New 6-Month Payment Plan?! How Awesome!

Last Update: January 12, 2019

UPDATE 1/12/19:

Here is Kyle's official announcement:

Say what??

It appears that WA has introduced a new 6-month Premium membership plan that works out to be $39/month. So I guess this membership costs $234.

What does this mean for affiliates?! Instant $100+ commissions because these don't go pending for 30 days!

I actually got one of these sales today and was surprised by it. :)

No pending, just Approved! It wasn't really 8 hours ago, those cards are based on GMT at 0.

We can now really earn $100+ commissions instantly without having to wait which is incredible!

I just wish they have this option right away instead of making everyone go into $19 for first month first, maybe this is coming in the near future. (Update: this sale seems to be brand new person who just signed up on Nov 30, so I think they DO have this option to go 6-months right away!)

There's also a new 6-month message in our auto messages to our referrals, so make sure you set that up too! This is found under $ icon top right menu, under Messages.

I guess I will wait for the official announcment but this is great news for users as another payment option, as well as for affiliates to be able to make such huge commissions!

What do you guys think of this new plan??


Here is what I see when I use the order link in an incognito browser:

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SondraM Premium
It sounds like a win for everyone involved.

Kyle and Carson continually amaze me and delight me with regards to how they are constantly doing things to make WA a better place to learn and host our sites.

Again congrats on your successes this year. You are doing a fabulous job of reaching out and finding people that need help starting their own affiliate marketing businesses.
littlemama Premium
Hi Sondra,

Yes it sure is a win for everyone involved! Kyle & Carson are truly amazing with way they always make great updates like this. They truly do make things better all the time!

Thanks for your well wishes! I congratulate you again as well on all your accomplishments this year with your store and everything! Let's kick it up in 2019!

rubanzema Premium
Thank you for sharing.
littlemama Premium
You're welcome!
Glen B Premium
Wow, Awesome!!

- Glen B
littlemama Premium
Yes sure is!!
keishalina9 Premium
Another amazing WA feature! ... yes! .... thanks so much for alerting us all to this ... cheerio ... 😊
littlemama Premium
You're welcome, glad to share with everyone. :)
chief14nj Premium
Awesome, could certainly help with signups.
littlemama Premium
Yes definitely awesome! I hope we will see even more conversions because of this change. :)