazon from the Doors or the Allman Brothers, it reminds me of Stephen's playing those tunesβ€”even some long jams rock music. He was so good at it.

Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident, I believe when I was like 9 years old or so.

Before I married Stephen, I told him he must sell his bike because I didn't want to lose him either. Well, years later, I lost him to cancer. He was a heavy chain smoker, a heavy drinker, and a head, too. He did stop drinking before we married, but the smoking didn't.

Stephen did stop smoking after he broke his hip. Then, a few years later, we found stage four pancreatic cancer. Music was his thing. He loved his guitars, he had a collection of them when he owned his Z-Man Music that was bought out by BMG music, they took everything including the guitars. He was very disappointed with his lawyers, he tried to fight to get it back. It's so sad that they take advantage of Stephen's hearing loss.

All of Stephen's remaining music stuff went to his cousin, Dwight. Dwight can hear and loves rock and roll. He lives here in Portland, Oregon, but he does his winters down in Mexico, where it is warmer. I rarely see Dwight. We stay in touch mainly via Facebook.

Enjoy your movie night, what movie you guys gonna watch?

Hi Brenda

Although it's so tragic the way your husband died, I'm so happy you have so many good memories of him. He'll never truly be gone while he's in your thoughts and prayers. 😎

We're watching Last Man Standing tonight with Bruce Willis. One of my favorites! We started watching the Lord of the Ring movies during the afternoon and we finished the last one today. Wonderful movies, but a little long at over three hours each.

We still have The Hobbit series to see. Lol

Frank 🎸

Yes, that movie is so good! Lord of the Rings is good, too. It's so sad what's happened to Bruce Willis with his disease. I am glad his family is caring for him.

I watched a lot of medical real-life ER and real-life hospitals, most of which were shown in the UK. I like how the UK does their medical treatment. They use a cannula for IV. The USA has not used this (they should), nor have they used this drug that you can inhale for pain; it works better than morphine; it's called "Penthrox". The USA does not allow this drug. I don't know why. The USA is behind. The UK, Australia, and Canada are top of the line with their socialist medical care. It's so awesome to see. In the UK and Australia, doctors are present at the scene of a bad accident, but not in the USA, where only paramedics or flight nurses are present. Where are the doctors? They are waiting at the hospital, which is weird. I wish the USA had copied their medical system.

Hi Brenda

Yeah, dementia is a tough road, especially for the family. We love all Bruce's movies. We watched Armageddon last week for about the 15th time. Haha 😎

The Die Hard series is great, too!

I think the medical care in the countries you mentioned is generally excellent.

Frank 🎸

yes, I agree about Bruce.

What a moving story Brenda! I send you big hugs!

Aw, thanks. I needed that hug! πŸ€— sweet!

you deserve a lot of hugs dear for what you passed through! You are such a great warrior, for real!

Awesome, congrats Frank :-)

Thanks, Kerri! 😎

Frank 🎸

Wow, that's fantastic Frank!

Thanks, Jenny! πŸ˜ŽπŸ™

Frank 🀘🎸

Very cool!

Thanks, Eric! 😎

Are you still Rocking it in Guatemala? πŸ₯³

Frank 🎸

Hey Frank

How awesome!! You've got to feel good about that!

I've actually been talking about getting my first tattoo over the last few days. Crazy timing! Haha

A well deserved bit of recognition, Frank, your pins are incredible!! 🎸🀘🎸😎

Tim 🎼

Thanks, Tim! πŸ™

My brother-in-law has Rock & Metal tattoos all over his arms & legs, so he laughs at me not even having one. Hahaha πŸ˜†

What inspired you to take the leap?

Rock On! 🀘⚑️🀘
Frank 🎸

I'm not sure why the thought crossed my mind recently, but my brother has one full sleeve and a few more. He started with an arm band with the first four measures of the song that he wrote for his wife on their wedding day. I've always thought that was very cool.

I have yet to get one myself, but have been looking at musical notes with microphones, but nothing is grabbing me. Who knows if I'll even do it! Hahaha

You should pick your favorite guitar pin for your first tattoo! 🎸🎸😎🎸🎸🀘

Tim 🎼

I wanted to get one of Jimi Hendrix when I was in 8th grade, but my parents didn't like the idea. I was a good little boy, so I complied. Lol

I almost got a small tattoo of Angus Young with the AC⚑️DC logo below it, but I didn't like the look of the SG guitar on the template.

When I lived in Italy, I was going to get the Van Halen logo on my shoulder, but there was some question about the guy reusing needles and tattoo ink.

Haha, I always had an excuse! 🀣

Great images, Frank! I am thinking that a tattoo board would be a great little setup for your Pinterest page. 😎

Myra β™₯️

Yeah, me too, Myra! πŸ˜ƒ

Great minds think alike. Lol

Thanks for your input! 😎

Frank 🎸

This is very cool....Good on you Sir!

Haha, I think so, too, Chuck!

I'm all in for anything musical. 😎

Frank 🀘🎸

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