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January 30, 2021
A few members have been intrigued as to what the dark mode is like that comes with the Premium Plus+ Membership.So here's a sneak peek if you haven't seen it yet.You will notice from the two screenshots above, that this is not a full dark mode, but instead, just the top menu bar, and the drop down menus.I'm not sure if Kyle and Carson have plans for a full dark mode capability, but this is a start for those of you who like a dark screen.I personally don't use the dark mode, but I know a lot of
Nice short post today, so here's a quick Quiz for you!Do you know what these numbers are, 11011101?And what their meaning is to me?I await your replies :-)
Good day to you WAmily :-)I hope you have enjoyed your weekend as much as I have ;-) I have been going through review after review after review of webcams.I also asked a question here yesterday, to help me further, titled What camera do you use?And received a lot of good responses, so a big THANK YOU to all of those who replied, it really is appreciated!To help with the decision-making process, I also decided to reach out to our Super Affiliates who create the Expert Classes here at Wealthy Aff
UpdatedKyle and Carson were both in Live Chat and Carson has renewed the SSL Certificate, it is now valid until the 8th April 2021You might want to add this to a calendar reminder ;-)Just a quick message to update you all.There are a number of users who are unable to login to WA at the moment, or if you are logged in, you might be seeing an error in your browser saying that the connection is not secure.This is due to the SSL Certificate for expiring today (8th January 20
January 07, 2021
Feeling a little overwhelmed, but I'll get there slowly :-)Work became really busy leading up to Christmas, which took my focus away from WA a little.Then I fell ill between Christmas and New Year, and it was very unlike me to actually take time off, but I ended up not turning my computer on for 6 days.Finally started feeling a bit better on Monday and I was back in action on Tuesday.It is now Thursday and I still have over 250 Notifications and PM's to work my way through, but I will get there
December 29, 2020
Hey all, I hope you are enjoying your few days between Christmas and New Year :-)I was doing some research earlier today around domain names, and rather than it goes to waste, I thought I would add some of it here for you, just in case it sparks off any ideas that might help you :-)All of the domain names below are available to register at the standard rate, as of today (29th December 2020).Domains for Affiliate Marketing
The Results Are In For Radio AdsFirstly, thank you very much for everyone's participation with this survey, it really is greatly appreciated :-) Just apologies again that the results were delayed for this one.This is the last results post for 2020. As per your responses to the "would you like me to continue with marketing ideas research" question, I will continue with these ideas into 2021.However, it is still undecided as to whether I will continue providing the results, as per the "would you
This post is the 27th edition of this social media series, and the last one for 2020, what a year it has been! The days listed below are for next week (week commencing 28th December 2020), and take us into 2021. If you would like a reminder of the three days remaining this week, you can click here.Monday 28th December - Short Film DayTuesday 29th December - Tick Tock Day (not the app)Wednesday 30th December - Winning WednesdayThursday 31st December - New Years EveFriday 1st January - New Years
December 24, 2020
From my computer to your computer!I hope you have an amazing time, as best as we can during these times, and take some time off to recharge your batteries!2021 is going to be an awesome year!I'm signing off now until Saturday (Boxing Day), but knowing me, I'll still be checking in occasionally ;-)Speak soon,
The Results Are In For Piggyback MailingsFirstly, thank you very much for everyone's participation with this survey, it really is greatly appreciated :-) Just apologies again that the results were delayed for this one.I will also be providing the results for the Radio Ads idea, before the end of 2020.To see a list of all the ideas that have been suggested during this series, you can find these on the Marketing Ideas Research Series post.So then, for Piggyback Mailings, there were 7 members who