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July 14, 2019
Hey, I've had a few people ask how the MMO site is going and thought I'd just do a post showing progress and what I've learned.So Mid December I began the site and basically just reviewed courses from Clickbank and Warrior Plus. I did this until April and literally got ZERO traction.When a new product drops on those platforms everyone reviews them. When you're a new site you won't rank reviewing those products.I decided to switch to MLM's in early April and traffic went up very quickly after th
June 04, 2019
Hey everybody!Just wanted to make a quick FAQ about Amazon sites because I get a lot of the same questions about them.I've been really slow answering emails lately and want to make sure everyone gets their questions answered.1) Can you look at my site?Me just looking at your site honestly isn't going to help. When it comes to design I go for the most basic imaginable and really don't do anything fancy. As long as you're not doing something that'll distract the reader you should be fine.If reall
March 17, 2019
I had no plans to sell any of my sites but the guy who bought my site last year for $40,000 emailed this week and asked if I had anything to sell.I showed him a website I started last May and we negotiated a bit and decided on $30,000. It was a good deal so I took it. Pretty crazy. I was not expecting that. This site was done with the best of strategy I've been talking about for a while now. These Amazon sites have a high resale value because they're easy to manage and you can update the articl
February 07, 2019
Alright so I'm officially 2 months into promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I've had some issues I've had to work out so far but things seem to be going alright.I just want to say a few things before digging into the numbersWealthy Affiliate is BY FAR The Best Affiliate Marketing PlatformAfter reviewing a bunch of courses on Clickbank my eyes are really open to how many scams truly are out there and how great Wealthy Affiliate is. You should be grateful a place like this exists - great training, great
December 01, 2018
Just wanted to give a quick update on the Youtube video I made a little while back.As you can see below it made me $350 this month and got a total of 7,000 views on Youtube, with 3680 clicks to Amazon. This video is based on a product that's converted very well for me in Google before and I'm guessing not every product converts this well but I'm still excited about the results. This video only took me one day to do and this is only ONE month of results. This is a winter focused keyword and we h
Hey, how's everyone doing? In this article I just want to go over 3 different ways you can make money in 2019. All methods mentioned work for the Amazon Affiliate program but there's other programs you can use too.1) The Best of Strategy (with year).This is the strategy that most people in this community know me for and is the strategy that I've used the most so far.With this strategy you pick a fairly broad niche and write all the best of lists that make up the niche.For example, if you wanted
November 06, 2018
Hey, just wanted to update the YouTube video I made last month. This video has made $54 in the last month and gotten me 15 sales with 1200 views. The most shocking thing to me is the amount of clicks it's getting me to Amazon. As of now it's getting me nearly 70 clicks to Amazon a day and the video took me a day to make. My site which I worked on for 6 months is getting me 200 clicks a day to Amazon (the conversion rate is higher with my Google traffic at 4.5% at the moment and my YouTube traff
Hey, just giving an update on what I'm working on and insights I've come across.I just finished up my cold weather/seasonal site and it's up to $500 a month (in a similar niche last year I made $350 in October).I'm hoping to crack $1500 in November (last year I got over $2000 in November) and to average over $3000 for December, January and February. My plan since September has changed. I had a niche all picked out and it was going to follow the same strategy I've followed for the last two years
October 16, 2018
So, about a month ago I made a Yotube video in my niche to see if it would convert ("best of" video). I just got my first sale (the product cost $150 and I'll make prob $8 from it) from Youtube and it took around 130 views to do so, which is pretty good. This keyword isn't in season yet and it gets most traffic between November to March. I expect to get around 10,000 to 20,000 views with this video. If you're looking for a different way to make money Youtube could definitely be it. You can do t
September 28, 2018
Hey, I was researching keywords and found an EXCELLENT site to help with keyword ideas: Gadget Flow is a website that lists new and expensive products in all markets. A lot of these products are high end, expensive and have new technologies (meaning you can be the first to write about them).If you're looking to create some extremely low competition best of lists, this website can help you. In fact, you can find keywords where you'll rank without the word "best" too