Specific Niche Vs. General Niche

Last Update: Oct 21, 2017


There's a misconception you have to have a super narrow niche to be successful online but that's not true. You can have a general niche like health, beauty, outdoors, fishing, home, electronics, etc. You don't even really need a niche at all. There's high potential in both narrow and general niches but your content strategy is going to change depending on what you decide to do.

Narrow Niche Strategy:

I'd say the Wealthy Affiliate method teaches how to build a narrow niche. If you decide on a narrow niche you'll be focusing heavily on individual product reviews. The good news is individual product reviews are deep in the customer buying cycle and tend to convert at a high rate. Also, individual reviews don't have to be super long - you can usually get away with 1000 words. The bad news is they tend to be low traffic keywords.

For example, you might only get 50 to 100 click per month, per review. You'll need pretty high commissions to make this traffic work and you're going to have to write 5 or more times a week to get as many reviews out there as possible.

There's big money if you do it right, though.

Here's a few examples of successful narrow niche websites:


Traffic: 3.1 million per month

This websites reviews computer screen monitors and started 2 and a half years ago. There's a few writers for this website and in that time they've written 450 pieces of content. I'd say 90 percent of the content on this website is monitor reviews and the articles range from around 800 words to 1500 words.

I'd say the other 10 percent of articles are how to articles and more general buying/ best of guides (some go beyond computer monitors and include: computer chairs, keyboards, mouses, etc.)

If you take a look at the website you can see there's nothing too special about it. The content isn't out of this world and neither is the web design. Yet they get over 3 million clicks a month. This website is probably pulling in $100,000 per month and probably more.


Traffc: 1.1 million a month

This website reviews running shoes and has been around since 2015. Most of the content is centered around running shoes but there's reviews and info about running gps watches and other running related gear. Plus, there's some best of posts and buyer guides. It's mostly running shoes, though.

This is another website that's making a killing and it might even bring in over 1 million in profit a year. The owner of this website is certainly making 6 figures.

These two examples are websites you should be striving for if you decide on a narrow niche. Each has a large market (as you can see from the traffic numbers) and the commissions are good. Computer screens can cost up to a $1000 and running shoes cost up to $200. Running shoes have a high commission on Amazon too (7 percent).

General Niche Strategy

When I say general I mean broad. A narrow niche would focus on a section of a larger topic. For example, a general niche would be outdoors and a narrow niche would be hiking boots. Another example would be a general niche being all things home related and narrow niche might just focus on kitchen or an aspect within the kitchen (microwaves, knives, pots and pans, etc.)

I personally like general niches better and have had good success with them. The content strategy is a little different, however, than a narrow niche content strategy.

With narrow niche you're focusing on individual product reviews to make money and are shooting for around 1000 to 1500 words per review.

For general you're focusing on buyer guides/best of posts to make money and are shooting for 3,000 words plus for each post. I write plenty of best of posts that are 5,000, 6,000 and even 7,000 words long.

The downside is it takes a few days to write these but the upside is they are high volume traffic keywords. I have individual buyer guides and best of posts getting me over 3,000 clicks per month. So instead of spending one day on an individual review and getting 100 clicks per month, I spend two or three days on a best of posts and get thousands of clicks per month.

These buyer guides/best of posts convert well too. This past January (6 months into my website) I got around 18,000 clicks from Googgle and made 520 sales which brought me $2,259 in commissions. I haven't seen many sites get to that much traffic/sales so quickly and I didn't write a single review post. Just best of posts.

If you're going to do this strategy your best of posts must be lengthy or there's a chance you'll get hit with a Google penalty. So if you're doing a best of list with 10 products you have to be at 3,000 words minimum.

Here's a few examples of general niches.


Traffic: 1.8 million

This websites is an outdoor/travel websites. Most of the content is best of posts from hiking, camping, skiing, climbing, biking and they have a ton of different camera best of lists. There's some individual reviews but I'd say half the content is best of posts and the other half is reviews.

This website is another one bringing in millions.


Traffic: 11 million

This website has no niche in particular. Some of the topics on the homepage range from business to electronics to outdoor to services to technology to health to home and more.

As you can see they're all over the place. This website is huge, though, and brings in millions and millions. They've been around for over 14 years too.

This probably isn't something you could do on your own any time soon. There's thousands of piece of content.

What Should You Do?

You should find a good middle ground between narrow and general. For example, I wouldn't have a website that focused on fishing gears for seniors or kids. There's just not enough there to make any real money. I would focus on fishing in general or maybe focus on a type of fishing like bass fishing or fly fishing.

I would write every best of list I could think of. Best tackle boxes, fishing reels, baits, fish finders, rods, fishing line - everything. Make them lengthy and have more products than everyone else. If everyone on Google is doing top ten fishing reels, you should do top 15 or top 20. Get that post up to 6,000 words if you have to. You'll be rewarded with a ton of traffic and sales if you do.

Focus on best of posts with the year too. So "best fishing reels 2018." In Wordpress manually take out the "2018" in the URL. This way when 2019 comes around you can switch the title to 2019, add a few products and re-rank for "best fishing reels 2019" without having to re-write the entire article.

And then I would write individual reviews for maybe the top 5 or 10 of each category (focus on individual reviews with expensive equipment). So maybe write individual reviews for reels, rods, fish finders and tackle boxes - anything over $50.

I'd mix in some "how to" content too. How to buy a tackle box, what bait catches bass, how to unhook a fish, etc.

If you work hard you should see good results in 6 months (a few hundred a month to a few thousand a month) and if you keep going you'll get a full time business under 18 month. I'm talking $5000 to $10,000 to even more a month. It might even come faster than that if you choose the right keywords and rank well.

Hope this helps! If you need anything cleared up drop a comment below and I'll help you out!

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Recent Comments


Hey dylan, you are right and totally to the point, I agree with the same.
In the long run, a broad nice will give you a chance to be scalable if you want to build a full business around it or build your own brand. The other advantage is that you can switch between multiple topics and catch people having different interests.

A narrow niche will allow you to be specific and get organic traffic quickly if you write better content, however the earning potential is limited. You can run 5 or 10 micro niche sites or focus on 1 broad niche site and make it a popular brand.

Example would be www.thewirecutter.com. Created in 2011, it gives best of posts for anything under the sun you can think of (very broad). In 2016, only 5 years later, they were sold for 30 Million USD to the The New York times.
Imagine, can you create that much value with a narrow niche site, seems a difficult task.

You're spot on! You can get a make a lot of money with the right niche

very relevant post to what I am contemplating on at the moment. I am currently on a niche revolved around home and body wellness.That can be anything from home organization and therapeutic furniture to things such as supplements and heath related topics. On the other end I could narrow this down to something as simple as message chairs/tables etc. What would work better in your opinon?

Definitely the first. You don't want to box yourself in unnecessarily.

Thanks. I was wondering about how using the year in the title makes the post stale after a year, but I see that you update the title each year and add and subtract products to keep it current.
I'm wondering how best of posts could work on my travel blog without annoying readers who want to follow my adventures. I guess I could make the reviews and bestofs pages instead of posts and add them to a menu without putting them in the blogroll?

You could do that!

Thanks! I'll ask one more question because I know your time is valuable. For people who are at the early stages, who don't have enough traffic to get approved for affiliate programs, or who have been denied because they foolishly applied before they were ready (ahem), do you just use regular, non-affiliate links to the products, and monitor your traffic, and once you get enough traffic to equal enough conversions, then you apply (or reapply) to affiliate programs?
I have heard of some people who immediately reapplied (without enough traffic), and then got permanently denied. I want to avoid that.

Thanks a lot!

I just do Amazon.. all you have to do is get 3 sales in 6 months

Thanks. Amazon is the one who denied me because I applied before I was ready. I'm just going to focus on writing content for now until I get more traffic and rankings, and then reapply.

That's a good idea! I know you can keep signing up for Amazon.. you just have to put in new links everytime you do

Hi Dylan, great post! I want to do the best of list approach but how do you beat the competition from front page ecommerce sites with Best of lists? Especially when you suggested writing long best of lists with high traffic keywords. QSR/USR of the high traffic keywords always end up being dominated by many sites that had been established for quite a long time...not sure if i build a new site i'll ever be able to go into the first or second pages..

You can do it, it can be done, but you will work your tush off and also have to work smart, in order to do it.

I target keywords that get traffic with the year - those are extremely low competition. You can read about the whole strategy here:

Thanks Dylan, yeapp i read that right after i commented this yesterday - amazing guide!! Thanks!

No problem!

Not wanting to get spammy or anything but I actually have another couple of queries about this strategy. Hope you don't mind :D.

I've started implementing this 'best of' strategy but was wondering if, for example, I do 'best winter hiking boots for 2017-2018' and then a post titled 'best cheap winter hiking boots for 2017-2018' obviously quite a few of the products are going to overlap. Is it okay to use the exact same paragraphs for those overlapping products or should I write something similar but in different words (in order to not get penalised by google)? How do you do this?

Also, how do you do an individual product review if you don't own the product so don't have any of your own images of that product? The only images are the ones on Amazon Associates and it's almost impossible to find CC0 photos of the individual products online, they're all protected by licensing laws. Do you just use the Amazon images?

Thanks in advance!


I wouldn't just copy and paste a product description, that could get you in trouble. And I personally don't do individual review, just best of lists. You don't need a ton of pictures, though. Just one or two at the top. Check out this website's monitor reviews: https://www.144hzmonitors.com/

They get millions a views a month and only have one or two pictures per review.

You might be able to get pictures if you go right to the products website. Sometimes they have a media section with pictures

Perfect, thanks a lot for your help! I'll check out that website.

Love this post, Dylan. I followed you after stumbling upon this gem.

I'm definitely going to adopt this approach as I do feel like my individual reviews aren't really going anywhere and getting very little traffic.

A couple of questions I have for you:

1. Taking into account that you write several thousand words and take several days per post, how many times do you post a week?

2. I've got an outdoors/hiking website which I've not earned anything with yet. I'm just doing individual reviews but would like to adopt your strategy of 'best of' reviews etc. Should I keep my old reviews or get rid of them?

Thanks a lot!


I post around 2 a week and you definitely shouldn't erase your individual reviews. Just link them to your best of posts and it might improve their rank.

Thanks for clearing this up! One final query I have is if for example I start doing hiking gear reviews now, should it be best hiking boots 2017 (example) or best hiking boots 2018? Am I using the boots made in 2017 for my 2018 post? Obviously new boots will come out in 2018 so would they be for the 2019 post?

right now do 2018.. when 2019 comes around update your list a little and change the title 2019

Thank you!

No problem

Quick question - so the "best of" posts you're making is just getting the top sellers from a specialized store and then writing about them in ranking order, is that right? I mean, you don't actually have to personally have/test each product out yourself?

So it's like a general guide for folks to see what's selling really well out there and leave it up to them to decide from this list which works for them best?


That's pretty much it. I look for high sellers on one website (we'll say home depot) and then find them on Amazon. I write between a 200 to 300 word description for each and then have a link at the bottom to Amazon

Hey Dylan, awesome stuff! I followed you just because of this post.

I do have a question for you - I do a fitness website and it's overall just a broad fitness site.

I really like the idea of doing "best of" articles.

Now, my question: when doing best of articles, do you make sure it's actually a high-traffic keyword (like for example, "best workout shirts" or something like that? Or "best running shoes" etc?

I really want to begin implementing this strategy.

I usually look for best of lists that get any sort of traffic with the year. So i just looked up "best rowing machines 2017" and that keyword gets 160 searches.

If you write that target 2018 and if you write it well (try to do top 10 to 20 products, 300 word description for each) you'll probably rank page 1. If you can get into the top 5 for that keyword you'll likely get much more than 160 searches. You'll rank for a bunch of other terms and you'll likely get over 1,000 clicks per month from and possibly more.

To find keywords go here: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/c/exercise-equipment

Click around the different categories and you'll find a ton of profitable keywords.

For example, I clicked cardio machines and I see:

best elliptical machines
best exercise bikes
best rowing machines
best steppers
best treadmills
best alternative motion machines
best jogging strollers

Then there's best home gyms, best squat racks, best weight benches.

I would write a best of list for each of those categories with the year in it. After, you can do other best of lists like best treadmill for senior citizens, best exercise bikes for apartments and on and on and on.

Dude, I just want to say a huge thank you for your approach to helping others. It really shows that you're interested in teaching others how to be successful, and that in my books is a great personality trait.

All of this will prove to be super helpful for sure!! Thanks a bunch again.

Another one is "best fitness watches 2017" - mind boggling!

Fitness niche is perfect for the "best of' strategy!

This is an awesome post Dylan, and what I'm referring to in my post yesterday. I've also read a few others of yours and they are all very helpful.

We usually hear from the same people who are "known" to be successful, and I know there are a lot more so that's what I was trying to bring out of that post.

I will continue to follow you and learn from you, thank you for your contribution in the community! :) Glad I was able to find another person to learn from through my post.

Appreciate your time,

No problem and more people should probably share their secrets. Very soon I'll do a training showing how to select a niche, get keywords and everything else. I just want to get my numbers a little higher and I'll make sure to send it over to you.

Thanks so much Dylan! I love learning from so many members. :)

Very helpful, thanks Dylan!
I like the "What Should You Do" part - I think it's helping me shape my next niche better... not being TOO narrow will help me stay interested in it longer, and interest = more effort put in = more success. (Writing review after product review for a whole year minimum on one particular thing in a narrow niche, just different name brands, will get old, fast.)

That's what I think too. That's why I create best of lists. You only have to write about 300 words per product and then move on to new products.

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