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Hello everyone! I am James and I am excited to be here in WA. I've always worked as an employee in manufacturing companies. I've





How do you follow up your trial referrals ?

How do you follow up your trial referrals ?

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WA Affiliate Program

What do you do to convert your trial referrals to premium? I would you use another follow up method in addition to the WA message system.


@StPaul is right. The system has it’s way of communicating. You can use the messaging system too.

Thanks Stanley! I'll just let the system work and not worry too much about it. As Paul said, the right ones will automatically take advantage of the WA opportunity.

In addition to the WA message system, you can leave a message on their profile. Apart you can't do much about it.

If you have collected their email before directing them to WA then you can follow up with them via your email follow-ups.

There are 100's of my referrals who didn't set up their account and they won't respond to any message as well.

In the beginning, I felt really bad and later I was advised just to focus on bringing more people and the right ones will automatically take advantage of this amazing platform to change their lives.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Paul!

I hope you are doing great!

Thanks Jeff!

I contacted my one and only directly, James--although she never responded to me!🙄

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