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December 01, 2017
Alright, November is over and it far exceeded my expectations. In the beginning of October I wrote on a piece of paper what I thought I would earn each month in the next 6 months. For November I put $800 as worst case scenario and $1000 as best case scenario.To my surprise I made over $2,000 and earned around $2300 from Amazon's affiliate program from the website I started back in early June. That came from 700 sales and I had around 25,000 unique visitors too. I put $2,000 for December and hop
October 21, 2017
There's a misconception you have to have a super narrow niche to be successful online but that's not true. You can have a general niche like health, beauty, outdoors, fishing, home, electronics, etc. You don't even really need a niche at all. There's high potential in both narrow and general niches but your content strategy is going to change depending on what you decide to do.Narrow Niche Strategy: I'd say the Wealthy Affiliate method teaches how to build a narrow niche. If you decide on a nar
August 19, 2017
Just got a notice I've been at Wealthy Affiliate for 2 year which is pretty crazy.Here's what I've learned and gone through:When I started 2 years ago I've never heard of affiliate marketing, seo, keywords and never really thought how Goggle worked before.I started a health website that went nowhere. I kept with it for a year and just couldn't gain traction. I think I made one sale in 12 months. Not good lolThen I came across a post that changed things around for me:
August 12, 2017
I'm always doing research on different niches and thought I'd share these 11 sites that are getting a lot of traffic - some of them a stunning amount. I hope anyone struggling to make money finds this post useful. One thing I noticed in all websites is they follow the same formula laid out here at Wealthy Affiliate - the content focuses on individual reviews of products, lengthy best of lists and how to articles pertaining to the niche.All examples are websites you could easily copy and ones yo
July 14, 2017
Came across this poem when reading Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill that really made me think. Here it goes:I bargained for life for a pennyAnd life would give me no more,However I begged at eveningWhen I counted my scanty store.For Life is just an employerHe gives what you ask,But once you set the wagesWhy, you must bear the task.I worked for a menial's hireOnly to learn, dismayed,That any wage I asked in LifeLife would have paidSo ask yourself this question: Are you making a $100 blog? $1
July 03, 2017
Hey, I see Amazon is now doing something called Onelink and it let's your earn money from your Canada and UK traffic. This would definitely make up for them cutting their affiliate commissions if I'm understanding this right!
June 29, 2017
I once read in a very good book that communication is 70% visual, 20% tone and only 10% words.If you look shy and sound non-confident in what you're saying people will literally ignore your words and what you say will be lost on people.The same is true with your content. Your number one concern should be making your post visually pleasing and easy to ready. You don't need to go overboard but this is the most important part of creating content. Small paragraphs, pictures, large headings and bull
June 21, 2017
Hey, as many of you know long content (has to be quality!) ranks well in Google.So how do you go about doing this?The worst thing to do is to just wing it. Do your research ahead of time. When I create a "best of" list I do product research before hand. I find between 10 to 20 products and add the affiliate links first. I usually do this for about 5 different best of lists (this will take up a whole day).For the rest of the week I write 250 to 300 word descriptions for each product. If you have
June 01, 2017
I found this free training course on affiliate marketing a while and though I'd share it. The guys makes about 20k a month so he knows what he's talking about: attention to what he has to say about "best of" posts - those can make you a lot of money.
March 12, 2017
Hey, I see a lot of people not making money by this mark (I was one of them). If you're at the 6 month mark and aren't getting traffic and haven't made a single sale you need to switch up your strategy. You need to be writing review posts or best of lists - all the time, I gurantee if you write reviews and best of posts for the next 3 to 6 months you will start making sales regurarly. At least half your post should be those two types of content. Just to be clear you don't need to change niches