The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses are the Live Webinars at Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: January 04, 2019

If you're looking for the best affiliate marketing training courses you can find online, look no further than right here at Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition to the incredible course curriculum we have here at Wealthy Affiliate with the Online Entrepreneur Certification & Affiliate Bootcamp teaching us step by step how to create a successful online business, we have a PRICELESS resource available to us through the Live Training tab.

Are you taking full advantage of the weekly 1 hour webinars we get here every Friday at Wealthy Affiliate?

If you've been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for at least 1 or 2 months and haven't watched a minimum of 5 live training webinars yet, then SHAME ON YOU!

I don't mean that in a mean way of course, but what are you waiting for? Don't sell yourself short! Take full advantage of EVERY SINGLE TOOL Wealthy Affiliate provides for you!

The training here at Wealthy Affiliate has been put together by some of the best entrepreneurial minds out there. It's up to us to utilize it and apply it so we can succeed.

Personally, the weekly live webinars have been huge for me. I remember one of my very first live webinars I attended had to do with the steps Jay takes to write and publish an article.

To be honest, when I sat in on this webinar I didn't have any questions about the process. But just watching an expert go through the simple steps of finding a great keyword, organizing his thoughts, and then publishing the article completely opened my eyes.

These live events are hosted by Wealthy Affiliate's head trainer Jay Neill, and let me tell you, he is one smart Canadian.

I'm a visual learner, and with so many incredible topics covered by Jay in these webinars, being able to watch him explain not only HOW things work but also WHY they work has been a huge advantage for me in building a successful online business.

Need some extra insight on ranking high in Google's search results pages?
Click here to watch the webinar!

Or maybe you're someone who's looking to sell your own stuff through your website. Then you're definitely going to want to understand Woo Commerce.

Click here to watch this webinar!

And they're very easy to watch too! It's not like being in one of those boring, monotonous classes where you're waiting for the time to be up so you can get on with your life. These webinars are well taught, funny, and interactive.

Jay interacts with the attending members throughout each webinar. The live chat that's built in helps members clarify and ask questions as things are explained.

One of the best parts of each webinar where you can really learn a lot is through the live Q&A Jay does at the end of each training.

I've always found that you can learn so much by simply listening in on other people's questions. Their different insight or point of view can completely open up a whole realm of possibilities that you hadn't thought of.

This is what community is all about.

And don't worry if you can't attend the webinars live every Friday. At WA we have the full catalog of replays available starting the very next day so there is no reason to miss out on any live training webinar.

Stumbling onto Timely Webinars

This happened to me literally just now. I decided I wanted to know a little more about infographics and where and how to create them.

So, whenever I have a question (and I highly recommend you do the same), the smartest thing to do is type that question into the smart bar at the top of your WA dashboard.

I typed in "infographics" and along with some other great articles posted by WA members I found the one I knew I needed to see.

This is a full hour webinar on EXACTLY what I was looking for, taught by an expert I know and trust.

It doesn't get much better than that.

In fact, just as the training started, I hit pause, and decided to write this quick blog to share just how important a resource we have right here at WA that some may be missing out on.

How To Get Started Watching Live Events at Wealthy Affiliate

These priceless weekly live training webinars are available to EVERY WA premium member & are available by clicking the "Live Events" tab on the left of your dashboard.

When you're first starting with WA and you're enjoying your free starter account getting the feel for this great community, maybe you're one of those people who's on the fence with going "PREMIUM".

It's natural. So many people who join here have been burned in the past by platforms that promised a lot but didn't deliver. I get it.

But as a new person joining up, trust me, the extremely affordable $19 you'll pay for your entire first month of premium which unlocks 100% of ALL Wealthy Affiliate's training will be paid back in value TEN FOLD with these live webinars ALONE.

In short, take full advantage of what you have here at WA. There are so many tools and resources available that it may actually overwhelm you at first. But don't worry! Create a simple schedule for yourself so you're not jumping around all over the place like a madman (or woman).

Follow the Online Entrepreneur Certification or WA Bootcamp lesson by lesson and concentrate on building your website. That's first and foremost. Then, whenever you're winding down, why not close your training day by looking through the available webinar replays and watching one that interests you?

You don't have to do this every day, of course. Maybe watch 2 per week.

The more you immerse yourself into this training the more you will get out of it. This could not be a truer statement.

It's a great time to be a part of WA! I hope this serves as a reminder to utilize one of the greatest resources we have here: learning as a community.

If you're one of my referrals, this is DEFINITELY your homework assignment: Find 3 different webinars that you're going to watch over the next 2 weeks.

Trust me, you'll be hooked!

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FKelso Premium
You are so right -- we have excellent training tools here.
ericcantu Premium Plus
It's incredible what is provided here all in one one-stop shop. Glad you enjoyed this!
Dave48 Premium
i agree that the clasees are very informative.
ericcantu Premium Plus
They're priceless. The fact that every premium member gets them is huge.
JessicaGuz13 Premium
Thx Eric! I have been thinking a lot lately about getting started on these training sessions. I think one of the reasons that I haven’t yet aside from having not yet completed my initial training, is not knowing where to begin.

Are there any particular training sessions you would recommend a new member view first? Or should I just navigate through them based upon my personal interests?

Thanks again for bringing this training to the forefront. I’m going to make it a priority this weekend!


ericcantu Premium Plus
I'd say go in and just search around for one that peaks your interest. Early on you don't want to burden yourself with too many side projects, so for your first one, just jump in on one where he's covering something simple just to get the feel of them. Trust me, you'll be addicted lol.
JessicaGuz13 Premium
I will do just that! :)
JKulk1 Premium
Totally agree Eric. Just haven't had a lot of time lately but I'll be getting into them at my first opportunity. Jim
ericcantu Premium Plus
Such an awesome resource we have.
terrencebell Premium
Very informative. Thanks for this post Eric!
ericcantu Premium Plus
Absolutely, brother! The webinars helped me out a ton when I was starting out and continue to to this day. Glad to share this :)