Wine Or Beer?

Last Update: May 04, 2016

So often I see the question "Why should my niche be narrow?".

I'd ask you - when did you last go to a restaurant? Why did you choose that one?

Did you go there with a single lover companion. Were there secluded tables with white tablecloths, flowers, candles? Was there soft music, fine wine?

Or did you go with a crowd of sports fans, where there were no tables, standing room only, beer and spirits, loud music, burgers and pies?

It might surprise you that both types of restaurant can be very successful. Their respective audiences love them.

Their owners decided, from day one, what "niche" they wanted to be in. They knew what audience they wanted. They serve up what their target clientèle are looking for.

They went "narrow".

What would happen to a restaurant that served both niches? Burgers and wine? Loud music and candles?

Lovers would swerve it.

Sports parties would swerve it.

The market wouldn't understand it.

It would fail.

Narrow niches succeed. Broad niches fail.

Your website is your restaurant. Decide what audience you want. Serve what they are looking for.

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RobinHudson Premium
Great job Chris!
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A very illustrative comparison, Chris!
Chrissies Premium
Very good advice Chris, many thanks :)
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Good comparison Chris
Mac01 Premium
Well said Chris, great examples there.