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Pls help re site rankings - clicks and impressions question?

Pls help re site rankings - clicks and impressions question?

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Search Engine Optimization


I am a little confused:

1. Google Search console shows that I have had 2 clicks, 13 total impressions and average position is 32.7. I think this me

Good replies below thanks for sharing this post

1.Yes, that is right.
2.To be honest, I am not sure because I haven't really used Commission Junction. I believe they explain it on their page?

Thanks Roope
Unfortunately, CJ does not provide an explanation...but I believe I must have it right...CJ couldn't see any impressions without someone being on my site?

It's hard to say... WA affiliate program also tracks clicks but I think they're somehow messed up so I guess it may also possibly be the case with CJ.

I mean, sometimes WA affiliate program showed me 10,000's clicks even though I knew there were only 10's of clicks. And this happened continuously for a couple of months. Then I just realized it was better not to pay any attention on that metric.

I'd ask from their support team because then you get for sure the right answer.

Yeah, CJ does not provide any explanation. I've been there for the past three years now. Keep rocking your blog. The road is sure and success is guaranteed. Thanks for asking!

Israel Olatunji

Are you looking to find what your ranking is on specific keywords - if so : If that isn't what you are asking, I am not sure how to answer as it seems like you are generating traffic without knowing your average position.

Sorry I have only worked with, Google console.

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How many posts before your first sale?

How many posts before your first sale?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Hi Everyone!

I'd really appreciate you advising How Many Posts You Made Before Your First Sale.

Thanks, and best wishes,


Well, David, this question comes up every time and the answer is not that straightforward as you want to hear most likely. Many factors are involved. the number of posts (100) is what most say. Age of the website and let's not forget how many people find your website. How many daily visitors do you get? It's a numbers game in the end. If you get let's say 1000 people visiting your site on a daily basis then a small % will buy something.
I hope this answers your question
Have a great day

The golden question. There is not number this is a journey, stay focused and be consistent,

I'm going to respond to your question even though I don't have an answer. I don't know about the number of posts, but I've been working at it over a year and haven't made any monry. I'm not a techie, but have been going back through my website to see what I can improve on AND continue training. Lack of patience overtook me too! I just took a deep breath, stepped back, and asked someone if I have questions. I renewed for another year because I believe the pieces will all come together with the help of the WA community and my persistence/stubborness which ever way you choose to look at it.
Keep persevering and don't give up! I believe it will happen for you and I!
Best wishes

The key of success is your perseverance and patient. Keeping up.

Hey David,
All I can say is stick with the training step by step. Post, post, pray, post..

Tried and True


A lot :D I struggled at first because I didn't follow the training diligently. First 50 posts were almost completely just for the practice until I realized how to do the keyword research.

Don't do the same mistakes that I did.

Follow Kyle's and this training training here.

I had posted about 50 articles before I made my first sale.

Israel Olatunji

Susan is right. So many variables.

Better to ask about niche selection and trarget market choice!

This is going to be so different for everyone -
niches have something to do with it as well
so all I can say is good luck keep posting :)

Seriously tho some people are lucky enough
and have made money with only a couple of
posts to a site. Others can have 200 posts
and still have not made money!

This is like I said to do with niche, content,
length of age of a website, and keywords,
SEO we could keep listing the many factors
but there is no magic number of posts!

Thank for this response Marley.

You are most welcome - my pleasure

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How do we set up banner ads?

How do we set up banner ads?

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Everything Wordpress


Please can you help - how do I set up a baner ad within my website? Thanks!

Best wishes


Rick had mine and your answer. WA rocks.

Rick has your answer

Simply click on the $ icon at the top of your WA account dashboard, then choose the Banners tab.

Israel Olatunji

Check it down below

Hi David if you mean placing a banner ad on your page or post you need to be in wordpress editor for the page you want to ad it to and change your editor from "visual editor to text editor " then paste the html where you want it , you can hit the preview button to see if it is where you want it .. you can also place it in a widget in your side bar ...... hope this helps ?

Nice One Rick

Right on cue. Thanks, I needed that.

Using widgets in Wordpress it the typical way to do it. You can probably find all kinds of articles on banner ads, widgets and how to use them in Wordpress if you search the bar above.

If you are speaking of WA banners you will find those
under the gray $ at the top of the page -
You must insert the HTML code in the TEXT part of
the post not the visual part :)
What I usually do is have the cursor where I want to
paste the code already open on Word Press then
open in another tab the banners then it easy just
a quick copy and paste :)

Hope this helps :)

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Can you please help re site ranking question?

Can you please help re site ranking question?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hi Everyone

Hope you are doing well!

I might use some clinky words here, but would really appreciate some enlightenment: when Google does site ranking based on a k

Yeah, with the right keyword chosen, you may well outrank the other domain. Thanks for asking!

Israel Olatunji

Write naturally using your chosen keywords relevantly and you can outrank Livestrong...

If you have done thorough research and written your content geared to solving audience problems, you will soon rank....Sometimes sooner than later.

Also never keyword stuff, but also use different words that mean the same as your keywords.

Google likes well written content, relevant, engaging and built for your audience.

Get WA comments , Site Comments section at least 5 per post...Comments keep your content fresh..

Also be consistent in posting...at least 3 times a week. Add relevant images plus links...

I have not mentioned everything to increase your site rank, but since this post is getting rather long, I'd better stop here!

All the best,


Good posts are never too long Stella. Some very good info. for newbies and oldies. And David, a thesaurus and synonyms are great substitutes for overused keywords.

Phil provides a good, answer

there is a lot more to ranking than just keywords.
google takes over 200 parameters into account for each article and wil lreturn the most relevant based on all of these.
if you have a lot of links to that article then google thinks that it is more relevant hten an article with no or few links, but the links must be in a simialr industry or from a high domain authority social site.
the keywords you choose are crucial so you don't go head to head with the large sites.
they will choose the high volume high competition keywords and still get ranked for them, due to the trust, authority.
what you are doing is to choose the keywords that get less searches and have a lot less competition.
producing a lot of these easy to rank for keywords will build the whole site up and gain trust and back links form sites you want.
As robert says you don't go for leadership books as a keyword but you find what leadership books can be used for - what problem do they solve and create an article about that.
your site will have an authority rank, but each page also has one- and google will look at all of these to return the most relevant results.
so don't get too hung up on selecting specific keywords, choose the ones which have the parameters taught and solve problems within your niche.
create a lot of very useful content, make sure your niche know that content is there. and your site will start to grow.
but to answer your alst question - if someone typed into google leadership books then the other site would be ranked above yours - it doesn't mean that the person searching will click on it - if you make your desription more interesting then they may pick your lower ranking site over a large site with a boring description.
haven't you looked at the search results and gone - that one looks interesting - not the first result but maybe the third or fourth.
good luck

Read my recent blog on keywords

Hi David,

this depends. However, for a keyword like "leadership books" may be extremely challenging for a new site because it's highly competitive.

It's better to use long tail keywords like, "7 Best leadership books in 2019" or something similar.

When the site is new it's a bit challenging to get ranked high but your authority goes higher when you post new high quality content regularly.

In your specific question, I think that the site with the authority will rank higher under that term, "Leadership books".

Keep o building your site and targeting low competition keywords and you will surely rank on the first page of Google over and over again and drive tons of traffic.

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