My Birthday Present To Myself

Last Update: January 10, 2021

Good day to you WAmily :-)

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend as much as I have ;-) I have been going through review after review after review of webcams.

I also asked a question here yesterday, to help me further, titled What camera do you use?

And received a lot of good responses, so a big THANK YOU to all of those who replied, it really is appreciated!

To help with the decision-making process, I also decided to reach out to our Super Affiliates who create the Expert Classes here at Wealthy Affiliate for the Premium Plus+ Members. The Class creators that I reached out to were Kyle, Tim, Nathaniel, Jay, Vitaliy, and Chris.

Based on the feedback from five of the six that I reached out to, and based on the replies to the question that I asked, and also based on my own research, I have come to a final decision.

I believe that it is a well-informed decision, however, as it is my birthday tomorrow (Monday 11th January), I have just gone ahead and placed the order, so when it arrives during the week, I will definitely be putting it through its paces before fully recommending the camera to you.

So then, you're probably wondering which camera I decided to invest in, and to treat myself with for my birthday!

I have gone ahead and ordered the Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro.

The Brio is capable of the following:

4K Ultra HD (up to 4096 x 2160 pixels @ 30 fps)
1080p Full HD (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 30 or 60 fps)
720p HD (up to 1280 x 720 pixels @ 30, 60, or 90 fps)
As well as a lot more features, such as Autofocus, 5x Zoom, and HDR etc.

The Brio is the latest webcam to come from Logitech, with its predecessor being the Logitech C920 HD Pro. The 920 was, possibly still is, the most popular webcam on the market, but with the Brio very quickly taking its place.

Unfortunately, one thing slowing down the uptake of the Brio, is due to the fact that this newer model is almost double the price of the 920.

I see this as an investment in my business though, and if it is anywhere near as good as Logitech make it out to be, and as per the recommendations here, and all of the reviews that I have read and watched, then it should be a very good investment indeed :-)

So watch this space, as next weekend, I will, hopefully, be uploading my latest training here, which will make good use of my birthday present :-)

Oh, and very quickly, all the best people have their birthdays in January, and in particular, on the 11th.

I learnt that yesterday, the 9th, was Vitaliy's birthday!

And tomorrow, the 11th, the same day as me, is Chris's (BenjisDad) sons Benji's 4th birthday.

So a massive Happy Birthday to the three of us haha

Speak soon and take care of yourself

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Mruxton Premium Plus
Chrystopher, how's you Birthday going.
I am just going to give you a Big Headache, hope you can help.
I did say I sent something to you last Year, I can't remember exactly what it was but again Logged into Google and all my Pages came up all together, see below.
You will see a Post for Pouring a Cup of Tea (its just a Picture)there is a couple more at the end.
Can you please have a Look.
Also I was checking Page Speed Insights and again (see below) all Gobbeldy Gook to me.
Last but not least in Google Console I have 159 pages excluded again I do not understand how this works.

I spoke to Site Services about this before and gave a new Sitemap, and said if it happens again I must speak to Google.

I am concerned that my pages are not been seen, I have followed the Training Religously so not sure I have gone wrong.
I was feeling very positive about this starting the New Year ,but this has knocked me for Six.
I know you are a Busy man, but if you can please point/Tell me how to fix, or whatever , it will be much appreciated.

ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Hey Murray,

I can see a few things here that you could tidy up, but nothing too major.

The first thing I see, is that your Media Library images are being allowed to display their own pages, you will want to set this to Redirect to the Page it is embedded on.

You will also want to remove Media Files, Tags, Categories, and Archive Pages from your Sitemap, so that it only leaves the Pages and Posts.

You can also set these to NOIDEX as well, as they are low-quality pages and thin content.

Once updated, Google will catch up eventually, however, you can use the Removal feature within GSC to speed things up.

As for Mobile Speed, anything above 50 is good, however, I can see some improvements that could be made. The first is Google AdSense, is this actually working for you, and will this be your main source of income for this website? If no, then I would remove it and focus on actual Affiliate Programs.

Another option, is to use a Cache Plugin, or a CSS/JS Optimisation plugin. Once installed and configured, you will want to set SiteSpeed+ to Accelerated from Extreme.

Hope this helps

Mruxton Premium Plus
Chrystopher thank you again.A few more questions...
Media Library thats WPress, I've had a look but could not find the Redirect??
Media Files,Tags,Categories Archives, to be removed, from Sitemap and also Noidex, is that done in the Google Console??
GSC .. Gogle Search Console.

Mobile Speed, not using Adsense, so Remove, where do I find that??? I never really saw any reference to Adsense.
If you can point me in right direction I will give it a Go.

The Cache Plugin should I just wait and see what happens after I change everything.

Sorry Chrystopher, but Why are all my Posts altogether in one place. ???
I'll go and have a look at WP again to see if I can sort the Media out .
Thanks again

Mruxton Premium Plus
Me again just checking the site and Post and look What popped up Page 1 ,I have Wealth Affiliate at the Top?????
Page 2 ,you can see the Wealth Affiliate, but also Surprise Your friends Part 2 ?? , Howdoes this happen.
I certainly do not fiddle to much with the sites. Edit etc but this ???

Help Please

MelWaller Premium Plus
Happy Birthday Batman!

My daughter Melissa Jeane's birthday is Jan 26th, but we planned to celebrate it today, the 11th so as to be able to include her aunt who will be traveling soon and won't be here on the 26th.

Will be thinking of you this fine day as well!

ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
ahh cool, Happy Birthday to Melissa Jeane and safe travels to her Aunty, and thank you Mel, really appreciated :-)
MelWaller Premium Plus
You are most welcome Batman!

CordeliaN Premium
Hey Chris, have a wonderful birthday, and what a well researched present to self...👏💥🥂
I’m also kinda impressed you had the chutzpah to ask the big cheeses for their views and even more impressed they responded and in such a timely manner, I think however and on reflection, that says more about the respect you have in the community.

ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Thank you Cordelia, really appreciated, and very true, the only person that I haven't heard back from yet, is Kyle, but that's understandable as it's the weekend, and he's probably spending time with his wife and kids :-)
Happy Birthday, Christopher!
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Thank you Anusha :-)
james5273 Premium
Happy Birthday to you guys!
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Thank you James, much appreciated :-)