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Hey everybody!Haven't posted in a while and wanted to show you a simple affiliate site that I found that makes serious money. $25,000 PER MONTH.The website is if you want to check it out.What's unique is the website is monetized through affiliate links AND ad revenue.The ad revenue makes up more than half the income and the traffic comes from Google and Pinterest.This is a good example of a website that anyone here at Wealthy Affiliate can make.The topic is easy enough for anyone
Hey, everybody. Been a while since I posted anything and wanted to share a new keyword strategy I discovered. I decided to promote a new product in a new niche in January. I wrote about 35 to 50 reviews in this niche and by June I was making over $3,000+ per month:What's crazy is the reviews I wrote to achieve this are only getting around 200 clicks per day.They're just very relevant keywords to what I'm offering. When promoting Wealthy Affiliate I was making arond $700 to $1000 per month with
Hey, just wanted to let anyone know that missed Kyle's post yesterday that for the next 11 days you can upgrade to a yearly account for $299.i just upgraded because it's really a no brainer.If you upgrade you get locked into this price for the rest of your life and won't have to pay the new yearly price of $499.If you're already upgraded you'll still pay the yearly price that you pay now, even after the price increases. If you can't afford to upgrade I understand that as well. The per month pri
I remember a while ago Amazon used to pay you based on how much you sold. So if you sold 500 products you got 5% commissions and if you sold 1000 products you got 8% commissions.That's when I started and when Amazon was an awesome affiliate program.Then they switched it to commissions were based on the product you sold. So if you sold an outdoor product it was always 5% regardless. Home improvement was 8% and so on.It probably cost me 30% of commissions.It was bad but not horrible. Now they're
February 25, 2020
This post is just for some of my referrals and probably won't matter to most of the people that follow me.Crowd1 is banned in Namibia for being a ponzi scheme and if you promote this company in that county you face 10 years in prison. get comments about this company ALL THE TIME (I reviewed it). The differe
Just got back from Vegas and had a great time. Everyone is as friendly as you'd imagine and Kyle/Carson is as forward thinking as you'd expect (big things coming this year).Besides drinking a little too much one night and missing a day of meetings (hangovers just get worst the older you get) everything was pretty much perfect.One thing I noticed from talking to everyone is everyone has their own little strategy of how they got here.Some people blog, others use YouTube (and Tik Tok) and others g
I've talked about different strategies in the past to make money and I think it's important to look at examples of websites I think do a really good job with affiliate marketing.Most of the sites coming up use the best of strategy with the year, along with reviews and usually monetize with Amazon and other retail websites.I've talked about some of these sites in the past but it's important to look at them again. Look at their keyword strategy and niche selection. You'll see they pick niches tha
December 09, 2019
Hey everyone!It's been two years since I created my last training and thought I would create a new one. This one includes everything I've learned over the last few years like niche selection, keyword selection, paid traffic, hiring writers, etc.It should help anyone who's stuck and not making money. If you want to check it out, click below:
Hey, this is going to be a quick one.I signed up for Adsense in early September and I put it on my site for verification. I was under the impression that you have to manually put the ads in place and do all this stuff. I completely forgot about it.It turns out it's been running on my site this whole time and I haven't seen it because I have adblocker on (I guess ads go up automatically).The revenue looks to be in the $500 per month range too!I never thought much about Adsense but it seems like
Just wanted to give an update on my Make Money At Home website. If you've been following me you know I switched to reviewing MLM's exclusively in April. Previously (starting in Mid-December) I reviewed Clickbank and Warrior Plus products until April 1st and got ZERO traction. I was only getting 10 visitors a day they.Since April 1st I've done 120 MLM reviews and traffic has EXPLODED to over 2,000 visitors a day.So it took 5 months to go from basically zero traffic to over 2,000.There are sacrif