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June 21, 2017
Hey, as many of you know long content (has to be quality!) ranks well in Google.So how do you go about doing this?The worst thing to do is to just wing it. Do your research ahead of time. When I create a "best of" list I do product research before hand. I find between 10 to 20 products and add the affiliate links first. I usually do this for about 5 different best of lists (this will take up a whole day).For the rest of the week I write 250 to 300 word descriptions for each product. If you have
June 01, 2017
I found this free training course on affiliate marketing a while and though I'd share it. The guys makes about 20k a month so he knows what he's talking about: attention to what he has to say about "best of" posts - those can make you a lot of money.
March 12, 2017
Hey, I see a lot of people not making money by this mark (I was one of them). If you're at the 6 month mark and aren't getting traffic and haven't made a single sale you need to switch up your strategy. You need to be writing review posts or best of lists - all the time, I gurantee if you write reviews and best of posts for the next 3 to 6 months you will start making sales regurarly. At least half your post should be those two types of content. Just to be clear you don't need to change niches
March 02, 2017
Amazon just did something that's going to lose me 30% in commissions a month - they got rid of the commission structure and now hand out flat rates. So before I was making 7.5% a sale and now I'll be making 4% to 5.5%This is a pretty greedy move in my mind and I think it's time to look for different affilaite programs.
February 14, 2017
I just did a little research on my keywords and I was pleasantly surprised; almost all are on page 1. I only write keywords with 4 or more keywords and I focus on best of lists. For example, "best ___ for women 2017" "Best ___ for kids 2017" "Best___ for beginners 2017"Anyone that's read a few of my posts know I love best of lists with the year in them. They rank easily and this shows that (I got 15,000 clicks in month 6)They pay too. In month 5 (December) I made $1350. Month 6th (January) I ma
February 06, 2017
The most important thing you can do as an internet marketer (besides following the training here at Wealthy Affiliate) is to study successful niche marketing websites. You can get a lot of ideas from doing this and use it to improve your own website.Here are 10 examples of different websites I've found in several different markets. You'll notice they have a lot of similarities and most focus on individual reviews, best of lists with the year in them (my favorite kind of content which earns me t
January 31, 2017
Month 6 is in the books and I'm happy with the way things are going. I had over 500 sales and $2200 in commissions from Amazon in January. That came from 14,000 clicks.I wrote a ton of content to reach these numbers (about 75 articles since August, 1500 words or more each). I focus on best of lists with the year in them. I'm excited because it just turned to 2017 so that means a whole bunch of new keywords and articles to write. In case anyone is wondering here's what I made in previous months:
December 31, 2016
It's a new year tonight and there's going to be a HUGE shift in Google's search results - 2016 keywords disappear and 2017 keywords replace them. Write as many "Best of 2017" as you possibly can for the next few months; I've done very well with them. They rank high and convert and are available in all niches.For example: Best keyword research tools 2017, best affiliate programs 2017, wealth affiliate review 2017, how to make money online 2017, best niches 2017 and on and on and on. Hope you tak
December 22, 2016
My new website just topped over $1,000 commissions for the month; I've sold over $16,000 so far this month . My previous high was $150 commission and that was last month - Christmas helped me numbers for sure. Traffic is between 250 and 350. I focus on one type of keyword and that's "best of" posts with the year in them. 2017 is coming up so I'm optimistic about having a good year
December 19, 2016
This isn't meant to discourage or anything like that; just keep it in mind when picking your niche and keywords. It takes a lot of content and traffic to make affiliate marketing work. Luckily you're in the best place on earth to learn. Make sure to get your "best of 2017" lists in for the new year and write your reviews!