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Just realized this was empty! LOL

I'm from Dallas and passionate about the health field, more specifically helping folks with healing thesmelves naturally from all sorts of conditions. I also have worked in the flooring industry and have done so for over a decade so definitely some great opportunities there too.

I'm what you call a "veteran" IM'er. I was in WA since 2007 I beleive, back in the dinosaur age where they had a forum :) I tried rejoining under my original name but the guys were too slow reactivating my account so I just joined under a new one hahah!:)

Couldn't wait for a fresh start. Since 2007, I went to try other things online but have returned once again to do it right this time.

I worked as a copywriter for several years so wriitng comes naturally to me and content is my forte :-)

To a mighty successful 2016!
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RaniaM Premium
Hello Sam,
I am happy to meet you.. I think you made the right decision when you returned to WA.Since you are a good writer then this is your best place to begin.. Wishing you all the best!
Ingrida Premium
Hello!!! Love your passion to help other heal themselves, good luck with that! I'm sure you will get plenty of support! ;)
Jim-Bo Premium
hey there!
Jenna7 Premium
Hello and welcome to WA :)
Sesamesto Premium
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