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Recently I've been using the Site Comments feature a lot as I've been publishing new content along with updating old content as well.Site Comments as a whole is a HUGE feature here at WA where we are able to leverage this amazing community we have to trigger engagement in our articles almost instantly after they're published. We want these comments to look and sound like organic ones, right?So, when you're leaving a comment, think of someone finding that article organically after making a Googl
So all of us here at Wealthy Affiliate are after one thing, right? Success.Whether it be a target goal for commissions in a month, referrals, posts published, traffic, rank... whatever success means to you, you're after it here.But I think it's human nature to forget that the steps that lead to that success are actually successes in themselves.Every lesson completed is a success. Every new piece of training absorbed is a success. When i started back in 2016 I knew ZERO about affiliate marketing
For me personally, the biggest reward Wealthy Affiliate has given me (and the whole reason I first looked into building a business of my own) is being able to TRAVEL THIS WORLD!Thanks to WA, I hit up 23 countries in 3 years. Then covid hit. What a bummer. BUT after a global pandemic forced me to take a year off I'm finally getting back to traveling with a quick weekend trip to Chicago!Deep dish pizza and local Chicago brews here I COME!What's the reason behind your WA journey? Is it to have mor
Whether you're brand new to WA or a seasoned veteran, it doesn't take much time at all to realize that one of the biggest tools you have at your disposal here at WA is Jaaxy. Jaaxy is WA's built in keyword research tool, and with keyword research being such an important part of WA's training it's very important to understand just how much more Jaaxy is capable of.Have you watched Jay's 17 minute class on how he uses Jaaxy Enterprise for his own keyword research? (If not, here it is: Jay's MUST
One of the most consistent things many new WA members obsess over is their own analytics. It's like the second we learn about Google Analytics, it's the first and last thing we want to check daily (along with 10 or so random checks throughout the day).Is this you?First, understand that, yes, GA is a spectacular tool in helping understand how your audience is finding you and where your traffic is coming from.So, if you have 50-70+ articles and you're getting a consistent flow of traffic along wi
Depending on the part of the world you live in, you could currently be in the middle of a cold, cold winter. Here in south Texas, winter is practically unheard of. So when it suddenly drops to the teens for a few days, with sleet falling, ice on the roads, power outages, etc., it quickly escalates to the great ice panic of 2021.Im currently bundled up in my bed, sitting with my laptop in my lap. It's running off my phone's hotspot, which i charged while on a 30 minute drive to give the dogs (an
Are you truly appreciating exactly what Premium Plus+ here at WA can do for your business?Here's something to think about. When you ask someone who's had success here at WA what their #1 secret is, you're always going to get the same answer: hard work. VERY hard work, and, of course, not giving up.But to get to the real point of that question, which is more like "what's the secret tool you used to get momentum and success?" it's just a matter of looking at the common tools those who have had su
Just a quick message, especially for the new WA members, to keep on the lookout for PMs talking about a "great opportunity" outside of WA called the 30 Day Workday Escape Plan.Inevitably, when you have a large community, you'll have people making their way in trying to phish and lure members away from the platform. It doesn't happen very often here at WA, so when it does it's important not to fall for the shady schemes meant to take you away from your growth here.One of my referral's brought it
I think the most common question new members have when joining WA is "What's the real secret to success?""If I attack the training with a specific schedule I've given myself, and I stick to it religiously, will I have steady commissions coming in 2-3 months, realistically?"It's May right now, so if instead of writing one post every time the lessons instruct me to, I write, say, 2 or 3, can I springboard myself into revenue of $100-$500/month by August?"Here's how your mindset needs to be with W
I get asked all the time about the "secret" to success with WA.What was that one thing that takes you over the top?I'm here to tell you i've narrowed it down to one single thing that all the top dogs are doing:THEY'RE WORKING!And it's not even like it's this incredibly hard, back breaking work that you have to do.Not at all.It's just a matter of doing consistent work.Work comes in a number of different forms, too. It doesn't have to be restricted to just creating content. Work can be sitting in