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Heya.. Wealthy Affiliate friends,It’s been a while since I blog about my website progress.. I was planning to write a post on 2 year anniversary, but things got delayed and I only have the opportunity to write now.Where have I been?I still focus my effort only on one website.. And I am still working 1 hour (at most 2) per day to manage my website. I didn’t really expect a significant growth, considering how little I work on it.But to my surprise, everything is still growing nicely.
Hello everyone,If you happen to be in motherhood niche, or involved in a motherhood community, there is an affiliate opportunity for you.Next week, there will be THE MOM CONFERENCE.What is The Mom Conference?This is a totally FREE 3-day online event (17-19 October 2017) featuring 20 speakers who're going to talk about various topics of motherhood / parenting.So, where's the money?This is the interesting part.Every day during the conference, the organizer will release 6-7 video presentations (vi
Hi WAers,It's been a while since I posted my last website update.To be honest, so there's not so much time to post regular update here because I've been focusing on growing my website.But I want to continue motivating you, whether you are a new WA members or existing ones, to follow WA lessons in order to reach your success.Here's my current website stats:Pageviews: I reached 100,000 monthly pageviews, wohooo... One of WA members recently interview me what's the secret of reaching this level of
It's officially March.If you are an Amazon affiliate, you have already known that Amazon's recent update on its commission system (from volume based to category based) has started. Some of us were upset about this. To be honest, I was upset, too.But, being upset won't change anything.Rather than focusing on why Amazon does this bla bla bla..., it's better to focus your energy to positive attitudes towards our online business. OK, Amazon has changed its policy.You may get lower commission.So wha
Hi fellow WA members,How many of you have experience the following..?You got a new blog post idea and keyword to pursue.Then you open WA Keyword Tool (or Jaaxy), and found that your chosen keyword is too competitive.What do you usually do?Do you abandon that keyword and try to find a new one?Today I'd like to share you a little bit of how I did my keyword research, with a little case study and current result.My initial idea: write an article about 'power pumping'.(PS: If you don't know what pow
Hello WA members,I'd love to share a little win with you.And especially if you are new members, this post is for you.A few weeks ago, I decided to create a second website on a whim.Initially I was simply curious on how much competition a niche would have.And brainstorming possible keywords for that particular niche and playing around with WA keyword tool for a while, I found at least 10 keywords with very low competition (talk about less than 100 here). Sounds promising!So, I bought a domain an
Hello WAers,With Black Friday coming soon, I believe some of you are interested to snag the $299 membership deal.But not all of us has enough money to spend on it.However, to be honest, you can try making a quick buck or extra cash, provided that you take some actions.I just want to inspire you I just made over $100 this weekend very easily.That is by selling your unwanted stuff!If you are like me, you may have lots of thing in your store room / closets that you barely used for the past few mo
Hi all, It's been 3 months since I posted my last progress.My traffic has been growing nicely.Remember in August I mentioned that my pageview was exceeding 1K / day.Now, three months later, the pageview has doubled to more than 2K/day.While my organic traffic has been steadily increasing, majority of the traffic boost came from Pinterest.This is the first time ever I've seen such a huge contribution from my social media traffic.Now, you may be asking, how can I get so much traffic growth from P
Hello friends,I just want to share a very inspiring video to boost your motivation. Here's some excerpt for you:"What would you do if you found out your husband was leaving you and a few hours later discovered you were pregnant?Kelsey Baldwin used that dark time in her life to turn her wild idea into a business that now helps thousands of people every month and gives her a life that allows her to have the time, money and freedom be an incredible mom.You have to watch her story. It's the single
Hello WAers,A few months ago, I've posted a quick review of GeniusLink here: that post, I mentioned that I've since gained a small commission from local Amazon websites, a little bit more than enough to cover the monthly fee of GeniusLink itself.Now, it's been 6 months since I use GeniusLink, and I'm happy to report that I've received my very first paycheck from and, wohooo...Now, let's do a little math, shall we?I've