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Last Update: February 17, 2019

If you're a blogger looking to explode your traffic, the best website for blogging is right here at Wealthy Affiliate. Where else can you not only supercharge your traffic, but learn how to turn that traffic into conversions and consistent revenue?

When I first started writing content online I had no idea how Google rankings or conversions worked. I thought you had to be liked by the right people and wait for content to go viral to get to the masses.

And even with that, I had no idea how to turn it into revenue.

Training & Tools That Deliver

The training courses at Wealthy Affiliate are thorough, eye-opening, and bottom line deliver. You'll learn how to turn your blogs from random streams of consciousness to actual money makers.

Did you know affiliate marketing is just blogging with dollar signs attached? And guess what, there is so MUCH opportunity out there. With this training you CAN succeed with it.

Within this platform we have a multitude of training: video course lessons, forums, live chat, weekly live webinars, one on one coaching, a global community ready to help you when you're stuck, and oh yeah the best tools and resources for content writing like this keyword research tool which is the best you'll find online:

You've Been Blogging Wrong This Whole Time!

You didn't know there was a formula to traffic did you? It's ok. Neither did I.

With WA's training, you'll begin to understand the business of blogging. You'll see just how traffic translates to conversions and revenue.

And when you hit that sweet spot, "cha-CHING!". Your hard work starts coming together in the form of monthly revenue.

Who knew blogging could pay the bills, right?

The secret to success is that it doesn't come overnight! Let's not confuse WA's training with some kind of magic wand that we wave over our site and Google suddenly puts our stuff on page 1 rank 1 in a day. (Although I'd say comparing Jaaxy to a magic wand isn't far off).

Google wants to see consistency. They want to provide quality answers to the questions millions of people out there are asking in their searches.

Think about that for a second. It means, in a mind blowing nutshell, that QUALITY translates to RANKINGS.

And what does Wealthy Affiliate excel at? Transforming your blog into that quality content Google is looking for.

[*mind blown*]

The way you approach blogging will change. And suddenly instead of just your friends seeing your blog, you have a global audience finding your stuff. You now have influence. You now have traffic. And with that comes revenue.

The reason Wealthy Affiliate is the best website for blogging is because it's all about transforming your content into the best it can be so it can benefit the largest, organic audience possible.

Traffic is the lifeblood to blogging, and it's the "juice" to conversions.

"So what is the one piece of training or the one single thing you do that is the most important to getting traffic & consistent conversions?... You know, besides putting out quality content and working hard..."

That. Is. The. Answer.

"Is there a tutorial group you're a part of?"

Yes. It's called Wealthy Affiliate.

"Are there specific members you're following here who have given you the best advice that quickly affected your success?"

Yes. Kyle, Carson, & Jay.

So let's remember not to overthink things.

  • If you're here, you've made the right choice.
  • If you're frustrated, that's a part of success. Deal with it.
  • If you're thinking you may not have the time or money for this, sell your TV and you'll have both. It's literally as low as $29/month. Come on, bruh.
  • If you want the one secret to success, it's hard work.

There's no secret puzzles to uncover. No riddles to figure out.
This is great news.

Take your time. Progress through the training. You will succeed.

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