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Affiliate marketing is the business we're in.The more successful we become at it, the fewer and fewer "bosses" we end up having.But when we only have ourself to answer to, as many entrepreneurs will tell you, it's up to YOU to be the driving force that keeps your business going.How do you self motivate?Some are heavy readers, always putting great motivational content in the brains. Others are minimalists, simply attaching post it notes to their desktop with motivational reminders or their "why"
We all have a passion for our business. We wouldn't be doing it if we didn't have passion. But we also have a need to achieve profitability. This is, after all, a business. In fact, in business, the SECOND you become profitable it's like this insane recharge to your batteries and suddenly you want to do more, you want to work harder...It's natural. You see the results and you're renewed again. No different than when we work out and start seeing results, it pushes us to push even harder.We're ve
Was just looking over some great expert class content and saving several classes that I want to watch myself when I thought about how this didn't even use to be a thing, lol.Before Premium Plus we had spectacular weekly live classes from Jay, of course, but now there's SO MUCH MORE available to us.Almost every day of the week has an expert teaching topics that are so relevant to growing our business.With such a wide array of incredible teaching topics coming from so many different perspectives
May 21, 2022
I think one of the most common areas people neglect when it comes to their health, both physical and mental, is rest.And listen, we've all done it. When I was in my 20s and 30s I'd go on 4 hours of sleep many, many times. And throughout that whole time we wonder why workouts, diets, exercise, just don't seem to "take".We wonder why we drag on random days and why we feel like a zombie in the morning without our coffee.There's an obvious culprit here, and it's your lack of SLEEP.No matter your ag
May 11, 2022
As I sit here on my hotel balcony, ready to live stream my WA expert class from Hawaii, I think to myself, "Damn I'm glad I found WA!" Wealthy Affiliate truly unlocked the world for me. If you follow my Instagram, you can see all the places I've traveled to thanks to this amazing platform that taught me just how legit affiliate marketing can be.And the best part, I can work from my laptop from ANYWHERE!THANK YOU WEALTHY AFFILIATE!Lots of pics and stories coming every day on my insta and twitter
Yes, we're all addicted to the training here at WA, right?But it's always good to take some time, every once in a while, and enjoy ourselves.I'm a firm believer that breaks are necessary for growth.So as you're pushing through the course lessons, eager to learn more, that's SPECTACULAR!Just don't be so hard on yourself for taking a quick break. Breaks can recharge the batteries, help us avoid being burnt out, and give us fresh eyes to better navigate any issues we've been having.Or maybe i'm ju
So what's the one and only thing that needs your entire brain should focus on as a starter member at WA?"Am. I. Learning?"That's it. Bottom line.Remember that the ENTIRE purpose of an affiliate marketing training platform is for you to LEARN, right?If you can't learn, you won't earn a single dollar. This is true for EVERY business.Yes, I know it's human nature to start setting commission deadlines for yourself. "I need to make x amount by y date."This is normal.But it's skipping a GIANT step.Th
For me, it was lesson 9 on keywords.That lesson seriously blew me away. It was like taking a look behind the curtain of the internet and seeing how it all worked.This was like a super power.Can you imagine a massive storefront with hundreds of thousands of people waiting to go inside? That's basically what the internet is, after all, right?Now imagine having the super power of knowing exactly what all those people were looking for before they walked in.What would you do with that power?You'd li
March 18, 2022
Every single time I take on something new, I get this kind of rush.Have you felt it before?It's that rush where you're embarking on something brand new, and your mind can't help but already be thinking of all great things that will come from it.Maybe you join a gym, and you're excited about the results you're going to get because you are absolutely going to stick to your workout schedule this time and you can't wait to see the transformation.Or maybe it's something even more subtle, like changi
Often times we find ourselves loving the "planning" phase of something, but when it comes to the actual "doing"... not so much.We plan a diet, a workout, a productive week of building our website.Then instead of DOING we just fall back to analyzing or more planning.Remember this:The number one way to get to where you want to go is to DO. Yes, planning and research is mega important, but the MOST IMPORTANT PART is the DO!With regards to your website, sure, plan, research, but then WRITE, CREATE,