27 Months with Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: November 21, 2017

Heya.. Wealthy Affiliate friends,

It’s been a while since I blog about my website progress..

I was planning to write a post on 2 year anniversary, but things got delayed and I only have the opportunity to write now.

Where have I been?

I still focus my effort only on one website..
And I am still working 1 hour (at most 2) per day to manage my website.
I didn’t really expect a significant growth, considering how little I work on it.
But to my surprise, everything is still growing nicely.

Here is the break down...


My traffic has grew more and more steadily.
Remember last May I shared how I had reached 100k monthly pageviews?
Now in less than 6 months, it almost doubled at 183k mark.

Organic search is still my #1 traffic source, with lots of posts rank in first page Google (if you follow Wealthy Affiliate training, you’ll get the same result, trust me!)
And Pinterest is my #2 traffic source though I still continue learning how I can gain more Pinterest traffic.
Learn how I automate most of my Pinterest management in this Pinterest training: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co...


My email list are still growing steadily on about 100 new subcribers per week, to the point that I need to seriously think how to monetize my list before I am paying too much just for the email list management.

If you are looking for ways to grow your email list, I’ve shared my strategy here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co...


Earning-wise, I managed to double my income compared to last year, thanks to the ad network that I joined less than 6 months ago.
As a result, I’m getting closer to reach a full-time income (not yet, hopefully sometime next year).

Some of you asked me if the ads affect page views or affiliate income.
And here’s my answer:
In the beginning of installing the ads, I had exactly the same fear.
What if my readers hate me because of the ads
What if the page views go down?
What will happen to my affiliate income?

But after 5 months down the road, I can safely say, there’s no negative effect at all.
My pageview is still growing healthily.
No effect in bounce rate.
My affiliate income does not decrease at all.

In fact, both types of earnings are growing together.

I believe one of the reasons is because I continue to provide quality content for my readers, meaty and helpful posts., and that’s why a little bit of ads do not bother them.

So always remember, content is a king.


One of my 2nd year goal is to create a product for my audience.
I’ve put this aside for so long, coming back and forth in deciding what type of product I’d have as a start.
At last, I chose the easiest and created an e-book.
Now I’m happy to report that I’ve made sales. Not much, but enough to make me happy, haha...
This is also a proof that the current system that I used to promote my e-book is indeed working.
So it’s a matter of growing more targeted audience and create more products.

What’s Next?

Next year I expect myself to be busy welcoming baby #3, but I hope to be able to do the following before my little one arrives:

+ streamline my e-book selling system and create one more product.
+ tweak my email sequences (to welcome my subscribers) and promote more affiliate products in the email series.

Advise for new Wealthy Affiliate members:

(1) Follow the Wealthy Affiliate training step by step

I won't be able to reach this point if I were not following the training. Trust me, spend the time to follow each lesson and do the assigned tasks. That will help you in the long run.

(2) Write down your goal and break it down into bit-size tasks

Previously, I don't believe in the power of goal setting and task listing. But along with growing my website, I noticed that I wasted a lot time when I didn't plan my tasks. Writing down the tasks and the goal will make you reach your goal in time, if not faster.

(3) Invest in annual membership

Just to share with you, once I switched to my annual membership, I told myself to get serious with growing the website. And here I am, 2 years later, sharing my success story with you.
And in case you don't know, now is the best time to start considering Premium membership because Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal is coming up very soon. You'll save a lot of money if you sign up with the deals.
Usual premium membership pricing is 49/month, resulting in 588 per year
With black Friday deal, it is only ~25/month (you pay yearly $299)
You will save $289 (that's almost half the cost!)

I've taken up my Black Friday deal last year, and I will forever only pay $299/year.
What about you? Are you going to take up this year's Black Friday deal?

PS: I'm sharing this progress not to brag, rather to motivate and inspire the existing members that you, too, can reach the same level of success, or even more.



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Subrams Premium
Congrats Rina,
Inspiring in your way..
CraigUKTV Premium
Well done Rina, you are doing great! Imagine what you could achieve if you spent more time each day?! But I guess you are busy with the kids, family, etc.

What a wonderful inspiration, we can all take motivation from this.

SuzaMarie Premium
Awesome! I appreciate you sharing your progress and the steps that you are taking.
fiftarina Premium
Hi SuzaMarie, hopefully, some of the steps will help you along.
Kyle Premium Plus
Amazing Rina, you have made some amazing progress in the past 27 months and I can only imagine what you are going to accomplish in the next 27 (I predict MORE growth in your business).

When you have a solid foundation like this, it is just a matter of doing more of what you are already doing to scale your business to new heights.

Keep up the great work and I truly do look forward to seeing your next update a few months or a year from now letting us know what you have achieved.

PS. I love the look of your traffic graph!
fiftarina Premium
Thank you, Kyle!
wendyg53 Premium
Thank you Rina this is vey helpful and inspiring. I do need to work on setting goals, and my aim is to focus solely on one website, then eventually add another one...and finish the training.

I also don't have a lot of time to devote to my business as I'm doing this around a full time job. But if a busy mother can do it while raising little ones, then I have no excuse.

It's great to hear members tell their success stories. So thanks for sharing.
fiftarina Premium
Hello, Wendy.
Yes, I am busy with the kids, haha, that's why I cannot devote a lot of hours every day. But breaking down into small tasks help me to accomplish things every single day.