Pinterest can give you a massive amount of traffic when you take the right step.

Pinterest uses 'smart feed' algorithm to show which pins are most relevant to a particular user, just like Google ranks our posts in the search engine.

Gone is the days whereby the most recent pins will pop up on top while the older ones are buried below.

So, how could we make our pins show up on the top?

Here are some key points to rank higher in Pinterest smart feed is by:

  • pinning quality content, and
  • pinning regularly

Now, let me just share you my typical pinning routine before I use BoardBooster.

I opened my Pinterest app, saw some interesting pins and started pinning. Then I saw other relevant and more attractive pins and pinned those, too. Without knowing, I have already pinned 20 items or more at one go, then did not pin any other things for the next few days.

Now, here's come the problem:

Pinterest values consistency. When you pin sporadically like that, and go silence, it would assume that you are not an active contributor in Pinterest because you don't pin every day. As the result, it will give lower ranks to your pin, and don't be surprised if your pin never made it to the top of the feed.

True, I can login to Pinterest every single day, but it would take too much time (especially when you are easily carried away in reading other people's stuff).

Now, would it be nice those 20 pins that I already pinned at once are released slowly over time, a few pins per day, but spread over the span of a week?

Rather than spending 15 minutes every day in Pinterest (totalling more than an hour a week), just login once a week and spend 30 minutes to do your bulk pinning. But yet, Pinterest is starting to trust our content and rank it higher on top.

But how to do this?

Enter BoardBooster.

BoardBooster is a pin scheduling system that allows us to do 'bulk pinning' for our boards and publish the pins based on our preferred schedule.

Here's why BoardBooster stands out from other Pinterest scheduling tool:

  • BoardBooster has three powerful pinning tools that allows you to differentiate pin scheduling for: (1) your new content (2) other people's content (3) old pins. Just set the rule once, and forget about it. More about this later.
  • You don't need to use special app or plugin to do your pinning, just use the original Pinterest app. I used to try other Pinterest scheduling tool, but stop using it because it requires special web browser plugin to do the pinning and that means I need to be on my computer and can not do it from my mobile phone. With BoardBooster, you just do your pinning as usual and put it in special boards and BoardBooster will take care the rest for you.

And the bonus!

Have you ever heard a 'rule' of follow other people so that they follow you?

I never do this and yet my followers started to grow steadily every single day. In just 3 months of using BoardBooster, my number of followers have already tripled.

Pretty cool, right?

Now, click on the next page to learn how you can sign up with BoardBooster.

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Chrissies Premium
Very many thanks Rina, I really needed this training :)
PjGermain Premium
EXCELLENT training, Rina!!!

This is Definitely worth a try. My Pinterest marketing is seriously lacking and I was looking for some decent training on how to help it. I know there must be some program out there to help and YOU just provided the answer!

fiftarina Premium
Wow, thanks PJ for the kind word. Earning online income is definitely a hot topic in Pinterest. So I am confident you can get a huge traffic from there.
SadieChan Premium
Wow, very detailed training on using Board Booster to Boost your Pinterest Traffic. Thanks, will bookmark it to follow up.
fiftarina Premium
You're welcome and don't forget to try it out =)
shrestha Premium
I was thinking about the same thing today, on how I could maximize my following on Pinterest. Thanks for the suggestion. It really helped.
fiftarina Premium
Yes, Shresta. My Pinterest following is increasing day by day without me needing to follow people individually. It's a slow but steady progress. So, if you want to increase your Pinterest follower, this is worth to try.
pitin Premium
Very timely.;) I visited your profile today and saw the Pinterest update you have and was wondering how to use the Boardbooster. Thanks for this!
fiftarina Premium
Hi Pitin, you're welcome! Let me know if you have questions.