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The Site Comments feature here at WA is a HUGE feature to take full advantage of every time you publish a post. Personally, it's one of the first steps I take after publishing after requesting indexing.And if you're looking to earn credits, then there's a huge opportunity here for you to do that as well. As you may know, credits are currency here at WA and can even be used to pay for your membership.Understanding this, it's then very important to know how to leave a quality comment. The #1 Focu
Investing into yourself is easily the smartest investment you can make. When you invest into yourself you can create a lifetime of returns. But investing into yourself requires more than just investing time. It also requires investing money. But why?People reach out to me daily, especially on Instagram, asking me how I travel so much. I tell of my passion for travel and how I've gone about finding a way to fund those travels. They'll reply, "Oh yeah, I've looked into affiliate marketing. But I'
One of the traits that most successful people have in common is that tendency to take action. It's not only about timing and opportunity, but TAKING ACTION that drives success.So many times people slow themselves down by over analyzing. I've had new referrals come in and seem to mull over questions for DAYS asking me if the training does this or if the training covers that instead of just diving in.Don't limit yourself! Dive in and trust this system.The whole point of the free starter account i
Many times we concentrate so hard on the business side of things here at WA, that's I feel it's good to remind ourselves of why we do what we do. In my case, I sought out this training so I could find a way to travel the world.This training here at Wealthy Affiliate has delivered in ways I couldn't have imagined. And now, as a result, I'm fully addicted to travel.My latest trip was to Dublin for St. Paddy's! I don't think any St. Patrick's Day will ever be the same now that I've experienced it
How to Become an Influencer on Instagram Without SellingInstagram is a solid social media tool that you can use to gain influence. With Instagram people are basically taking sneak peeks into who you are via snapshots and quick 15 second stories.In a nutshell, it's a lifestyle app like Facebook, minus all the rants, right?It's the one social media app I use daily. I've built a following that's sitting steady at around 30k followers (@batmantravels) and I can tell you firsthand that Instagram inf
We have a global community here at WA that is FILLED with entrepreneurial minded people from all backgrounds and walks of life.I've had the incredible experience for the last 2 years to meet some of the top WA leaders in Las Vegas at the Super Affiliate Conference. Every man and woman I've met has that genuine quality to them of someone who has worked hard for what they've accomplished.That's not a coincidence.From Kyle, Carson, and Jay down to every active member here, the Wealthy Affiliate co
What's your focus here at Wealthy Affiliate? Are you here for social interaction or are you here to build a successful business? If you're doing this right, it's for the latter.Do you remember what goals you made when you first got here? Do you remember that drive you felt towards reaching them and making those goals a reality?This is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.Now, what are you doing actively to stay driven and focused? Do you jump into WA and spend 2 hours in chat? Or do you dive int
Of all the questions I get asked about Wealthy Affiliate, the one I get asked most by new members is:"What individual piece of training would you say is the most important one to follow here at WA so that I can get off to the strongest start?"The answer is easy.The most important piece of training is Lesson 1. Then after that, the next most important piece of training is Lesson 2. And after that, Lesson 3.Every piece of training here is set in its place for a reason. It's our job as we are unde
If you're a blogger looking to explode your traffic, the best website for blogging is right here at Wealthy Affiliate. Where else can you not only supercharge your traffic, but learn how to turn that traffic into conversions and consistent revenue?When I first started writing content online I had no idea how Google rankings or conversions worked. I thought you had to be liked by the right people and wait for content to go viral to get to the masses.And even with that, I had no idea how to turn
I wish I could go back in time to that moment a couple years back as I was first discovering Wealthy Affiliate. To go back to the start of that very first lesson, seeing the introductory pictures of Kyle and Carson with their families, listening to Kyle's video explaining affiliate marketing and how it all works...I would have never foreseen that I'd be hanging out with them in a penthouse Skyloft atop the MGM Grand in Vegas a year later along with the rest of Weatlhy Affiliate's leaders, and t